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Letter to Airline for Delayed Luggage

Format of complaint letter to airline customer service who has recently lost your luggage or has provided an inefficient service and delayed the arrival of your luggage.

Letter to Airline for Delayed Luggage

The Luggage Controller,
XYZ Airlines.

Respected Concerned officer,
It is stated that I took a flight from Lahore to Karachi two days ago. However my luggage has still not been cleared yet. I am a tenant here just because all of my money is in my luggage and so are my necessary items. My computer is in there too, and I am unable to work without it.

Kindly clear my luggage as soon as you can. My luggage number and a copy of my ticket have been attached to this letter (XXXX).

Thank you for your concern,

Letter to Airline for Delayed Luggage

Respected Sir,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you about the services of your airline. Yesterday, I had a flight from Pakistan to New York and it arrived on time. However, when I came outside to receive my luggage it was nowhere to be found. I went to the reception so that they could help me out and they asked me to wait patiently. I waited for an hour but my luggage did not arrive. I was told that it has been left in Pakistan and I will have to wait for at least two days. It has been a week and I still haven’t received my luggage. I have not been given any update either and I am truly worried since my luggage had a lot of valuable stuff inside. I am very displeased with this occurrence.

I hope you will look into it and resolve this matter soon.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

10th October 2018


Complaint Letter to Holiday Company

Format of complaint letter to a holiday company about your latest trip which has not been up to the standard that the company is known to deliver.

Example letter of complaint to a holiday company

Respected Sir,

I write this letter with much disappointment to let you know the satisfactory services of your company. I and my family visited your resort a few days back to spend some time for our vacation. As soon as we arrived we were not met with the standards that your company promised us. The sad part is that the company took the advance payment as well as the remaining holiday payment too.

The room provided was not up to the mark at all. We were not provided with any of our meals and instead we had to go downstairs and get it ourselves. Your brochure mentioned that the resort had a swimming pool and other recreational facilities but there was no such thing at the resort. We had been promised a trip to the near local areas but we just visited a market place and that is all. The room we were staying in did not have proper air conditioning and the sanitary system was unhygienic as well. Afterwards when we tried talking to the management peacefully they were rude and did not refund our payment. They did not even give us a partial amount of the payment when we told them that we have been provided with proper services.

This was a very disheartening experience and I hope your company replies to my complaint soon. I hope I will get an affirmative response from your side.

Best Regards,

Seemi Zameer

15th October 2018

Complaint Later Against Teacher

Format of complaint letter against English teacher who is always late if comes to school at all otherwise is mostly absent from class. He is seldom seen around school/college premises and as a concerned student it is wasting our precious time.

Complaint Letter Against English Teacher who is Always Late

To: Principal of Headway School
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

I am writing to issue a complaint about the 10th class English teacher. Before I start, I would like to let you know that I respect all my teachers and I am only issuing this letter because I am concerned for our education.

The teacher Mrs. Heather is very inconsistent in coming to teach our class. There has been very few days that she has arrived on time. She is absent at least 3 times a week.
If she arrives, it is usually when we are halfway through the class and there are only 30 minutes left.

I am concerned for my English education and future English exams, therefore I ask that you ensure this teacher is giving the proper and necessary effort required to teach us. I would appreciate this sincerely.

Burney Maestro
10th Class Student – Headway School
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada


Letter of Complaint about Child Labor

Write a letter you have seen small children working in a factory near your house. This letter is to inform the authorities of the illegal practice that has been carried out by this factory and they must take an action to stop it.

Complaint Letter against Child Labor

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to you so that I can tell you about the child labor. The oil factory  (factory’s name) near to this Abdalian society is hiring children to work as a labor in their factory as I was passing by the factory on Tuesday, I have seen many children at 5 pm coming out from the gate, as I have asked from one of them, the kid told me about the whole scenario.

That was so much disturbing for me. So I want you to take action against them because children are of 9-13 years old. And this is not the way to hire such young children and make them work so hard in a factory.

Please take strict action against them as soon as possible.


Society resident
Amjad chaudhry

Letter of Complaint about Child Labor

To Thokar Police Station,

Respected Sir,

I wrote this letter to file a complaint regarding a factory which is located on Multan Road near Pakfan Company. There was no board with the name of factory so it is probably unregistered. As the factory is built on a small area with old infrastructure so my guess is that it is a small scale cement factor.

Anyway, I would like to inform you that the owner of the factory committing crime of child labor by hiring children under age 12 as workers. When I saw four children dragging trolleys full of cement back to the old building, I asked an old man who has a stall nearby about it and he told me that they work at the factory. To say I was shocked would be an understatement, even after the government strictly said to not hire children as worker, the factory owner was still carrying on with this crime.

As a citizen, it is my responsibility to inform you about this illegal act. Also, you can contact me for further details. I hope you will take strict action against the owner.

Best Regards,

Ali Haider

Contact _______

Complaint Letter for Over Billing

Format of complaint and warning letters to storekeepers whose accountant overcharge their customers

Complaint Letter To Service Provider


The manager, Global store

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I bought some groceries from you store. One of the items was a 10kg bag of rice. The price mentioned at the counter was $25 but the time of billing the price mentioned on my bill was $35. I asked the cashier to look into it but he clearly refused by saying that it is not his duty and I am supposed to pay the increased amount. At that time I paid but now I am writing you to look into it and refund the extra amount I had paid. I want a quick response from your end otherwise I have to take help from the consumer court. You cannot make the customer fool by doing such acts and you also need to update the system and teach your staff to be nice with the customer. Please find attached list of items.  I am looking forward to your response. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Sara mike

Complaint Letter for Over Billing

 To Electricity Association Punjab,

Respected Sir,

I have sent you this letter to file a complaint regarding my over billing of electricity. The past few months, I am receiving my electricity bill more than the average of whatever I have been receiving since I shifted to this house, which is more than 2 years.

I ignored the over billing first time thinking that maybe this is dye the increase in usage of units but next month the same thing happened even though I along my family were not at our place for about two weeks. I was sure there was some issue with the bill so I myself calculated the bill by multiplying the units with their price and was astonished to see the amount was not even the half of what I was paying. I have attached all my past bills and you can look into them yourself.

I request you to recalculate my bills and refund the extra amount I have been paying. For any further query please contact me. I would be thankful to you if you address this issue as soon as possible.

Best Regards;

Fatima Amir


Contact Num____

Sample Letter for Refund of Money from Bank

Below are the format of application letters that can be written to Bank To Demand your money Back Following any unpleasant circumstances and steal of money from the bank account.

Sample Application Letter To Refund of Money



Respected manager!

I have called so many times in your offices but nobody has ever responded to my calls. I have been meaning to talk to you about the transaction that was made from my account by an imposter last month. Now until this day I have been very lenient with your customer service department and although I got fifty thousand hit just because your department behaved with such negligence, I was still very cooperative with your investigation but now my patience is running thin with every passing second and if soon I will not hear that my refund voucher is ready I will take a legal action against your bank and will sue you for fraud.

I hope this time I will hear from your customer service soon.




Sample Letter for Refund of Money from Bank

 Respected Sir,

I sent this letter to you regarding the payment I made of $200 as confirmation of course enrollment at York University. Unfortunately, I could not fulfill the condition in the letter of offer so my admission got cancelled.

According to university’s policy, the amount is refunded as admission is cancelled. However, 10% of it is cut as administrative charges. It will probably take 3-5 business days to process my cancellation so kindly refund that remaining account as soon as the procedure is completed. I would be thankful to you.

Best Regards;

Fatima Aamir

23rd September 2018


Complaint Letter To Dry Cleaners 

Format Of  Complaint Letter or Warning Letter For Providing Incompetent Service To The Owners

Warning Letter To Dry Cleaners


The Manager, Fine laundry

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to you to make a complaint regarding my clothes which I sent last week. I am your old and loyal customer and I never had any issue with your service. Last week I called at your laundry store to get my clothes picked up. Your man came and took the clothes along with the list having the number of clothes. Yesterday I received the clothes but one of my shirts is missing. I called again at your office but the person over there refused to help me and said that he has sent all the clothes. I told him that I have the list having number of clothes sent to you but he was persistent and was not ready to listen to me. This is pathetic service. I want you to look into it and take a quick action to my complaint. Please find attached image of the missing shirt and also the copy of that list. I am looking forward to your response. Thank you.


Mr. Ali Kahn

Complaint Letter to Dry Cleaners

To: Super Dry Clean
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I am writing to complain about the service I had received a few days ago. I had given 14 pieces of clothing to dry clean. I had counted them and made sure. Upon completion of the service, I had received only 12 pieces. The workers told me I had only given 12, but I am 100% sure I gave 14.

Please resolve this issue immediately.

Thank you,
Beverly Bursa
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Complaint Letter to Police Station about Theft 

Letter to police commissioner complaining about theft. How to write complaint letter to police for theft of mobile phone? Complaint letter to police about lost. Police complaint letter format samples. Letter of robbery. Letter for theft report. Theft letter sample.

Complaint Letter to Police about Theft of Car

The Inspector,
XYZ Police Station.

It is stated that I am law abiding citizen living in this country since I was born. However, my patriotism didn’t pay me back the way I thought it would. Sir, last night when I was coming home from work I stopped at a traffic signal. Although the road was almost empty but I found it best to go by the law. Two bikers came up to my car and stopped. They pulled the driving seat door and pulled me out with force.

Upon gaining knowledge of what actually was going on, I came to understand that I was being robbed. In a matter of seconds there was a gun pointed towards my head and whispers in my ear saying “We will shoot”. This was the first time I was in such unfortunate situation. I started trembling and in a low voice asked them what they wanted.

All they wanted was my car, the car I made out of hard work and sleepless nights. Instead of fighting back or doing something stupid I found it best to just hand over the car to them. So I did exactly and they took off. In a couple of moments they were out of my vision as they drove very fast and didn’t look and it was very dark.

I request you to kindly lodge a complaint against the unknown robbers and try your very best to retrieve my car. I hope you will find this matter concerning and start working on this as soon as you can.

Thanking you,

Sample Letter of Complaint against Husband

Sample letter to complaint against your husband for misbehaviour, beating, abusing, physical harassment etc.

Application Letter of Complaint against Husband to Police

Dear Mr. Brian

I am writing to you because I would like to make a formal complaint against my husband. As a wife I carry out all the responsibilities that I should. However I did not expect my husband to become that man that he is today. He goes out too work and he comes back very late at night without phoning to tell me he will be home late and when he is home he is always fighting with me. It’s like he hates me and I don’t know what I have done.

I’m scared that if he will continue on this path he will become violent with me and I won’t accept that from anyone. He needs to help if he wants to make this relationship work. Please help him and take necessary action.

Yours sincerely

Mrs. Brian

Complaint Letter against Husband

The Inspector,
XYZ Police Station.

Respected sir,
I am writing this letter in a very unfortunate and hard situation. I have been through a lot in my life but this is something I wish no one would ever go through. I have been married to an animal of a man since the past three years. After my first miscarriage I was blamed for the happening by his family and instead of supporting me, he isolated me.

Since the miscarriage he has been beating me frequently. Sometimes with a baseball bat and sometimes with a lamp, anything he can find he starts beating me with it. I tried going to the court but since I am an orphan and have no family I couldn’t bear the public embarrassment that is why I come to you, seeking your help.

Kindly file a complaint against my husband for domestic abuse and punish him accordingly. I hope you will find my situation and my matter concerning.

Thanking you,

Letter of Complaint against Husband

The Superintendent of Police,
White Bridge Police Station

Respected Sir,

I, Mrs. Robert, resident of White Bridge road, want you to write my complaint against my husband Mr. Robert. We are married since 20XX and we have one child. He was nice and good to me at the first but since we have a child, he is changed and annoying us a lot. I do not understand why he is doing this? His behavior and attitude is different now he is like an animal. He is not paying attention at home or on us. He is not showing that he does care or has any responsibility of a family.

Now he beats me so bad most of the time, and he does not support us financially too. I am wounded by him I cannot feed our kid alone. I request you to please notice my written complaint and take a serious action on it.

Complaint person: Mrs. Robert
Address: White Bridge
H/P: 09800022887

Letter of Complaint Holiday Accommodation

How to complain about a holiday booking. Holiday complaint letter examples. Letter of complaint hotel example. Complain about hotel service.

How to Complain About a Holiday Accommodation Letter

I am writing to you because during the New Year for a whole week I and my all of family stayed in a caravan by the beach in one of your holiday parks. I would like to complain about the level of hygiene mainly your pillow and duvets in your bedrooms. All pillows had stains and the blankets had worse stains. The fridge was disgusting behind it looked as if it hadn’t been clean in months. Also it smelled bad. The carpet it supposed to be red but looks black.

The overall experience in your caravan was mentally disturbing as my kids found rat droppings in their room and you can imagine if one of your kids got sick from this. We are lucky my daughter didn’t get sick.

Please train your house keeping staff. It is a humble request before someone gets really sick and you have to go to court.

Kind regards,

Client’s name

How to Complain About a Holiday Booking

I’m writing to you because I and my family had Christmas dinner at Captain Mammies your restaurant and it was awful. First of all there is no hygiene in your kitchen and your staff was not wearing hair nets to stop hairs getting into our dinner. Secondly we booked a table near the window we didn’t get this and also we had to wait 30 minutes for a table with enough space for all my family.

Thirdly the meat was not cooked properly and my son got sick. Fourthly your staff have no manners they was very rude did not apologies once for screwing up our table booking and the late start to our dinner. Finally due to the late start to our dinner made us miss the show we had tickets to the show at the theater.

I hope you consider everything and take action.


Client’s name