Application for Duplicate Birth Certificate Letter

Want to apply for a duplicate birth certificate? We are giving you sample applications and letters Format to ask for a duplicate birth certificate. You have either lost the original one or need to send documents, and they need a sealed official copy. Application for Copy for Birth Certificate To Whom It May Concern Dear … Continue reading “Application for Duplicate Birth Certificate Letter”

Application for Duplicate Driving Licence

Sample application letter for issuance of duplicate driving license from the issuing authority UAE, India, UK, USA, Africa, Astralia etc. Application for Duplicate Driving License The Mr. Mike Traffic Department James St London Dear Sir, I am writing you for a duplicate driving license as I lost my original license yesterday in market. I request … Continue reading “Application for Duplicate Driving Licence”

Application for Duplicate Death Certificate

Format of application to send to hospital, and ask them to give you a death certificate of a close relative Application for Duplicate Death Certificate This application is request to issue a duplicate certificate of death of my grandfather. My grandfather was your patient last year, he was suffering with cancer. He remained your patient … Continue reading “Application for Duplicate Death Certificate”

Application for Duplicate Social Security Card

Request Letter to Administration Welfare Club by a Commoner who has lost the original issued Card. Format of request leeter when you need to ask for a duplicate social security card because you have misplaced the original one. Sample Request Letter to Issue Duplicate Social Security Card To, The administration, Social welfare club Respected sir, … Continue reading “Application for Duplicate Social Security Card”