Letter to Bank for Loan Installment

Sample letter to bank for loan installments. Request letter to bank manager for loan payment. Letter to bank manager for loan settlement. Letter to bank manager for repayment of loan.

Email Letter for Bank Loan Installment

The manager,
—- Bank, white bridge branch.

Dear Sir,

Subject:  Request To Pay the Loan in Easy Installments

My name is ABC and i have an account in this branch for many years. My account number is xxxxxxxxx. I have got a loan sum of 000000 from your bank and i want to pay back in installments. I am a regular client of your bank and use this account efficiently. I have a clear record and i never misuse it anyway.

Sir, i cannot pay it all once so i need to pay it in easy installments. Please do me a favor and consider this letter as your priority. I can pay xxx per month so please make and manage the installments according to it. I shall be thankful to you.

Best regards,


Letter to Bank Manager for Loan Installment

The Western Bank


Respected Loan Manager,

With all due respect it is stated that I am Angelo and I requested for a loan previous month. The returning date of the loan is very near and I am not being able to collect whole of the money. So, I am writing this to request for a Loan installment. That will make my life a lot easier as I am the only bread earner in my family and I have to work really hard to make both ends meet and I would be really grateful if you allow me to pay my loan in installments.

Waiting for your positive response.

Thank you


Application for Bill Instalments

Sample application letter for instalments of utility bills like electricity, gas, water, cleaning, society charges etc.

Application to the S.D.O of Electricity for Bill Instalments

The Sub Divisional Officer,
London Electric Company,

Dear Sir,

With reference to the subject cited above, I am interested in getting my electric bill converted into three easy installments. Being a government servant, I am unable to pay the whole amount of two months in a single payment. It is therefore requested to please address my request and allow me to deposit the electric bill in three installments.

Your cooperation in this regard shall be highly praised.

Thank you.

Bill reference No.0000

Application for Bill Instalments of electricity

The S.D.O, NY
respected sir,

With due respect, I would like to bring it to your knowledge that I have left my job due to some family reasons and now a days I am jobless and living from hand to mouth. I am not able to pay my electricity bill therefore I request you to make installments of my bill so I can easily pay the bill. I shall be really thankful for this act of kindness. Thanks


Mr. Cane James

Application for Bill Instalments

Respected Sir/Miss,

Due to respect I would like to state that I couldn’t pay my whole bill at a time. Kindly allow me to pay my bill in 2 installments. It would give me some time to pay my money instead of paying nothing.

Thank you


Application for Bill Installments

The Head Officer,
XYZ Electric Company.

Respect Sir,
I beg to say that I am your customer since the past five years now. My electricity bill is due of the past three months but I couldn’t pay it on time because of the financial issues I’m facing nowadays. Sir, I request you to kindly convert his onetime payable bill to six months installments. If you approve my request it will be quiet easy for me to manage and I’ll be able to pay the installments on time.

I hope that you find my request worth considering.

Thanking you,

Application for Admission Fee Installments

Sample application letter for installment of fees in college or university due to low income of your father, mother or guardian etc.

Application for College Admission Fees Pay In Installment


Mr. Laurent


Oaks Mechanical College


Sir, I am a Mr. Mark Noble and I have been selected at your prestigious college for mechanical engineering. I am very impressed by the effort all the teachers put in to make our future better and that is why I applied at this college. I have topped my school with a margin and I have been a hard working student throughout my entire school life. My father drives a cab here and he is working day and night to make sure that I get quality education. Last week, thieves broke into our house and stole all our savings. My parents have been very depressed by that because that has risked my chances of getting quality education. Therefore, I would like to request you to grant me the opportunity of paying my admission fees in installments. I guarantee that the fees will be paid before the due dates given. I will not let down the name of your institution or my family. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Noble

Mechanical Engineering

Application for College Admission Fees Pay In Installments


The Principal,

HHH Group of Colleges,

KK Road, Sialkot.


Respected Sir,

Refer to the meeting we had yesterday in your office regarding the payment of college fee for admission to the ICS program.

As requested, I would like to pay the fee in three equal installments for which you have already promised to consider the application.

I will be highly thankful in this regard because my son has a brilliant career record and unfortunately my business is not flowing all that well. Please support us so that our son’s education can be continued without any hindrance.

Thanking in anticipation.

Best Regards,


Application for Admission Fee Installments
Application for Admission Fee Installments

Application letter for Request to postpone the fee payment date.

Change Date for College Fee Submit

The City High College


Respected Administration Staff,

I am John and I am student of this college for past two years. Sir I am writing this letter to bring this to your kind notice that I have some financial issues at home and I will not be able to pay my fee in time. Sir I am a very good student and I have never submitted late fee. This month there is some serious issue at our home and I will be late in paying my fees. Sir this is a very kind request that please change my due date for fee submission and move the date 2 weeks later. Sir this will be a huge favor and I will be very grateful to you.

Roll Number # 1234



Application Letter for Release of Fund

Sample application letter for release of funds or release of installment of your scholarship, sponsorship to submit your fees or deposit bills etc.

Request Letter for Release of Funds

Mr. Tariq Mahmood Dogar,

The Manager Finance,

Punjab Education Endowment Fund,


Subject: Application for Release of Funds


It is to be stated that I am a PEEF scholar and my PEEF code is OM 012–75. I am a student of law department in Punjab University. My registration number in Punjab University is 2012. I was chosen as PEEF scholar in 2012 and till now I have been awarded with 7 continuous installments of the Fund granted by PEEF.

My 8th installment was due on PEEF on date June, 1st but unfortunately I have not received my 8th installment till date. I have complained against the finance department of the university but in vain. I have also moved an application against the university to CSR in PEEF reference number 5B7 but no fruit was awarded to me.

I request you via this application that kindly release my fund due on PEEF from the June, 1st as three months have been passed from the due date.

Yours Sincerely,

Zafar Ali

Application for Release of Funds from University

The Vice Chancellor,

University of Wales.

Dear Sir,

Kindly refer to the subject as cited above.

Having learnt that university has begun supporting the students of MPhil to proceed to further studies in PhD program. I wish to apply for the admission in PhD program as I have already passed MPhil from the same university.

In this regard necessary funds may please be released so that I could be able to continue my studies leading to PhD.

I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Obediently,

Anton Chekhov

Request Letter for Release of Funds
Request Letter for Release of Funds

Application for the Release of Blocked Funds


The Vice Chancellor,

Punjab University,

Dear Sir,

It is humbly stated that I am a student of law and had qualified for a scholarship program announced by Chief Minister of Punjab last year. According to the policy I was to be paid 200000 for further study in 10 installments. I have already received 5 of them. Other students have received their 7th but from last two months I did not receive even my 6th payment because my funds had been blocked. I have met the concerned department many times for this purpose but none of them is helping to solve this issue. I request you to take an action and release my funds as soon as possible so that I could pay my studies expenses as well as my hostel dues. I shall be highly thankful for your kind attention.


Bilal Zia

Application For Fee Installments In University

Application For Fee Installments In University for annual fee and semester fee. University fee installment application sample is available for free download. You will learn how to write application for fee installments in university or higher education institution.

Application for Fee Installments in University

Respected Vice Chancellor,

This application is to request installments in the fees of university. I belong to a relatively low income standard family, and the payment of fees in lump sum is not possible. I request to allow me the payment of the fees four installments. I assure you that your consideration would increase my motivation to study.

Sincerely Yours,

London School of Economics

Application for Fee Installments in University Sample

Respected Sir

It is humbly stated that motive to write this application is to drag your kind attention towards the prevailing financial crises which my family is facing since last three days. Sir my father was doing business of import export on partnership basis with his friend. The business kept growing and my father kept investing most of the profit again in the same business.

Almost six months ago his business partner took all the investment and fled abroad leaving nothing behind and in this way we are ruined away. Now we are in severe financial crises and due to which it has become almost impossible for me to pay the university fee once. In this contest it requested that I may kindly be permitted to pay the fee in installments. I will be highly grateful for your this kind act.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Nida Yasir,
MBA Marketing

University Fee Installment Application

Finance Director
ARSUN University
Johar Town

Subject: Application for Fee Installments

Dear Sir,

With due respect I am student of MSC, Department of Management Sciences. I am requesting for fee installments as I am unable to pay lump sum fee at one time as my siblings are school going and their school fee is also raised last month. My father is the only earning hand of our home and he is just a worker in a small factory. He hardly mange our all kind of needs regarding food and studies.

Looking for your kind favor. I would be obliged.


Department of Management Sciences
ARSUN University

Application For Fee Installments In University
Application For Fee Installments In University

Application for Fee Installments in School, College, University etc

Sample Application format for fee installments in college and university students. Simple student fee installment application or semester fee installment for paying course fee gradually or partially for some financial problems.

Application for Fee Installments in Univeristy

Finance Director

Subject: Application for Fee Installments

Dear Sir,

With due respect I am student of BBA Marketing, Department of Management Sciences. I am writing for fee installments. My father is doing job in a small company with an average salary package. So it is not possible for me to pay the whole fee of one year at once because my siblings are also studying. My father hardly managing all of our educational expenses along with household expenditures. I request you to please allow me to deposit my dues quarterly. I will be thankful to you.

Looking for your kind favor.


Mujahid Amjad
MBA Marketing
Department of Management Sciences

Application for Fee Installments of School_College_University
Application for Fee Installments of School_College_University

Application for School Fee Installments in School

The  principal,
Allied School,
Gulberg ,Lahore.

Dear Sir ,
I would like to put a humble request before that I am unable to pay the fee in full as my parents are also required to pay the fee of my brothers and sisters, therefor please allow me to pay fee through installment and above all  my father got retired and this year his pension was not sufficient that I could pay fee in full.

I will pay the fee in installment as per your instruction.Your concern is required.

Yours Sincerely.

Section’ C’
Calss 9th

Application for College Admission Fees Pay in Installments

The Principal,
Helli College, Lahore

Subject: Application for Installments of Admission Fees

Dear Sir,

Respectfully it is stated that I am interested to get admission in your college for Intermediate but I am unable to pay the admission fees as high as 20,000. It is therefore requested to your kind honor to allow me to pay the admission fees in installments for which I shall be very grateful to you.

Thanking you
Yours Obediently

Hassan Bilal

Fee Installment Application Letter to School

The Accounts Officer,
Glasgow Model School.

Dear Sir,

I wish to apply for the installments of my tuition fee of last two months. I am a student of class X in Glasgow Model School and due to some domestic issues could not deposit the fee in time.

Sir my father is a government servant and depositing two months fee at once would get him into troubles.

Therefore, you are requested to please convert my tuition fee of two months into easy four installments so that I could continue my studies in this prestigious institution, diligently.

I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Obediently,

Anton Chekhov

Application for Fee Installment in College

Finance Manager
AO, University of Warwick

Dear Sir,

I am writing this application to request you to make monthly installments of my fee. I have no one to support me financially so I can manage the fee submission in installments. Kindly generate the fee vouchers as requested. It shall be grateful to you.

My enrolment details are as follows:
Reg. No.: MGT 033

Yours Sincerely


Application for Fee Installments in College

To: Dean of Ryerson College
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Respected Dean, I am writing in regards to the fee payment due by the end of this month. I request that I be able to pay this fee in monthly installments. This is because my father is a small shopkeeper and he is unable to be the large fee all at once.

I hope you take my request into consideration.

Richard Moore
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Application for Installments of Advance Loan From Salary

Sample application to request the payment of advance loan in installments. Application for installments of advance salary taken from your office.

Installments of Advance Salary Sample Letter


Subject: Application for Installments of Advance Loan From Salary

Dear Sir,

I took Rs. 6362 as advance from my last month salary and clearly wrote in the application to return back as installments of Rs. 1500 monthly. Now accounts department wants to deduct Rs. 6362/- from my salary of June. I request you to please deduct only 1500 from my salary on monthly basis. I hardly fulfill monthly needs expense of my family with the current salary. Because I can’t afford such deductions. I will be thankful to you.

Best Regards,

Your Name & Signature

Application for Installments of Advance Loan From Salary
Application for Installments of Advance Loan From Salary

Application for Installments of Advance Loan from Salary

 Respected Department Head,

With due respect, I sent this application to you regarding the advance loan I took last month from the company. My son is done with his A-level and got accepted in LUMs. Due to some financial drawbacks, I could not pay his fee for first semester so I took loan from the company of half million.

I signed an agreement that I will pay the loan back after 6 months. However, I feel it would be more convenient if the amount is cut from my salary every month. This way I will not have to worry about saving up and the loan will be returned in time. I am ready to sign the agreement and you may divide the installments in 6 months.

You may contact me for further information. If you approve my application, I would be very grateful to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Ali Haider