Video Concept of Fundraising for Schools, NGOs, Charity etc

This TVC concept is made for raising awareness regarding special children/disabled persons/neglected persons of the society and asking the audience to give them respect, help them and teach them to care such special people in life. This TVC concept is also asking for cash donations and can be used on social media, websites and all […]


Fundraising Methods for NGO, Charities, Schools, Non Profits and Businesses

Here you will learn from my 10 years of experience exclusively in fundraising for NGO and Schools. I will try to provide you a list with details of all the methods we used for fundraising. As introduction I want to tell that i was very successful to raise funds for my ngo. When I joined […]

Request Letters

Donor Meeting Request Letter

I’m working at the Single Parents Support Foundation. I would like to send a request for a face to face meeting to our sponsors and donations with the founder and executives. It’s hard to get sponsors and donations and they always declined our letters and emails so now we want to see them in person […]

General Letters

Sample Letter Asking For Donations for a Family in Need

Sample application letter for donation appeal. Letter asking for donations from businesses. How to write a letter asking for donations or sponsorship. Donation request letter for church. Email Letter Requesting For Donations for a Family in Need To Community Members, I am writing to you because I am in need for some help. A member of my family is very sick. I am a father and a […]