Letter of Refund of Request in Tuition Fees


Following is the sample format of letter to send to Principal For the cancellation of already submitted tuition fees by student, or refund of tuition fees.

Sample Letter for Refund of School Fees Template


Roll number

Respected dean!

Sir after the sudden death of my mother me, and my family have to move back to Iowa where we have our family house, we were living in New York just because of my father’s job here but now as he is no more here so we have one month to leave the apartment. I have already submitted the fees for this term which I will not be able to study here I want to request you can please refund my fees so I will be able to go back to Iowa, and continue my studies there.

I hope you will look into my application, and I hope to hear back from you soon.




Letter Of Refund Of Request In Tuition Fees

Dear Madam,

Owing to some financial issues, I am not able to continue my studies for the time being. My father’s business is in doldrums, and he needs my help. I have decided to take a break from my studies, and help my father in his business. I am not able to attend this semester. My request to freeze this semester has already been approved by the Controller Examination. I will cover up the course of this semester in summer vacations.

I am running short of money. I request you to refund my semester fees as I am not going to attend this semester.

Kindly approve my request,


Request letter refund of Tuition Fees

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Fatima Aamir, and I am an admitted international student at York University for fall term (Date). My student ID is 216368086.

Last week I paid my tuition fee for first semester. Unfortunately, today I received a mail from Canadian Embassy about my visa getting rejecting. I will not be joining York University this fall, and am not planning to defer my course to January intake. I request you to please refund my tuition fee for first semester back to account from which the payment was made. I have attached the statement of transaction from the bank as a proof. I have dropped all the courses, and I am aware of the fact that 10% of the amount would be deducted as administrative charges.

For any further information you may contact me. I would be very grateful to you if the amount in refunded within a week, or two.

Best Regards;

Bint-e- Zainab

23rd September (Date)

Permission Letter to Principal for Late Payment of Fees


Format of request to principal to submit the fees late as your financial crisis is not allowing you to submit your fees right away. A little time will provide you with enough means to collect your money.

Request Letter for Late Payment of College Fees

Dear Madam,

With your kind permission, I want to inform you that my college fee is late. During the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown my father’s business was closed and we are short in finances. I request you to please allow me for late fee submission. Now the businesses are open and within a month or two I will submit my fees. Looking for your kind of favor.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Request Letter to Principal for Late Payment of Fees

Dear Principal,

I want to request your kind approval to deposit my school/college fee next month. This is happening due to the loss in business of my father. I assure you that I will submit the fees before (date here). I will be thankful for your kind remarks.

Sincerely Yours,

Your name, Class & Enrollment Number

Request Letter to Principal for Late Fee Submission

Dear Madam,

This is my humble submission to request for late submission of my college fees. This delay is due to the loss of my father’s job, a few months back. I request you to please allow me to submit my fees, and remit a late payment fine. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your name, Class & Enrollment Number

Permission Letter to Principal for Late Payment of Fees

To: Principal Brooke
Ontario School
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I hope that this letter receives you in good health. I am a student at your school, and I can say that I have an excellent experience here at Ontario School. Everything from the teachers to the facilities has exceeded my expectations, and I am doing very well in my classes.

However, I have a small issue regarding the fee payment.
I respectfully ask for permission to pay my fees a week, or two after the due date. My father had passed away many years ago, and my mother is unable to work full time, so my siblings, and I are the earners of the house, and we each have part-time jobs. Unfortunately, as of now, we are unable to make the fee payment.

When I receive my paycheck by the end of next week, I will be able to pay my dues.

I hope that you understand my situation, and accept my request.

William Aaron

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