Beauty Tips for Job Holders

Previously written letters of beauty tips were written with the intention of providing helpful advice and tips for job holders. The letters aim to help individuals understand the importance of maintaining a professional appearance in the workplace and offer practical tips on how to do so. Whether you are a young professional just starting your … Continue reading “Beauty Tips for Job Holders”

Resignation Letter for Higher Education/Studies from The Company

This letter can be written to the company for the resignation or a temporary gap from the office. You may modify the sample according to your needs, and circumstances. You can mold it according to your own situation. Resign Letter to Continue Higher Studies Dear Sir, I want to resign to concentrate on my studies(you … Continue reading “Resignation Letter for Higher Education/Studies from The Company”

Sample Employee Recognition Letter for Hard Work

Sample of appreciation letter to employees who work hard day, and night to make their company as successful as it is. It is because of these hard working employees that the company stand tall, and a letter will make the feel valued, and will inspire them to work even harder. Appreciation Letter to Employee To: … Continue reading “Sample Employee Recognition Letter for Hard Work”

Letter for Sale of Car to Your Friend or Anyone Else

Sample letter to sell the car which is in more personal use, or company use, As their value will only go down if they keep it without any use it would be better just to sell it as fast as possible Letter for Sale of Car which is no more required for company Dear Sir, … Continue reading “Letter for Sale of Car to Your Friend or Anyone Else”

Letter For Mobile Allowance

Sample Format to write a letter for mobile allowance to your company, marketing department, or HR department, and telling them to add it in your paid expense as well. Letter For Mobile Allowance To, The manager, Marketing Department Respected sir, With all my sincere respect, I am writing this letter to make a request that … Continue reading “Letter For Mobile Allowance”

Security Company Contract Proposal

Security services proposal cover letter. Security guard contract sample. Offer letter for security services. Quotation format for security guard supply. Security services quotation sample. Contract agreement between security company and client Security Company Contract Proposal Dear Client, I am writing to you because I would like to discuss a potential work contract. I am the manager of a security company, and I would like to make a security contract with you. We can offer … Continue reading “Security Company Contract Proposal”

Letter for Request the New Headphones

Sample request letter to purchase office supplies, headphones, etc for call centre, customer services etc. Letter for Request the New Headphones in Our Company Need To, The manager, I2c call Center, Lahore, Respected sir, With all the respect I would like to inform you that the headphones we were given are not working properly, as … Continue reading “Letter for Request the New Headphones”

Letter Asking for Permission to Use Mobile Phone

Sample letter asking permission to use mobile/cell phone, or bring a cell phone to school, college, university, office, or company, etc. Sample letter asking permission to bring cell phones to school. Mobile Use Permission in Company The Manager of Operations,Three-Star Logistics, London.Dear Sir, It is humbly stated that the undersigned has been working as a computer … Continue reading “Letter Asking for Permission to Use Mobile Phone”

Application for Company Residence

Want to write an email or letter for allotment of company residence? We are giving you sample applications, letters, and email templates to ask for company residence for yourself and your family. Sample application letter to request residence from the company or in company apartments, company flats, company quarters, etc. Application for Company Residence The … Continue reading “Application for Company Residence”

Application for Issuance of Bank Statement

Sample letter to bank manager for issuance of business account statement for your company records, transaction checking, and account balance confirmation of your company. Request Letter for Bank Statement the Branch Manager,Bank Name, Branch,Address, Subject: Dear Sir/Madam, I am maintaining ac (title) at your branch. So I request for account statement from date to date, i.e., … Continue reading “Application for Issuance of Bank Statement”

Resignation Letter to a Company from Employees

Sample resignation letter to a company from the employees, staff members, contract employees when they want to resign from this post. I want to give resign in my company to go to see my family Resignation Letter Due to Family Problem To, The manager, XYZ Company, Respected sir, With all due respect I am informing … Continue reading “Resignation Letter to a Company from Employees”

Application for Company Registration

Sample application for company registration by board of directors, management, individual etc in India, Australia, Pakistan, USA, UK, Europe, Asia, and UAE. Company Registration Application Dear Sir, We are about to incorporate a new Private limited company with the name “Alpha Aluminum”. The confirmation of the name has been acquired. We request the registrar to … Continue reading “Application for Company Registration”