Letter to Supplier for Late Delivery of Materials

Want to write a complaint letter for delay of supply? Sample letter to supplier for the delay in delivery of ordered items, material for a construction site.

Warning Letter To Supplier For Timely Delivery of Material Required At the Site.

Company Name

Dear Contractor,

You were ordered a (mention the material name) material supply which you did not deliver on time as promised. You know very well how much of our time, labor and money is being wasted due to such delays. You are requested to respond promptly on when the material will arrive. Also, explain how do you improve this routine in the future? Because it will be difficult for us to adjust such unnecessary delays. Please consider it as the last warning in reference to our contract. Waiting for your quick response.


Your Name

Letter to Supplier for Delay in Delivery of Goods

Dear Sir,

This is to bring your kind attention to the matter that has been pending since last week. It is observed that there is a delivery problem going on regarding the delivery of material on site.

We submitted our required material requisition to you on the (Date). It has been two weeks since that request, and no material has been delivered to the site. Keeping in mind this ongoing project’s progress, it is a matter of the company’s repute to complete the desired work in time.

Our office’s meeting has been a serious agenda of unavailability of material, and the work’s pace. The work cannot be at its optimal pace if there is no immediate delivery. So it left us with no other option than to remind you of this existing problem.

We hope you will take all the necessary actions required to solve this problem. We are answerable to the client for all the delays in work progress. Therefore, kindly take immediate actions in this regard, and ensure it must not happen again so that the work can be continued swiftly utilizing all the present resources.

Looking forward to rapid action from your end. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,

Project Coordinator

Complaint Letter to Supplier for Delay in Delivery

Dear Mr. Robert,

I have to say that the deadline I provided you with for the supply of the goods assigned to you by my company has passed to you a week before, and the goods are still not supplied.

I want you to supply my order as soon as within two days to satisfy my customer demand. I expect you to do so in time not to remind you or reduce your payment to supply it late further.


Your client,

Sample Letter to Vendor for Late Delivery

Dear Sir or Madam,

It is apprised that the delivery of the stores made last month was in the last month against our supply order of the two dated two months back, which was also late as per clause 6 of the contract agreement.

The last supply order issued to you was in the previous month, and the supply against this is still awaited. It is worth mentioning here that due to non-delivery of the stores, our department’s maintenance work is suffering badly. It, therefore, emphasized that delivering the supply immediately to avoid any unpleasant situation.

Yours sincerely,

(Your Name)

Warning Letter To Supplier For Late Delivery of Material Required At the Site.

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