Complaint Letter for Product Quality

Complaint Letter By Customer to company for bad quality product which damages you, or your business with side effects, or bad reactions. Sample Letter of Complaint for Bad Product Respected Producer/Company, Oriflamme, Switzerland, With due respect I have to inform you that I have suffered a harsh skin reaction by the make –up product known … Continue reading “Complaint Letter for Product Quality”

Letter to Supplier for Late Delivery of Materials

Want to write a complaint letter for delay of supply? Sample letter to supplier for the delay in delivery of ordered items, material for a construction site. Warning Letter To Supplier For Timely Delivery of Material Required At the Site. Company NameAddress Dear Contractor, You were ordered a (mention the material name) material supply which … Continue reading “Letter to Supplier for Late Delivery of Materials”

Report Lost of Mobile Phone to Police

Sample application for registration of FIR after you lost your mobile phone on road, stolen mobile phone, snatching of mobile phone in the street. Application of Lost Mobile to Police Station Dear Sir, This application is to report a lost mobile. I had an IPhone 5 which I lost at the subway station while boarding … Continue reading “Report Lost of Mobile Phone to Police”

Complaint to Supplier for Poor Quality

Complaint to Supplier for Bad Quality of Construction Material. Request letter to supplier for replacement of poor quality products and materials. Material Rejection Email to Supplier Dear Supplier, You are our raw material supplier. And it is noted that You are not providing us with the specified quality of the material, nor have you reported … Continue reading “Complaint to Supplier for Poor Quality”