School Fee Slip Format in Excel Template Free Download

Sample School fee receipt template Free Download for schools, colleges, universities, and academies. This school fee slip format is taken from reputed international schools with an auto-calculation formula including tuition fee, transport fee, stationary fee, admission fee, assessment fee, test fee, and a row for other options.

The purpose of a school fee payment slip is to provide a written record of payment for tuition fees and other related fees in educational institutions. It serves as proof that a student has paid their fees and helps maintain accurate financial records.

School fee payment slips contain important information such as the name of the student, their grade/class, the academic year, and a breakdown of the various fees due. This information helps ensure that the correct amount is being paid, and helps students and parents understand what they are paying for.

Additionally, payment slips also provide a record of the mode of payment, including the cheque or draft number, date of payment, amount paid, and transaction ID. This information is important for the school’s accounting and financial records and helps maintain accurate records of payments received.

Overall, the purpose of a school fee payment slip is to provide an organized and structured way of collecting tuition fees and maintaining accurate records of payments received, which helps to ensure the smooth functioning of the educational institution.

Sample School Fee Payment Slip:

[School Name and Logo] Fee Payment Slip

Student Information: Name: ____________ Grade/Class: ___________ Roll No.: __________ Academic Year: _______________

Fee Details: Description Amount (in USD) Tuition Fee: ___________ Transportation Fee: ____________ Extracurricular Activity Fee: ____________ Library Fee: _____________ Total Fee: ____________

Payment Information: Mode of Payment: ____________ Cheque/Draft No.: ____________ Date of Payment: _________ Amount Paid: _____________ Bank Name and Branch: __________ Transaction ID: ____________

Note: Please attach a copy of these payment slips along with the payment.

Authorized Signatory: __________ [School Name and Logo]

School Fee Payment Slip

For Schools Fee Collection
No. Date:
Father’s Name 
S. No.ParticularsAmount $
6Admission Fee500
Principal Accountant
School Fee Slip Format in Excel
School Fee Slip Format in Excel

Usage Instructions:

Download the attached fee payment slip format in Ms. Excel, and if you cannot find the attachment, simply copy and paste the above format in Excel. Your school fee payment slip will be ready to be used. Just put all the required information, and values in the amounts section. Please note that downloading the Excel file will calculate the total value automatically, but if you copy the format, you may need to set the formula.

School Fee Slip Format in Excel Template Free Download

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