Job Application Letter without Experience


Sample job application letter without experience to apply for jobs, and send this letter as cover with your resume at the time of applying for job.

Job Application Letter without Experience

The Director Manager,

It is humbly told that you have given an ad in a local newspaper requiring a candidate about recently vacant seat. I have found myself completely suitable for the mentioned job. My education, and experience fully comes up to the requirements.

I have recently completed my education, and am looking for a place where I might utilize my skills. If I get a chance to serve in your organization, I will try my utmost efforts for the welfare of the organization. My selection will not give you any chance of regression. As I have recently completed my education, I have a fresh enthusiasm to serve. I always have a profound attachment with my work that will definitely give you fruit.

My CV, one fresh photograph, and photocopies of each academic certificate are attached here with the application. I hope that you will keep application under your kind consideration, and give me a chance to work in your supervision.

Your well-wisher


Job Application Letter with no Experience

Dear Sir/Miss,

I am writing to you on behalf add of job that you recently posted. I am just fresh graduate. I have no professional experience but I know I can do this job very well. I just wanted you to give a chance. I don’t have any experience but I will fulfill all the necessity of this job. I won’t let you down.

Looking forward for response.

Thank You


Job Application Letter for Teacher

Respected sir,

This letter is in reference to the advertisement published in jang newspaper for the post of teacher. I would like to apply for the post of intermediate science teacher in your institute.

During my training as a teacher, I was exposed to various methods of teaching, and ways to interact with the children. My ability to teach a complex subject in the simple way makes my application for teacher a valid, and just cause.  Although I have not worked as a professional teacher before, I believe I do have the mindset, and ability for teaching the students in the correct way.

Hence, it is my request to you to consider my candidature for the post of the teachers. Please find my resume attached with the letter for you to consider. Please let me know when I can expect a call to discuss this issue further.

Thanking you,



Sharing Experience Speech Sample


Sample speech for sharing your experience during the internship in school, special school, ngo, etc.


Good Morning. I am Waheed from Aitchison College, and today I’ll be sharing my experience in this institute with all of you. But first of all I would like to thank all the AHF staff, and my fellow volunteers for considering me as a part of the AHF family.

As Sarah Palin has said,” Sometimes even the greatest joys bring challenge, and children with special needs inspire a very very special love.”
This is my second time working, and serving for the AHF, and the children’s love, and innocence is what brought me back here.

I still remember the first day of my internship. Having a little knowledge about the institute, and a little confidence enforced into me by the teachers I actively participated in all the activities with the special children, and even on the very first day it felt like their love for me was at its pinnacle which made me feel like I wasn’t returning enough for what I was receiving. The expression of joy on their faces from the little activities we did was more than satisfying for me. It felt like for the first time I had accomplished something on my own.

The best thing about these kids was that they taught me more than I could teach them. My time at the senior section was the most enlightening for me. I came across brothers who were older than me but were as innocent as a 3year old kid but I later understood that their understanding of their surroundings was actually that of a five to seven year old. I spent a great deal of time with them, and I felt that I bonded with them in many aspects. I believe socially accepting them would not only bring comfort to them but would also bring happiness to the society! They are a great gift for us, and are blessed in their very own way.

The junior section was the actual definition of angels on Earth. The CP section was yet another lesson to never give up for me. I came across kids who were disabled physically, and mentally. I couldn’t help but be astonished at how our troubles were nothing in front of their struggles.

And now I’ve come to know that indeed special children are given to special families. I salute their determination, and I assure you that their determination would easily defeat the normal people in our society because they are called special for a reason. Thank you.

Cover Letter for Marketing Director Position


Sample cover letter for marketing director, marketing manager, senior marketing manager to apply for new job apportunities.

Sample Cover Letter for Head of Marketing

Sub: Head of Marketing l Deputy Head of Marketing

Senior position in Brand Activation l Promotion l Marketing

(years of management, client services management, marketing, PR. & corporate communications experience)

Dear Sir,

Please find attached my CV. I intend to pursue a challenging career with your esteemed organization. I am confident that I can utilize my (17 years management, client services management, protocol management, marketing, PR & corporate communications experience based) management, and marketing experience, and dynamic skills for achieving your esteemed organization’s goals, and in return getting professional growth. I am looking for challenging job assignments at senior management position in any relevant department. i.e.

  1. Marketing
  2. Brand Activation
  3. Promotion
  4. Management

I am presently performing my duties in two sister concerns organizations. i.e. GM Marketing, Shahid Afridi Foundation l GM, Marketing & CSR Division, DEA Group of Companies. I will share my detail JD during the interview.

I can always perform all given assignments with strong achievements, and on the basis of my rich experience, aggressive drive, clear vision & strong passion; I confidently claim to produce outstanding results. As mentioned above, I have 17 years of Experience at senior marketing, and management positions (also including my five plus years diversified job experience as CEO). My marketing experience based on brand development, product marketing, media buying, media selling, and event.



GM Marketing

Shahid Foundation

Experience Letter for Special Volunteer


Sample experience letter for special person, special child, special volunteer, special trainee, special trainer, or with any other special needs. Experience Letter for Disabled Person is available for download.

Experience Letter for Volunteer Work

To Whom It May Concern
Mr. Shazad Ali has been volunteering at our agency for three months. He enjoys organizing bookshelves, and can do so by color, shape, and binding style. He has also helped with mass mailings, and can fold, stuff, and tape envelopes/staple envelopes. He can follow multi-step directions. Further, he is also able to use a paper shredder, but may require some supervision to prevent paper jams.
Mr. Shazad Ali takes pride in his work, and enjoys helping others. I am confident that he will make a personable volunteer wherever he chooses.
Erin Earp, LCSW
Social Worker
Holly Center

Request for Re Issuance of Experience Certificate


Sample request application letter for re issuance of experience certificate, or internship experience certificate to provide the new employer. Sample application to request duplicate experience certificate from company, employer, office, or factory for new job as a reference, or proof of experience.

Application for Re-Issuance of Experience Certificate

Dear Sir,
I hope you are doing well. I intend to write this email to ask you for a favor, and your help will be much appreciated.
I, Syed Muzzammil Hasan, was a part of your social internship program at the RS Institute for special children two years ago. I was alloted the resource department, and was designated the task of making proposals for fundraisers. The month long internship turned out to be a great experience for me.
The problem is that I seemed to have misplaced my internship certificate. I need to provide it to my new employers at UBL. My recently acquired job requires me to provide them with proof of experience. Because of this very short notice, and my state of urgency I considered contacting you to be the safest option. Therefore, I humbly request you to help me out in this situation, and kindly reissue me a certificate if that’s not a problem. Thank you for taking out the minutes of your precious time to read this. Looking forward to hear from you regarding this matter.

Warm Regards,
Muzzammil Hasan

Letter for Re Issuance of Internship Certificate

Subject: Application for Duplicate Certificate

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I did my internship at your institution in (Date). My name is Oma Ahmad, and father name is Naveed.

It is to inform you that unfortunately,I have lost certificate of internship issued to me by your prestigious institution during shifting of the house from Lahore to Karachi, since then i can’t find my certificate again in this regard.

I request you to  kindly reissue me the certificate once again as this holds enough importance for completion of my bachelors degree.

My details are as below:
Name : Oma Ahmad
University : kinnaird college
Section : senior section , intern as a teacher
Requirement : Kindly mention 100 credit hours on the certificate as this is college requirement.
Address : C/O Naveed, DHA , Lahore.

Currently I’m living in Karachi.Thanking in anticipation.

Regards ,
Omama Ahmad

Request for Re Issuance of Experience Certificate

Experience Letter for Export Manager


Sample experience letter, and certificate for export manager, officer, and export company, or business for its staff, and employees.

Export Manager Experience Letter

To Whom It May Concern

This is certified that Ms. Shakra D/O Mr. Shabbir has worked as Manager Export at Global Trading Corporation for five years since (Date). We found her very successful candidate for this post with number of achievements during her working period for the company. She expanded our business to several new countries of Europe. She has awesome personality, and business communication skills. This experience letter is issued upon her request. Best wishes for her career in future.


Rosey Sami
Director Exports
Global Trading Corporation

Export Manager Experience Certificate

This is to certify that Ms. Nimra Sami has two years working experience at Elemetec Exports Corporation as Export Manager. She has done great job during her tenure, and we wish her best of luck in future endeavor.
Sincerely yours,

Samman Kareem
Manager Group HR

Experience Letter for Export Manager

Mechanical Engineer Work Experience Letter Format


Sample experience letter for mechanical engineers, mechanical site engineer, trainee mechanical engineers, senior mechanical engineers, and various job positions of mechanical engineering in companies, offices etc. sample mechanical engineer work experience certificate is available for free download.

Sample Mechanical Engineering Experience Letter Format

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Ms. Urooj Ashraf D/O M. Ashraf,  CNIC# 33302-4873829-5 has worked for Semi Engineering as Mechanical Engineer. We found him hard at work on the job, and she completed many projects under her supervision for the company. She has a delighting personality, and proven very decent in communication.

To recognize the importance of her work we have a block with her name “Urooj Block” in our company’s head office. She worked seven years for Semi Engineering, and grow from a Trainee Mechanical Engineer to Mechanical Engineer. We wish for her success in the future.


Group Manager HR
Semi Engineering

Mechanical Engineer Experience Certificate Format

To Whom It May Concern

We proud to to issuance this experience letter to one of our legend employee Mr. Joseph Masih, Mechanical Engineer at Geskon Engineering Pvt. Ltd. We at Geskon Engineering never want to loose such brilliant, talented, innovative, devoted to work, and sincere employee. As per our company policy we also encourage the employees for better opportunities in life.

Mr. Joseph Masih worked for six years starting from Jan (Date), and proved his abilities to all the challenges he was facing during the employment. His pleasant personality, and strong communication skill makes him most perfect for any international level job opportunity. It is not easy to mention his all the achievements so we issued extra appreciation, and award certificates for his achievements.

One of his achievement was that he won employee of the year award for two times, and one award for most innovative employee of the year. We at Geskon Engineering wishing best in his future career.

Sincerely Yours,

Amal Rika
Group Head HR Policy

Mechanical Engineer Work Experience Letter Format

Experience Letter for Office Assistant Free Download


Sample experience letters for office assistants, office boy, office secretary, office coordinators available for free download in word formats.

Experience Letter for Assistant Manager

To Whom It May Concern

It is certified that Mr. Shafqat Ali s/o Ali Muhammad worked as RS/GIS assistant with our company from January (Date) to December (Date). During his stay he was involved in the following projects:
-GIS Development for feasibility study A Project of Irrigation, and Power Department, Govt of Punjab.
– Geographical Information System for Urban Planning & Development in District Toba Tek Singh of Public Health Eng department.

He always worked with great conviction, and never let his team down. He successfully fulfilled all job requirements. I found him honest, hardworking, and efficient. He always showed keen interest to understand the state-of-the-art technology in the fields of RS/GIS. His attitude with his colleagues was also appreciable. I am sure that he can be an asset to any organization. I wish him every success in his future.

For J Engineering Company

Experience Letter for Office Assistant

To Whom It May Concern

This is certified that Ms. Momina has worked as office assistant in Office Tech Pvt. Ltd. for two years. During her work she was responsible for all office assistant related tasks. Some of her main tasks are receiving calls, handling customer queries, writing office letters, followups, computer operator, and making presentations. We found her excellent worker. She is very attractive in communication, and assistance styles. We hope for her best career success.


Rosey Manzoor
Manager HRM

Experience Letter for Office Boy

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr. Rajesh is employee of Office Tech Pvt. Ltd since four years. He is working as Office Boy, and responsible for cleanliness of office, table, and chair arrangements, welcome drinks for guests, and serving tea to the guests, and office staff. This experience letter is issued upon his request.


Aamna Manzoor
Manager HRM

Experience Letter for Office Secretary

To Whom It May Concern

Ms. Fatima D/O Mr. Amjad was an employee at Office Tech Pvt. Ltd. for one years since (Date). She was appointed as Office Secretary, and was responsible for receiving dispatch/couriers, emails of the company, and answering the queries on behalf of the company. She proved herself an Excellent Secretary for our company. We wish her best in future endeavors.


Areeba Ashraf
Manager HRM

Experience Letter for Office Coordinator

To Whom It May Concern

Ms. Sumbal Arif has worked as Office Coordinator in Office Tech Pvt. Ltd. for five years since January (Date). During her job she was responsible for coordination within the offices/departments of the company. She performed this job with sincerity, integrity, and devotions. We with best of luck in her future career.


Areeba Ashraf
Manager HRM

Experience Letter for Office Assistant

Experience Letter for Receptionist Free Sample


Experience Letter for Receptionist Free Sample for Desk Receptionist, hospital receptionist, hotel receptionist, office receptionist, school receptionist, college receptionist, university receptionist, and airport receptionist.

Receptionist Experience letter Format

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Ms. Amna Manzoor worked as Desk Receptionist at East Cables Pvt. Ltd. from June (Date) to April (Date). She was responsible for receiving calls, guiding, and helping visiting customers, providing information to the visitors, and callers, meeting arrangements for clients, and staff members, and various other related tasks with note keeping.

She is clever, and very good in telephonic communication, and customer handling. We wish her success in her future career.

Manager Human Capital Development

Experience Letter for Receptionist Free Sample

Experience Letter for Business Analyst


Sample Experience Letter for Business Analyst free format available for download. Letter includes JD of the Business Analyst, and the achievements for the post.

Business Analyst Experience Letter Sample

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr. Urooj Sami has worked as “Business Analyst Manager” for Pak Telecom for 4 years since (Date). She has good leadership skills, and proved herself an excellent business analyst at Pak Telecom. We wish here success in her career.


Signatory Authority                                 Manager HR                             Director

Experience Letter for Business Analyst Free Format

Experience Letter of Business Analyst


The CEO of Axis Management Solutions

Dear Sir,

I have been serving your company for 8 years as a business analyst. It was a good experience to be a part of your firm. I had applied to a foreign company a few days ago. And an email was sent by them to me yesterday. I am to join them within a month so it is requested you to issue an experience letter of my concerned work, so that I can start my new career. Thank you for your kind favor.

Your Well Wisher,

Kamran Ali