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Donor Meeting Request Letter

I’m working at the Single Parents Support Foundation. I would like to send a request for a face to face meeting to our sponsors and donations with the founder and executives. It’s hard to get sponsors and donations and they always declined our letters and emails so now we want to see them in person to discuss our visions and missions. Please send me a format of such letter.

Requesting a Meeting with a Potential Donor

Dear all sponsors,

I am writing to you because I would like to request that we have a face to face meeting. The founders and executives would like to meet with you in person so that they can discuss our work and that massive help that you all do to contribute. We would also like to discuss our vision of our business and our mission or goals for the future.

We plan to have a banquet in our main hall and use this as the center of the meeting. There will be lunch and drinks and even some entertainment. We are all looking forward to meeting each and every one of you. I hope that you all come.

Kind regards,

Mr. Roger Stuart

Sample Letter Asking For Donations for a Family in Need

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Email Letter Requesting For Donations for a Family in Need

To Community Members,

I am writing to you because I am in need for some help. A member of my family is very sick. I am a father and a best friend. I’m a forensic scientist. My son is a police officer in training for the metropolitan police and he is the most generous and noble person in this world. He has a wife and a new born baby girl. Last week he fell sick very suddenly he was healthy and fit. Doctors say that he won’t live till the end of this month. However there is a way that the doctors in the USA can help. There they have more advanced medicine and technology to help my son get better. But my family is poor we don’t have the money to send him to another country with the medical support that he needs. So I am asking as a father please we need your help, my son needs your help. We need your kind donations so that my son can have a chance to see his new born daughter his first child grows up. Even a little donation can help go a long way. So again please helps.

With my heart

A father

Letter Asking For Donations for a Family in Need

The Bait-ul-Mal
Gulberg lll, Lahore

Subject: A Family Needs Your Attention Urgently

Dear Sir,

I am Jonathan Patrick, resident of Gulberg Lahore. I appreciate your struggles and support to the needy people. I want to acknowledge you that there is a family nearby me, there is one old couple with three daughters and 1 son. They have lost their only son in an accident last week; he was the one who support his old parents and sisters. He is died after 6 days admitted in serious condition in hospital. His parents are still in shock because of his sudden death. His sisters are studying and parents are old enough to work.

They have to pay the hospital bills for their (late) son’s treatment and medication. There is only God who is with them and you are after God. I request you to help them and offer some donations so they can at least pay the bills and they can survive till their daughters are able to work.

They need your concern and support. Kindly help them.