Request Letter for Copy of Documents


Format of application to send to an administration of company, and aask them to send to copy of documents that you will need in the further procedure.

Request Letter for Copy of Documents

The Registrar,

University of Mumbai.

Dear Sir,

 I want copies of Admission letters

 Allow me to address you on the subject matter as I have gotten admission in university of Mumbai, and need copy of admission letter for the purpose of fee concession for onward submission to the office of Vice Chancellor.

You are requested that copy of admission letter may please be provided so that I could apply to the competent authority for fee concession.

An early action in this regard shall be highly appreciated.

Deepak Parvani.

Request Letter for Copy of Documents

Dear Ahmed,

Hope you are doing well. Last week, you visited our office regarding the Canadian visa procedure. During the meeting, we discussed what documents are required, and by when you should apply for the study permit for September intake.

When you have arranged all the documents, and are sure that nothing else needs to be shown to the embassy, kindly send me copy of them before submitting the application so I can see if anything is missing, or any addition detail is required. You can come to the office along with the hard copy of the documents, or the other option is to mail me the scanned file so I can forward it to our in-charge.

Let me know whatever option is more convenient for you, and I am expecting your visit by the end of month. If you have any queries, feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,

Ameena Chahda

Times consultants


Request Letter for Copy of Documents

To: Michael Stevens
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

I am writing in regards to the documents that were made regarding blueprints, and approval for the new oil sands drilling machinery.
It is absolutely crucial that we receive these documents by Friday the 26th so that we may proceed with drilling. Please send a copy of the documents as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Robert Mantz
Geronimo Drilling Inc.,
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

 Request Letter for Copy of Documents

To: Mark Anderson
South Boston, Miami, United States

How are you, Mark? I hope everything is well. I am writing to you in regards to the documents we have received from HR the other day. I need a copy of those documents as soon as possible.

Please send them when you can.


Lucas Williams
South Boston, Miami, United States

Request Letter for Delay in Submitting Documents


Sample apology letter for delay in submitting documents. Letter writing for delay in submission of documents. You can change as per your requirements.

Regret Letter for Delay in Submitting Documents Due to Covid 19

Dear Sir, or Madam, I hope you are doing well.

Concerning our discussion on Friday for document submission. I regret the delay. Our president is affected by Covid 19, and the documents are not yet signed. We will submit the last document after signatures as soon as possible. But it may take fourteen, or more days as she is in quarantine.

Warm Regards,

(Your Name)

Request Letter for Delay in Submitting Documents

Lost All My Important Documents

To, The academic office

Dear Sir,

With due respect I would like to inform you that last week my bag was snatched by some people when I was way back home, there were some cash, and my all-important documents including my ID card, and ATM card.

Sir, as you have mentioned, the due date to submit that document, but I cannot submit them in time because of this unfortunate mishap. I have registered an FIR as well, Sir kindly understand my situation, and extend my submission date. I shall be really thankful for this act of kindness. Thanks.

Yours obediently,

John Matt,
BS Math

Request Letter for Delay in Submitting Documents


Dear sir!

As I have been selected to represent my university at an international conference, a stringent timeline for submitting things has been given. I have almost completed everything except for the No-Objection-Certificate, which only the dean of my university can sign, and right now, he is in Canada for work. He is expected to come back by the end of next week. Still, the timeline says I have to submit everything on the day after tomorrow.

Sir, please can you review my timeline, and can extend the date for the submission of documents. I will be waiting for your reply.



Apology Email for Sending Wrong Attachment


How to apologize for a mistake made in an email attachment.
Apology letter for sending wrong document. Apology email for sending wrong email. Apology letter for sending wrong attachment.

Apology Email for Sending Wrong Attachment

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Iqbal Hussain, who has applied for the position of an Order taker in your cuisine. I apologize for the previous email, where I have attached my educational documents, and resume. I have checked a copy of my email sent to you, and found that I have sent you wrong attachment. It is so embarrassing, and I really apologize for this mistake.

I thought that I should fix this mistake; I am hoping that you will take it not seriously, and forgive me for this inconvenience. I am sorry, and thank you so much for your patience.

Best Regards,

Iqbal Hussain

Apology Letter for Sending Wrong Document

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I (Uswah Iqbal) am working as an assistant producer, and I sent a file related to a short film project yesterday but feeling sorry for that because I’ve sent a wrong file, and I know that could be a great disaster but promising you I’ll never do that again. Please find the right attachment here.

Accept the apology.



Apology for Sending Wrong Attachment

Street Address
City, ST ZIP Code

Dear Jake,

I am writing to you to formally apologies for the attachment that I sent you in that last message. Please forgive me that attachment you weren’t supposed to see that as it was for my wife. Please forgive me, and I would be grateful if you could delete that from your phone. I’m sorry again, and thanks for your understanding.


Client’s name

Apology Email for Sending Wrong Attachment

The Professor,
XYZ University.

Respected sir,
It is stated that our assignment was due last night, and I submitted it on time however I didn’t receive any confirmation email from your side which is quiet uncommon. Upon further investigation I found out that in a panic to meet the deadline time I accidently attached the wrong file to the email. I sincerely apologize for my mistake, and assure you that it will never happen again. I am attaching the correct file with this apology email.

Thanking you,

Letter to Police Station for Loss of Documents


Sample letter or application to police for loss of documents/certificates. Police complaint letter format by lost certificate. Complaint letter for a lost wallet. Complaint letter format to the police station. Application for fir in the police station.

Application to Police Station for Missing Documents

Dear SHO,

I want to inform you that I missed some important documents, including (document names), on (date) in the area of your police station (name of place like home, road, park, market, etc.). However, I am afraid that the documents can also be misused if gone into the wrong person’s custody. Therefore, I request you to please register an immediate FIR and help me to find out the missed documents. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your name

Application to Police for Missing Documents

The sheriff, Station no. 12, Miami

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that my bag has been stolen from the metro station. I have lost my laptop, some cash, and some essential documents. This happened yesterday evening when I was waiting for the train. 2 men with covered faces came and snatched my bag. I ran after them but missed them.

I request you to take quick action as those documents are essential to me.  I shall be really grateful if you take serious action, and help me find my documents, and other things. I have also filed a complaint. So please take quick action against my report. I shall be thankful to you.


Mr. Jack Jackson

Application to Police for Missing Important Documents

The In-charge,
Police Station

Dear Sir,

It is submitted that the applicant is a resident of model town under your domain and needs your help in searching for my lost documents, including my ID card, passport, and academic papers.

In fact, I had lost the papers in the event of a job fair arranged by various companies at model Town Park last Friday. These documents have vital importance in my life and career as well.

It is requested that necessary directions be passed to the concerned officers to find my lost documents as soon as possible.

I will highly praise your help in this regard.


Letter to Police for Missing an Important Letter

Dear police sergeant smithy,

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss my documents. The last few days have been tough for me as I have my case coming up, and I have to stand up in front of everyone and tell them what happened to me. This alone makes me very nervous, and the fact that you, the police, have lost some documents, and most importantly, a critical letter, is making me even more stressed.

Please find these documents in the next few days, meaning two days, because, in three days, I am going into court, and without that letter, I can’t stand up, and that means no case because I am the main witness. And that guy will walk free to commit the crime again. What that guy did was horrendous, and he can’t be allowed to go free and do it again without punishment.

I hope that you do as I say and find that letter. I would say that I look forward to seeing you next, but I don’t so see you in court.

Yours sincerely,

Miss. Rita Ore

Application for Duplicate Death Certificate


Format of application to send to hospital, and ask them to give you a death certificate of a close relative

Application for Duplicate Death Certificate

This application is request to issue a duplicate certificate of death of my grandfather. My grandfather was your patient last year, he was suffering with cancer. He remained your patient for three weeks after which he expired on date___ . The certificate was collected by one of our relatives but unfortunately he lost the certificate in his way to home. I request you to issue a duplicate certificate in name of my grandfather. All the documents, and bills are enclosed with the letter.

Application for Duplicate Death Certificate

To the Lahore Hospital,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have sent this application to request you for a duplicate death certificate of my father. Last year during my father’s last days when he was really sick, we admitted him to your hospital. He was declared dead by the doctors on Monday, 25th January (Date). We did receive a death certificate but unfortunately it has been misplaced. As I have to apply to universities, and for some scholarship, I need to show them the death certificate of my father. I am really close to meeting my deadline so I request you kindly approve my application as soon as possible so that I can collect the document. I assure you that such act of responsibility will not happen again. You can contact me for any further clarification, or queries.

Best Regards,

Fatima Aamir