Experience Letter for Receptionist Free Sample

Looking for an experience letter as a receptionist? We are giving you sample experience Letters for Receptionists Free samples for Desk Receptionists, hospital receptionists, hotel receptionists, office receptionists, school receptionists, college receptionists, university receptionists, and airport receptionists.

Keep the experience letters short because it is just proof that someone worked in a company/hotel/hospital etc.

Experience Letter Template for Receptionist

In the below template, just put your information, company, and experience details and make it yours.

To Whom It May Concern

It is certified that “Name of Employee” worked for “Company/ Hotel/ School/ Hospital Name” for two years from “Date of Joining” to “Date of Resign”. He/She proved himself/herself an asset for our “company/hospital/hotel etc.” We wish him/her a great future success.

Issuing Authority


Receptionist Experience Letter Format

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that (name of employee) worked as (designation: Desk Receptionist) at (company name) from (Date of joining) to (Last Date on Job). He/She was responsible for receiving calls, guiding and helping visiting customers, providing information to the visitors, and callers, meeting arrangements for clients and staff members, and various other note-keeping tasks.

He/She is multitalented, clever, and very good at telephonic communication and customer handling. We wish him/her success in her future career.

Manager Human Capital Development

Real Experience Letter for Receptionist


This is to certify that (Name of Employee) S/D/O (Father Name), bearing Identity Number # 123456789 has worked in the capacity of “Receptionist and Front Desk Officer” at (Company Name), (Address). He served the company from (date of joining) till (last day at work). We found him very good at communication and a hardworking and dedicated staff member, and we wish him/her the best of luck in future endeavors.


Experience Letter for Receptionist Free Sample

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