Sample Letter of Complaint against Husband & In-laws for Torture, Domestic Violence


Want to register a complaint against your husband? Samples of complaint letter to police against your husband and his family for torturing, domestic violence, misbehavior, beating, abusing, physical harassment to get relief for further stay at home.

Complaint Letter for Torture, Violence Against Husband

Dear Sir,

I want to report an FIR after being tortured by my husband (name of husband) today at (time and date). He started beating me after a (clash, hard talk, you can mention the reason here if you want). He abused my family and me and broken my right/left arm with a steel rod. In short, he wanted to kill me, and lastly, he threatened that If I complained to anyone, he might hang me.

I request you to please help for the safety of my life and register an immediate FIR against my husband. I will also submit a medical report after a checkup in the hospital.


Your Name

Application Letter of Complaint against Husband to Police

Dear Mr. Brian

I am writing to you because I would like to make a formal complaint against my husband. As a wife, I carry out all the responsibilities that I should. However, I did not expect my husband to become the man that he is today. He goes out to work, and he comes back very late at night without phoning to tell me he will be home late, and when he is home, he is always fighting with me. It’s like he hates me, and I don’t know what I have done.

I’m scared that if he continues on this path, he will become violent with me, and I won’t accept that from anyone. He needs to help if he wants to make this relationship work. Please help him, and take the necessary action.

Yours sincerely

Mrs. Brian

Complaint Letter against Husband

The Inspector,

Dear Sir,
I am writing this letter in a regrettable and hard situation. I have been through a lot in my life, but this is something I wish no one would ever go through. I have been married to an animal of a man for the past three years. After my first miscarriage, I was blamed for the happening by his family, and instead of supporting me, he isolated me.

Since the miscarriage, he has been beating me frequently. Sometimes with a baseball bat, and sometimes with a lamp, anything he can find, he starts beating me with it. I tried going to the court, but since I am an orphan, and have no family, I couldn’t bear the public embarrassment; that is why I am seeking your help.

Kindly register a complaint against my husband for domestic abuse, and punish him accordingly. I hope you will find my situation and my matter concerning.

Thanking you,

Letter of Complaint against Husband

The Superintendent of Police,
White Bridge Police Station

Dear Sir,

I, Mrs. Robert, resident of White Bridge road, want you to write my complaint against my husband, Mr. Robert. We are married since (Date), and we have one child. He was nice and good to me at first, but he is changed and annoying us a lot since we have a child. I do not understand why he is doing this? His behavior and attitude are different now; he is like an animal. He is not paying attention at home or to us. He is not showing that he does care or has any responsibility for a family.

Now he beats me so badly most of the time, and he does not support us financially. He wounds me. I cannot feed our kids alone. I request you to please notice my written complaint and take serious action on it.

Mrs. Robert

Letter of Complaint Holiday Accommodation


How to complain about a holiday booking. Holiday complaint letter examples. Letter of complaint hotel example. Complain about hotel service.

How to Complain About a Holiday Accommodation Letter

I am writing to you because during the New Year for a whole week I, and my all of family stayed in a caravan by the beach in one of your holiday parks. I would like to complain about the level of hygiene mainly your pillow, and duvets in your bedrooms. All pillows had stains, and the blankets had worse stains. The fridge was disgusting behind it looked as if it hadn’t been clean in months. Also it smelled bad. The carpet it supposed to be red but looks black.

The overall experience in your caravan was mentally disturbing as my kids found rat droppings in their room, and you can imagine if one of your kids got sick from this. We are lucky my daughter didn’t get sick.

Please train your house keeping staff. It is a humble request before someone gets really sick, and you have to go to court.

Kind regards,

Client’s name

How to Complain About a Holiday Booking

I’m writing to you because I, and my family had Christmas dinner at Captain Mammies your restaurant, and it was awful. First of all there is no hygiene in your kitchen, and your staff was not wearing hair nets to stop hairs getting into our dinner. Secondly we booked a table near the window we didn’t get this, and also we had to wait 30 minutes for a table with enough space for all my family.

Thirdly the meat was not cooked properly, and my son got sick. Fourthly your staff have no manners they was very rude did not apologies once for screwing up our table booking, and the late start to our dinner. Finally due to the late start to our dinner made us miss the show we had tickets to the show at the theater.

I hope you consider everything, and take action.


Client’s name

Complaint of Friend to Parents


Sample complaint letter to parents about your friend’s behavior. Your friend has not been attending class regularly. Write a letter to his parents informing them about his behavior.

Complaint Letter against Your Friend to His Parents

Respected Uncle!

I am Ahmed, Friend of your blessed son, Umar.

We both are friends from our school, and now we are studying together in University too. As you know he is a very kind, hardworking, and sweet guy. He always stood first in class, and has been rewarded every year for his Intelligence, and hard work. He always respects teachers, and elders.

Now he is not studying properly, and is engaged in many extra activities. He is not attending his classes regularly now a day. He is involved in Bad habits like Smoking due to his bad company. He is not serious to his main aim, Study. He has been captured many times by our faculty but he always ignores their respect, and orders. So as a friend, and his well-wisher I am going to tell you all this.

I know you will be shocked, and got angry at this. I hope you will make him realize his right, and wrong with your kindness.

Yours Obediently,


Complaint Letter for Internet Services


Sample Complaint Letter for Internet Services. Complaint Letter for an Internet connection. Complaint Letter for an Internet provider. Complaint Letter for Internet connection not working. Complaint Letter for bad Internet Service.

Complaint Letter for Poor Internet Service

The manager, INTEC ISP

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that my internet connection is disturbed for the last two days. I am facing trouble as I am having exams, and most of the work is done online, and for that, I need a proper internet connection.

I have already made a complaint but no one took any action upon it. I request you again to send someone from your office to check my connection. I expect a quick response as satisfying your customers should be your first priority. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Sara Merchant,
222 Bakers street

Complaint Letter for Internet Services

The Internet Service Provider.

Respected Concerned Officer,
It is stated that I moved into this town a month ago, and decided to use your internet service as your exchange was the closest to my house but now, I think that I made a huge mistake. I have no internet for the past week because apparently, my internet line is dead.

Moreover, I have been sending complaint letters to the providers a few times but received no replies whatsoever. The bandwidth I signed up for was of 4Mbps but all I’m getting is 1Mbps which is totally unacceptable because being a freelancer, I need high-speed internet at all times.

Kindly fix my internet as soon as possible, and provide me with the best of your services. I hope that you will find my matter concerning, and work on it as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

Complaint Letter for Internet Services

Dear Sir,

I am writing to tell you that I am facing an issue with internet services. It is troubling since last week. I have complained many times about customer services but nobody responded. Now I am writing a complaint letter to restore my internet services urgently.

Thank You

Alexandra brethren

Complaint Letter for Internet Connection

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to you so that I can register a complaint about the internet connection. As it is running very slow, and I am facing regular disturbance. Kindly send anyone to check my internet connection. Please do this soon I shall be very thankful to you.


Nazia Ahmed

Complaint Letter For Internet Connection


The Manager, Vision Internet service providers

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that the internet connection is down for the last two days. I have made several calls on your number but no one answered my calls. As you know I am a university student, and most of my work is done online, and for that I need a proper internet connection throughout the day. This is not a professional way to run a business. You need a proper customer service department. I always pay my dues within time, and still I have to face such issues. It would be highly appreciated if you respond you my complaint as soon as possible. Thank you.


Mr. Jamie Francis

Complaint Letter for No Internet Connection

To the respected management:

For an entire week now, the internet connection has not been functioning in my room.

This is a major inconvenience. I need an internet connection in order to join conference calls with employees at my workplace, and to research different work-related topics.  As a resident of this building, I pay for the internet connection, and I expect it to be working at all times.

Please fix this issue immediately as it is negatively impacting my job.

Many thanks,


Complaint letter for no Internet connection

 To the Director

Dear Sir,

I am writing this complaint letter to notify you about the services of your company. For the past week, I was facing issues regarding the internet connection. The speed was very slow, and I was not able to complete my school work because of this issue. I contacted your call center, and they assured me they would send someone to resolve the issue. However, it has been three days, and no one has come to resolve the issue. At first, the net speed was slow but now it is not working at all. I contacted the call center again but they misbehaved with me. I tried contacting the other offices but no one has been replying to me, and this is why I am writing this letter to you. I am very displeased with your services.

I hope my issue will be brought to notice, and will be resolved soon.

Best Regards,

Fatima Waqas

Complaint Letter for No Internet Connection

 Dear Sir/Madam,

I sent this letter to file a complaint regarding the internet connection. Since yesterday the internet is not available, and whenever the icon appears it says that there is no connection. My midterms are approaching, and many assignments are also pending which need to be completed by the end of this month. I have always paid my bills on time so I do not see any reason for this. Please sort this issue out as soon as possible so I do not have to deal with this inconvenience.

You may contact me for any other information.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor


Complaint Letter to Police


Sample complaint letter to police about bad law, and order situation , theft, robbery, harassment, cell phone snatching, or etc.

Complaining about the Bad Law, and Order Situation

The District Police Officer,
District Bloomsbury, United Kingdom.
May 9,

Dear Sir,

It is submitted with great concerns that we are the residents of the district under your domain, and facing severe security issues for a few months. As you must have known that several incidents of robbery, and cell phone snatching have been reported in the area of Model Town since the start of this year.

People are scared of going outside their houses alone, and return back before sunset. In spite of complaining continually to the concerned Police Station, no action has been taken so far. In this situation of chaos, we need your attention to eradicate the evils from our society.

It is therefore requested that necessary directions may please be passed to the concerned quarters so that they could be able to eliminate social evils from our society, and infringements of law could be stopped, root & branch.

An early action in this regard shall be highly appreciated.

Society Members,

Complaint Letter to Police

Dear Sir/Miss,

I want to draw your attention to an important issue which we all society people are facing together. Due to lack of security a lot of crimes have been happening in our society. It is also risking people’s lives.

It is my humble request to take the full notice of this problem. Please strict the security of our society, so that we all can rely on our police department comfortably.

We are hoping for good response.

Thank you


Complaint Letter to Police against Robbery

The Station House Officer,
Police Station,
New Town

Dear Sir,

It is to state that, I was going to my grandparent’s home in Torsion Colony yesterday on my car, when two men who were standing across the road near Poop squire tried to stop me by waving their hands. I thought might be possible, they need some help, i applied the brakes and  asked them what if they need some help.

Suddenly one of them pulled out a pocket knife, and ordered me to come out of the car. I had no other choice except to do as they command. I came out of my car, one man started searching my pockets, and the other stood still pointing the knife towards me. They took my cash, my cards, my cellular phone, and my laptop too.

After taking all the valuable things, they ran towards their car, started its engine, and vanished from their within a few moments. My belongings which they snatched away are enlisted as following.

Cash $ 1230
Cell phone LG model No G4 546
2 Credit cards from LIC Bank
Laptop HP notebook 4863

I request you to file my complaint against those two robbers, and arrest them as soon as possible. I shall look forward for some positive report by your side.

Thank you so much.

Yours Sincerely,


Complaint letter of Car Stolen to Police

 To the Police Station Thokar Branch,

Dear Sir,

I sent this letter to file a complaint of my stolen car. Yesterday, I went to the Al-Fateh Mall along with my family. Due to the rush, I decided not to park my car in the parking area, and  parked it in front of a car repairing shop which to adjacent to the mall.

We spent nearly 3 hours in the mall, and went to the area where I parked the car. Shockingly, the car was not there! I immediately went to ask the manager of the car repairing shop to ask if he saw someone getting into the car but he did not witness anything. I asked a few other people too who were standing nearby but it was useless. I request you to please investigate this theft. I have attached my car papers with letter which contains all the details of the vehicle.

Feel free to contact me for further questions, or clarification. I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor


Complaint of Car Stolen to Police

To: Houston Police Dept.
Houston, Texas, United States

I am writing to report a stolen car. The car was a matte black (Date) Audi R8 with the license plate GRF-1988. It was stolen from my garage while I was at work, which puts the timing at roughly 12:00pm to 4:00pm.

Please find my vehicle as soon as possible.

Many thanks,
Ellen Kingston
Houston, Texas, United States

Complaint of Car Stolen to Police

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to report to you an incident of my stolen car. I was at my office on Tuesday evening, and was getting ready to leave. I came outside to get into my car, and I noticed the windows were open. I was about to get in when I realized I had left my car keys inside the office, and I went back to get them. When I came outside, my car was not in its parking spot, and was being driven away by some guys. I was not able to do anything except watch the scene in shock. I told my friends, and they asked me to report this to the traffic police. They said they would let me know if they found anything about my car. My car is a black civic, the (Date) model, and its number plate is AQF-359. I request you to please look into this situation, and find my car. I tried locating it through my tracker but was unable to do so.

I will anxiously be waiting for your response. For further information you may contact me at the number provided below.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Complaint of Car Stolen to Police

To: Gadsden Police Dept.
Gadsden, Atlanta, United States

I am writing to inform you of a crime committed in the East end of the city. My car was stolen near my home at around midnight. I noticed the engine starting, and as I looked out my window, the car was speeding off with two individuals inside it.

The car was a sedan, a white Honda Civic with the license plate BKF-342.

Please look into this matter immediately, and apprehend the thieves so that this does not happen anywhere again in Gadsden. I need my vehicle back as soon as possible.


Brenda Stewart

East Gadsden, Atlanta, United States

Complaint of Stolen Car to Police

To the inspector,

Punjab police Mall road station,


Respected sir,

It Is acknowledged that my car Honda City (car number) has been stolen today morning from my office parking area. The security guard was not present at that time. The CCTV showed that 2 boys whose faces were covered came on the bike, and tried to open the lock of 3 cars. My car’s lock was easily opened by them God knows how. The footage clearly shows the bike number of the thieves. The bike number is (bike number). I request you to register a fir against the owner of the bike which’s number is mentioned. I worked day, and night to earn money to get my dream car, and I cannot let it go this way. Please report a file, and precede your further investigation so I can get my car soon. You are welcome anytime to the office for investigation. I shall be thankful to you if you will help me in this regard.

The CCTV footage is in the CD along the letter.



Sample Complaint Letter for Over billing, or Overcharge


Sample complaint letter for overcharging in bills, and claiming for refund for your monthly bills, store bills, medical bills, bank account deductions, and over charging of fees.

Complaint Letter for Over-billing of Electricity

The Electric Supply Company
Goa, India

Sir, I am Mr. Tarpal Singh, and I have been living in this city for the last 4 years. As you know that now this city is one of the top most visited, and developed city of India, and it is also over populated in summer. People have started to find ways to avoid the bills by means of fraud.

For the last 2 months, I have been receiving over charged bills of electricity. I live alone, and I’m at work most of the day. I have been charged twice the amount than last month even though I have not been at home for almost a week. I am not sure whether someone is stealing electricity from the general connection, or there is a fault in your database.

Whatever it is, I hope you will get this issue resolved before I am forced to take this matter up to the Commissioner. Thank you.

Tarpal Singh

Goa, India.

Letter of Complaint for Over Charging

The managers, TRS cash, and carry,

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to bring it to your knowledge that we have bought grocery worth 5000 from your store, but I was charged 1000 extra, and upon complaining they have said that it’s not our mistake, sir I don’t know who’s mistake is this but it is very dangerous for the reputation of your store as market is full of other store, you should respect peoples earning, and their time. I have never expected such blunder from your store. Please keep an eye on your management.

Sincerely Yours,

George Aric

Complaint Letter for Over-billing

The Manager, Electricity corporation, US

Respected sir

I am writing this letter to bring it to your knowledge that I am not billed according to the units I have consumed this month. The units on my meter are 350 but I am being charged for 550 units. This is a serious negligence from your department. I request you to revise my bill, and send me a correct bill as I have to submit it within the due date.

I request you to pay attention when copy the units as it is not good for society. We trust our system completely but these sorts of cases damage the image of system. Please find attached my previous bill, and screenshot of my current meter units. I am looking forward to a quick response.


Mr. Sunny Mark

Complaint Letter Against Army Officer


How to write complaint against army personnel who misused his post, and power. Sample complaint letter to the army officials against army security, police, policy security etc army vehicle, misuse of authority etc.

Complaint Letter Against Army Personnel

The Commandant,

Border Security Forces,

East Zone, New Delhi,


Dear Sir,

It is stated with regret that one of the army personnel working under your command has misused his post, and power while dealing with a civilian of New Delhi.

Sir, I have small property in shape of a vacant plot adjacent to the check post in east zone near super town. Mr. Parkash Chopra who is working as a Captain in BSF has constructed a temporary house on my plot without my permission, and consent. Having seen all this, I attended his office with written request to abolish the said house, and hand over the plot to me being its owner. While I was sitting in his office he not only treated me with insult but also refused bluntly to abolish the house.

As you are serving the whole nation, and belong to a prestigious institute of our country, I did not know any other door but only your office because I believe who serve this countries at its boundaries can take care of its inhabitant much better way than any other.

Keeping in view the above mentioned facts, Sir I request you to please take necessary action for the act of confiscating my property, and get it cleared from Mr. Parkash so that I could use it for my own purpose.

An early, and favorable response from your side in this regard shall be highly praised.

Thanking you.


Karan Arjun.

Complaint Letter for Product Quality


Complaint Letter By Customer to company for bad quality product which damages you, or your business with side effects, or bad reactions.

Sample Letter of Complaint for Bad Product

Respected Producer/Company,
Oriflamme, Switzerland,

With due respect I have to inform you that I have suffered a harsh skin reaction by the make –up product known as the foundation, I had bought from your Barket Market Branch, Lahore. The reaction was severe enough to leave marks on my face despite the fact that I do not have a sensitive skin.

All this has been caused by your Oriflame Foundation I applied a few days ago on my face. More importantly, I have been using that foundation regularly being your regular customer, and when I checked the date of that foundation, it turned out to be expired. This behavior of negligence from your side is truly unexpected for me.

I thereby request you to improve your quality standards, and if there is some negligence, or fraud going on from the side of the staff then please have a proper check on your staff, otherwise, you might face a case filed against you in court, which you will not want in order to save your reputation, or some other action might be faced by you. Kindly, take a proper notice of this matter so that the customers don’t suffer in the future.

Thank You

Your Customer,
Carolyn De Lochlain

Complaint Letter for Product Quality

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I have ordered some of your beauty products from your website, but they are very low in quality, and my skin burn when i use it. So please improve the quality of products, it would be great for all of your customers as well. Thanks but I have gone through very bad experience with your products.


Maheen Javed

Letter to Supplier for Late Delivery of Materials


Sample letter to supplier for the delay in delivery of ordered items, material for a construction site. Warning Letter To Supplier For Timely Delivery Of Material required at the site.

Letter to Supplier for Delay in Delivery of Goods

Dear Sir,

This is to bring your kind attention to the matter that has been pending since last week. It is observed that there is a delivery problem going on regarding the delivery of material on site.

We submitted our required material requisition to you on the (Date). It has been 2 weeks since that request, and no material is delivered to the site. Keeping in mind this ongoing project’s progress, it is a matter of the company’s repute to complete the desired work in time.

Our office’s meeting has been a serious agenda of unavailability of material, and the work’s pace. The work cannot be at its optimal pace if there is no immediate delivery. So it left us with no other option than to remind you of this existing problem.

We hope you will take all the necessary actions required to solve this problem. We are answerable to the client for all the delays in work progress. Kindly take immediate actions in this regard, and ensure it must not happen again so that the work can be continued swiftly utilizing all the present resources.

Looking forward to rapid action from your end. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,

Project Coordinator

Complaint Letter to Supplier for Delay in Delivery

Dear Mr. Robert,

I have to say that the deadline I provided you with for the supply of the goods assigned to you by my company has passed, in fact, you are a week late, and the goods are still not supplied.

I want you to supply my order as soon as within two days to satisfy my customer demand. I expect you to do so in time not to remind you, or reduce your payment to supply it late further.


Your Client,

Sample Letter to Vendor for Late Delivery

Dear Sir, or Madam,

It is apprised that the delivery of the stores made last month was in the last month against our supply order of the two dated two months back, which was also late as per clause 6 of the contract agreement.

The last supply order issued to you was in the previous month, and the supply against this is still awaited. It is worth mentioning here that due to non-delivery of the stores, our department’s maintenance work is suffering badly. It, therefore, emphasized that deliver the supply immediately to avoid any unpleasant situation.

Yours sincerely,

(Your Name)

Report Lost of Mobile Phone to Police


Sample application for registration of FIR after you lost your mobile phone on road, stolen mobile phone, snatching of mobile phone in the street.

Application of Lost Mobile to Police Station

Dear Sir,

This application is to report a lost mobile. I had an IPhone 5 which I lost at the subway station while boarding on the subway. It was of black in color. I had all of my data, and useful contacts in it. If anyone reports to you about such a mobile if he had found such please inform me about it. All other information about the model no., and its serial no. is attached with the letter.

Faithfully Yours,

Rana Imran

Application for Lost Mobile to Police Station

SHO AIT Police Station,

Subject: Application for the Lost Mobile

Dear Sir,

It is submitted that I have lost my Samsung S6 Mobile somewhere in Moon Market during shopping. Its EMIE # is 1234CXXX45. You are requested to please register F.I.R for this case, and also direct the concerned for its recovery through your tracking system as soon as the same is switched on.

An urgent action in this regard is requested please.

Yours Truly,

Anwar Sadiq

Report Loss of Mobile Phone to Police

The Police Station,

Jail Road,


Subject: Registering Complaint of Lost Mobile Phone

Dear Sir,

It is to file a case of lost mobile phone to you. I have been buying fruits from a vendor in front of the Fast food chain on Jail Road, Lahore around 10:00 am on 7th August, (Date). I attended a call from my wife while I was standing at the fruit stall, and then sat back in car to call at home. When I tried to do so, I realized my mobile was not with me. I am not sure if it has been stolen, or lost by me. I request you to kindly file my complaint, and take an action on this. My phone was a light golden color IPhone 6 with a silver hard casing over it.  If found, please return it to me as my phone contains some very important contacts, and some great memories with it. I’ve provided my contact number, email address, and residential address for this purpose. I am very hopeful that you’ll be able to find my phone.  I shall remain highly obliged to you for your assistance in this matter.

Looking forward to hearing good news from you soon.


Umar Shahzad

Application for Report of Lost Mobile Phone, and Action to Police Station

The Deputy Inspector General,


Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that me, Mr. Faisal Khan have been a gentle citizen of my area. I have never involved in any criminal activity nor have any enmity with any one.

Yesterday, I visited my near Grocery store which is quite big & have a great hustle & bustle. I was busy in purchasing some of grocery items, and my mobile phone was in my pocket.

After completing my shopping, I came to the front counter for payment. As I put my hand in my pocket to take out the money, I noticed that my mobile phone is not in my pocket. I checked in detail, and also searched in the store but could not find my mobile.

I requested to prepare an FIR against the store, police did so. Unfortunately, it has been 3 weeks, there is no any positive response from Police.

I request you to please look into this matter & help to recover the lost mobile as it cost Rs. 50,000.


Faisal Khan

Application to Police Station

To The SHO

Dear sir it stated that I was travelling from my college to home today afternoon via city transport bus. My journey comprises about twenty minutes, or so, and during this period of time I missed / lost my cell phone somewhere in the bus, or at bus stop. I also called on my mobile number but it seems that sim has been taken out. Model Num of my mobile phone is Samsung Galaxy. It want to register a report in this respect in the Police Station. It is therefore requested that a report of loss of my cell phone may kindly be registered.

Yours sincerely,


Application for Lost Mobile to Police Station

The Station In charge

Southeast Police Station

Beihang, PRC


Respected Concern,

I am a resident of your area, House No. 14, 3rd street. I have lost my cell phone today while I was shopping in the central market plaza. I am taking this in to your notice for your kind support, and action in tracking my cell phone, or blocking it otherwise to avoid its unauthorized use. My cell IMEI is 12345678910111. Kindly proceed with this application, and oblige me.

Yours Sincerely,