Delivery Challan Format for Ordered Items Free Download


Sample Delivery Challan Format in Excel, and Word files are available for free download. This Challan normally used when purchase orders and product supplies are delivered to any person, or company. This document considered as proof of delivery with signature of receiving, and delivering person. The format includes date, vendor information, product quantity, description of the delivered items.

Sample Delivery Challan Template

Company Name & Logo




Invoice No.________ D/C No.__________ Your Order No.__________
Date:_____________ Date:____________ Date:___________________







Received the above Items in full quantity                             Delivered By:__________




Company Address:_____________________

Delivery Challan Format for Ordered Items Free Download

Usage Instructions

Please download the attached format of delivery challan in Ms Excel, and Ms Word format, and make all the necessary changes. If you could not found the attachment please copy, and page the above format in word, or excel, and make some design adjustments. Your format will be ready to use.

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Gate Pass Format For Goods Sample Free Download


Need Gate Pass? Sample gate pass format for factories, production units, textile mills, offices, schools, organizations, and companies is available for free download in excel, pdf, and Word formats. Gate Pass is a compulsory document for companies, factories, and offices to bring the goods in and taking goods out of the premises.

Four gate passes templates available and can be used within the factory or office as internal gate passes, outside to move goods/items, and transport gate passes for vehicles.

Some well-known gate pass terms are inward gate pass, outward gate pass normally used in production units and warehouses. If you need a new one, please let us know in the comments form.

Sample 1: Material Gate Pass Format

We are adding a New Format of Gate pass for ERP Sofware of the Company.

Gate pass format in excel for companies and businesses

Download the Gate Formats from Below Links:

Gate Pass Format in PDF for Free Download

Inward, Outward Gate Pass Format for Companies, ERP, etc in MS Excel File

Gate Pass Format in MS Word Free Download 

Sample 2: Gate Pass Format for Incoming & Outgoing Items

Internal Gate Pass

Company Name & Logo

Sr.# _______

Mr/Ms. _______________E.Code:_________ Deptt: __________Date:____ _________

Allowed to take following items/articles Out/In Form:_______ ________ To:__________

Sr.# Item Code Description Unit Quantity Remarks

Note: This gate pass used only for internal purposes

Prepared By Received By Head of Department


Security Incharge

Sample 3: Gate Pass for Vehicles with Meter Reading

Company Name & Logo

Traveling/Transport Gate Pass

Date: ____________

Name: _____________ Department: ___________ Places to Go:____________ Druation(Aprox): ____________________ Signature: _________________________
Vehical No:__________________ Driver: __________________ Senior Manager Admin: ___________
Meter Reading at Departure: _____________ Time Out: ________________ Meter Reading at Teturn: _______________ Time In:__________________ Distance Covered: ______________ Sign Driver: ________________

Sample 4: Gate pass Sample for Employees to Brings Items in and taking out

(Company Name & Logo)

Gate Pass for Regular Items

Name Mr. Josef
Designation Time Out Time In Total Time
Marketing Officer/Merchandizer 10:00 AM 12:00 PM 2 Hours

Reason: ————————-


Department Head………..

Sample gate pass format for ERP software of companies

Gate Pass for Regular Items

Internal Gate Pass Free Download

Transport Gate Pass Free Download

Biodata Form Format for Job Application Free Download


Bio-data Form format for job applicants to submit with the job application, and resume. Don’t worry that how to make a biodata form for job, now its available for free download from bottom links. The Job biodata format includes all the sections required for any job like personal details, educational background, Professional experience, Interpersonal Skills, Achievements, Health Declaration, Preferred Area for job, and Job Description. For more simple Biodata Forms please visit Employee Biodata Form format

Job Application Form

Semi Corp Ltd

Role:  Sales

Personal Details (please print this section)
Title Surname First Name (s) (underline the one you are known by)
Home Address Term Address (if applicable)
Post Code Post Code
Telephone Telephone
Email Email
Dates at Above Dates at Above
Do you need a work permit for permanent employment in the UK ? YES0 NO 0
Do you hold a full UK driving licence? YES NO

Education – Professional, Postgraduate, First Degree/Diploma

Please list all degrees/diplomas/professional qualifications etc. held, or currently studies for, whether at first degree, or postgraduate level. List most recent first and give all results known whatever the outcome.
From – To month / year Higher Education Institution
Award, and Title of Award(HND/Degree/ Dipl/MSc/PhD etc.) Results(expected /awarded)

Education – Prior to Higher Education


Please list date (year)/qualifications/subjects (grades) of all of the highest level examinations that qualified you for your Higher Education course(s). (A/AS Levels/Scottish Higher/Irish Leaving/Access/GNVQ/Baccalaureate etc.). Include all examinations taken at this level whatever the outcome.
Number of GCSE/StandardGrade passes (Grade C & Above) Date (s)gained
Grade for Maths Grade for English Language
Number of A / A*grades

Employment, and Work Experience

Please describe briefly any work (whether paid, or unpaid) which you have undertaken. Highlight (*) the two most relevant, and what you achieved.
From – To month / year Employer
Job Title, and Responsibilities Achievements

Geographical Location


Do you have a strong preference for a particular location? If so, give details.

Personal Interests, and Achievements


Use the space below to describe with dates (year) any spare-time activities. Include organising, leading, or group activities. Those requiring initiative, creativity, or giving intellectual development are also of interest.

Specific Evidence

As a sale Qualification Representative, You will work the Lead Generation Team within the Marketing Department to identify qualified leads Sales Team to follow-up with.

  • Follow-Up with leads to qualify them to be handed off the sales team
  • Lead include purchased webinar attendees to the live session, and replay versions, customer referrals, and older leads within existing database

  • Follow-up via phone, and email

  • Manage live chat function on website for new interested prospects, handing off qualified lead to sales team.

  • Other duties as assigned

The following questions are designed to encourage you to provide evidence of specific abilities. Your examples can be taken from your education, work experience, placements, or spare-time, or other voluntary activities.

Planning, implementation, and achieving results:Describe a challenging project, activity, or event which you have planned, and taken through to a conclusion. Include your objective, what you did, any changes you made to your plan, and state how you measured your success.
Influencing, communication, and teamwork:Describe how you achieved a goal through influencing the actions, or opinions of others (perhaps in a team context). What were the circumstances? What did you do to make a difference? How do you know the result was satisfactory?
Analysis, problem solving, and creative thinking:Describe a difficult problem that you have solved. State how you decided which the critical issues were. Say what you did, and what your solution was. What other approaches could you have taken?

Additional Information


Please write here any additional information, not covered elsewhere, which will strengthen your application.Where did you hear of us, or see an advertisement?

Specific Skills

1. List any languages that you know including level of proficiency (basic/working knowledge/fluent/mother-tongue).2. Specify your experience with any generic computer packages/programming languages (limited/working knowledge/extensive)/3. Indicate any other specific relevant skills (laboratory techniques, graphics skills etc.).

Career Choice


Explain why you have applied for the job function (s) that you noted on the first page. Offer evidence of your suitability (e.g. courses undertaken, work shadowing, skills, strengths, and experiences). Emphasise why you consider yourself to be a strong candidate.

Health Declaration


Please give details of any health matters of relevance to the work applied for (see note within Guidance Notes, and Monitoring Data).



Referee Referee
Name: Name:
Position: Position:
Address: Address:
Telephone: Telephone:



Please give any dates when you are not available for interview. Please give date from which you are available for employment



The statements made on this firm are true. In understand any false statements may jeopardise my application, and may lead to an offer being withdrawn. I have attached the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Data.
Signed: Name (please print) Date:

Job Description

Conduction phone consultations, and online demonstrations maintaining detailed documentation of all prospect /customer interactions providing general marketing

& sales coaching to customers.

Responsibilities Include:

· Exceeding assigned sales quota

· Maintaining a 10% conversion ratio (from lead to closed deal)

· Demonstrating proper pipeline management (3 pipeline additions per day)

· Meeting minimum talk time, and call expectations (average of 4 hours, and 80 dials per day)

Minimum Qualifications:

· Positive, enthusiastic attitude

· Strong work ethic

· Excellent communication skills

· Willingness to learn ins, and out of our sales system

· Ability to adapt to innovative sales methods

· Detail oriented

· Ability to multi-task, manage, and meet deadlines

· Bachelors degree, or 2 years of related work experience

Ideal Qualifications:

· Bachelors degree plus 2 years of related work experience

· Proven success in sales

Fire, and passion attitude

Biodata Format for Job Application Free Download

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Task Sheet Template in Ms Excel Free Download


Sample task sheet template in ms excel is available for free download. Best Sheet to manage supply chain tasks of the drivers of supply chain companies.

What is Task Sheet?

Normally task sheet is used to assign duties and tasks to the staff members working for any project or daily routine work.

Task Sheet Format

This sheet is driven by the experiences of many companies working internationally. You can customize it according to your needs. Download this driver-tasking sheet in Microsoft Excel Format.

Task Sheet Template in MS Excel Free Download

Employee Biodata Form Format for Hiring


looking for an employee biodata form? we are providing you with Sample Short Employee Biodata Form Format for hiring new employees or updating records in offices, factories, organizations, and businesses is available for free download in word. For a more comprehensive bio-data form, you can visit Biodata Form for Job.

You can add these titles in the recording keeping software, ERP, and MIS of your companies. Because major heads for biodata collections always remain the same.

You can also print this form to be filled by the employees along with the job contract letters. Download link available at the end of this form.

Companies collect employee’s biodata as per their needs and you can add or remove the heads after analyzing your business or project requirements.

In the future, we will be adding moring comprehensive biodata collection forms and you can browse the related content for more options.



(To be filled up by all employees of “Company Name”)

To be submitted with three recent passport-sized photographs, and a copy of the National Identity Card

 Date: ____________

Name:______________ _   

Father’s/Husband’s Name:_______________

Marital Status:________________

Religion: _______________

Number of children/dependents: ________________

Domicile: ___________________

Address (Home): _________________________________

Tel: (Home):___________ Mobile:____________________

Father’s Office address: _______________________

Father’s Tel (Home):         ______            Mobile: _______________


Matric/A levels, Name of Institution: ________________________

Year Passed:_______________ Grade:___________________

Intermediate, Name of Institution:__________________________

Year Passed:   ______________ Grade: ____________________

Graduation, Name of Institution: ________________________

Year Passed:   ­______________ Grade:_______________

Masters, Name of Institution:_______________________

Year Passed: ____________ Grade:________________



Name of Company





Note: Please attach copies of all relevant educational certificates and documents with this form.

Sample format for collecting employee’s biodata at the time of hiring, after the interview, or after the appointment confirmation by the employee on the first joining day at the office.


Advance Salary Application Form Format


Advance Salary Application Form Format is below. This Advance Salary form can be customized, and changed as per your needs.

Date: _________

The Departmental Head
Company Name

Subject: Application for Advance Salary

Dear Sir / Madam,
I will be grateful to you if you will please advance Rs. ________ to me from my salary of the month of _____________. Please deduct a sum of Rs. _________ from my salary of the scheduled month as I have already taken it in advance.

Thank you.

Signatures: _____________

Advance Approval Section

Name: ________________
Department: ______________
Designation: ______________
Place of duty: _____________

The Advance recommended / not recommended.

Signatures of Departmental Head: __________

Date: ________

Advance Sanctioned / not sanctioned.

Executive Director ________

Date: _______

advance salary application form Format

Fuel Allowance Application Form in Excel, and Word Free Download


This Fuel Allowance Application Form is to request daily, and monthly fuel expenses for the company. This form is available in ms excel, and word formats. Excel form is available with auto calculation of rates, and miles/km, but you need to perform manual calculations in word form. You should put all the required information like company name, month, and supervisor, or manager’s name. You can download the attached fuel request form in excel, and word.

Fuel Allowance Application Form Format

Company Name


Fuel Request Form

“Name” Requested Fuel for the Month Of __________
Sr #DateVisited PlaceKmRate/KmAmountSignature
1   $ 3/-  
2   $ 3/-  
3   $ 3/-  
4   $ 3/-  
5   $ 3/-  
___________________ ________________
Prepared by Approved by: 
Name Name  
Designation Designation 
Final Approval by:    
Fuel Allowance Application Form in Excel, and Word Free Download

Fuel Allowance Application Form in Excel Free Download

Fuel Allowance Application Form in MS Word Free Download

Minutes of Meeting Sample Template


Sample format of Minutes of Meeting. This is a general format; you can customize it according to your needs. This is specifically designed for an SMS Fund Raising Campaign for an NGO, but it is a perfect example of the meeting minutes.

SMS Fund Raising Campaign
Minutes of meeting        (Date)(year)      Time: 03:05 pm


Meeting called by Name (Public Relationship Manager)

Type of Meeting: Official

Facilitator: Company Name

Attendees: Name: Manager Creative Work, Name & Designation, and Name & Designation,
Duration: 45 Minutes

Topics Discussed


Discussion: Introduction of Marketing Department of “Company Name”, and the “Company Name” Team

Introduction of the campaign by Name & Designation like when it will be executed, its mechanism, benefits, and outcome. “Company Name” wants to do this because of its corporate social responsibility. Name & Designation introduces the department and gives the details of functions performed by the department; Newsletters, Brochures, Corporate Letters, Email Messages, Banners, and Steamers, and all communication means with individuals and the corporate sector.

Campaign Execution

Discussion: SMS Campaign Execution

Briefing about the joint Fund Raising campaign going to be executed in the last week of March. All departments at “Company Name” meet to exchange the full mechanism of the campaign, and duties and responsibilities will be assigned before the final execution to achieve the goals and launch it successfully.

Placement of message in newsletter & brochure etc

Discussion: Place, and Position of message on newsletter, banners, steamers

The creative Manager of the “Company Name” team suggests that the SMS charity message can be placed on the newsletter’s front page. However, it may not be suite able for the banners and streamers.


Discussion: “Company Name” team will help to design our newsletter, brochures. (if required)

Warid team will help design our newsletter and brochure if required in the future to make it more attractive and post the message that how the readers can donate to AH Foundation from their mobile.

Frequency of newsletter, and brochure

Discussion: Details of the additions of newsletters, brochures, and their frequency

Issuance of the newsletter after every four months and the brochure can be reissued after any up-gradation at “Company Name” or according to the required quantity.


Discussion: Coordination between “Company Name”, and “Company Name”

The Marketing Department of “Company Name” will remain in coordination with the “Company Name” Team and provide them all kinds of support to execute this campaign successfully.

Prepared By: Name & Designation

Acknowledgment Receipt Format Free Download


Below are the Acknowledgement Receipt and letter Formats for Payments, Goods, Equipment, and Refunds in Offices, Production Units, Clients, Customers, or personal use. Many Government offices also using this Acknowledgement form for keeping official records of goods and documents delivered to any other person or office.

Acknowledgement Receipt Format 1

Acknowledgement Receipt

Received by Cheque Rs._____________________________

From the: ______________________________________

In Payment of my Bill No. ____________ Dated.__________

On Account of ___________________________________

Station_________________Signature ________________

Date: _______________ Designation: _________________

Name of messenger to whom

Payment is to be made  {_____________________________

Signature (or thumb impression

of the messenger)  _________________________________

To be taken by the audit office

Sample Acknowledgement Receipt Format Free Download


Acknowledgement Letter Receipt Format 2

Acknowledgement Receipt Letter

I, _________________________S/O____________________________NIC No.____________________ Designation_________________ of _____________________________ hereby acknowledge the receipt of _____Cash/Documents/Degree/Vechicle etc____ dated ___________ of_________________ for____ Company______ at________[place of receiving]_____.

  1. Signature             __________________________
  2. Name                    __________________________
  3. NIC No.                __________________________
  4. Contact No.        __________________________
  5. Email Id               __________________________

Acknowledgement Receipt Format in MS Word Free Download

Sample Acknowledgement Receipt Format in Ms Word

Employee Joining Form Format


Sample Employee Joining Form Format for keeping official records of hired staff. Sample New Staff Joining Form for companies to hire new staff, and staff record management for HR departments. The Form is available in MS Word Format for free download. This joining form is based on three sections. The first section includes hiring company information like company name, address, and telephone. The second section includes the personal bio-data of the applicant, like name, post, address, and contact information. The third section includes Qualification, Post, Scale, Job Type, and recommendations by the HR Department or selection committee.


Employee Joining Form

“Company Name”

Address of Company, or Office

Dated:            _______       

Interview for the post of                             ____                                                  

Name of Candidate Mr/Ms.                                    _____                                    

S/O:                                                                __                                   _______        

Res. / O:         ___________________________________________


Contact No.                       ___                Cell:                    ___                               

Qualification:                                                                            _

Selection Committee has selected

Mr.  _________________           For the post of                      ____              

In pay scale of Rs.    ________    Dated             _______  Regular / Trainee

______________                                              ________________ 

HC Manager                                                               Assistant HC Manager


Chief Executive

Employee Joining Form in word free download

Employee Joining Form in word free download