Application for Duplicate Driving Licence

Sample application letter for issuance of duplicate driving license from the issuing authority UAE, India, UK, USA, Africa, Astralia etc.

Application for Duplicate Driving License

The Mr. Mike

Traffic Department

James St


Dear Sir,

I am writing you for a duplicate driving license as I lost my original license yesterday in market. I request you to issue the duplicate copy as soon as possible. I have requested the police department to find my license. In case I am unable to have old license back then, I would file for a new one. But, in the meanwhile I need the license at any cost. Hope you would consider my application as earliest. Thank you in advance for your quick response.

Yours sincerely,

Wilson Smith

London, U.K

Application for Lost Driving Licence


The National Driving Authority

California, US

Sir, with due respect I have to say that I have recently misplaced my driving license. I lost my bag at a shopping arena, and it may have had my license in it. This has never happened before. Therefore I request you to issue me a duplicate driving license as I have to travel for another city soon. I will make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself. I shall be very thankful to you.

Eric Green

West Street


Application Letter for Lost Driving License


The Licensing Authority,



Dear Sir,

It is duly stated that I have lost my LTV Driving License N0. 131245 yesterday due to which I am facing hardship in driving freely. The copy of FIR has been attached for ready reference.

You are requested to please issue duplicate driving license against above cited number. I will be highly thankful for this.

Yours Truly,

Naveed younus

Application for Lost Driving Licence
Application for Lost Driving Licence

Application for Duplicate Driving License


Roads, and Transport Authority,

Mall Road, Lahore.


Dear Sir,

Most respectfully, I beg to say that I had lost my Driving license couple of months while going home from the office. Somewhere on Ravi road I think.

I waited for two months assuming that someone will approach me in case it was found on road but so far nothing has happened. Hence, I have decided to apply for a duplicate license.

Below are the details:

Category of the License: Manual (M Car/Motor Cycle)

Issued on:                           22-Sep-(Date)

License No.                         RP989898

Please do let me know if you need any further information from my side, and process my request at th earliest.

Thanks & Regards,


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