Video Concept of Fundraising for Schools, NGOs, Charity etc

This TVC concept is made for raising awareness regarding special children/disabled persons/neglected persons of the society and asking the audience to give them respect, help them and teach them to care such special people in life. This TVC concept is also asking for cash donations and can be used on social media, websites and all other digital platforms. You can also search fundraising proposal here.

TVC Concept for Fundraising Video Production

There should be two groups of kids of same age

  1. Normal kids
  2. Special kids


They are playing in playground and all of a sudden they see special kids and without knowing them, start bashing them like go away from here.


Parents of normal kids come forward and ask them to apologize and shake hands with special kids while giving information about “special kids” to their children.


Now to develop sense of empathy and love towards “special kids” Parents bring their children with them to Sun Rise.


They come inside and sit in office and give money to the spokesperson showing that teaching their children that “They deserve love same as you do and to show your love towards them, give funds and help them”


Kids are playing with special kids and giving them gifts in the end.

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