Application for Admission Fee Installments

Sample application letter for installment of fees in college, or university due to low income of your father, mother, or guardian etc.

Application for College Admission Fees Pay In Installment


Mr. Laurent


Oaks Mechanical College


Sir, I am a Mr. Mark Noble, and I have been selected at your prestigious college for mechanical engineering. I am very impressed by the effort all the teachers put in to make our future better, and that is why I applied at this college. I have topped my school with a margin, and I have been a hard working student throughout my entire school life. My father drives a cab here, and he is working day, and night to make sure that I get quality education. Last week, thieves broke into our house, and stole all our savings. My parents have been very depressed by that because that has risked my chances of getting quality education. Therefore, I would like to request you to grant me the opportunity of paying my admission fees in installments. I guarantee that the fees will be paid before the due dates given. I will not let down the name of your institution, or my family. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Noble

Mechanical Engineering

Application for College Admission Fees Pay In Installments


The Principal,

HHH Group of Colleges,

KK Road, Sialkot.


Dear Sir,

Refer to the meeting we had yesterday in your office regarding the payment of college fee for admission to the ICS program.

As requested, I would like to pay the fee in three equal installments for which you have already promised to consider the application.

I will be highly thankful in this regard because my son has a brilliant career record, and unfortunately my business is not flowing all that well. Please support us so that our son’s education can be continued without any hindrance.

Thanking in anticipation.

Best Regards,


Application for Admission Fee Installments
Application for Admission Fee Installments

Application letter for Request to postpone the fee payment date.

Change Date for College Fee Submit

The City High College


Respected Administration Staff,

I am John, and I am student of this college for past two years. Sir I am writing this letter to bring this to your kind notice that I have some financial issues at home, and I will not be able to pay my fee in time. Sir I am a very good student, and I have never submitted late fee. This month there is some serious issue at our home, and I will be late in paying my fees. Sir this is a very kind request that please change my due date for fee submission, and move the date 2 weeks later. Sir this will be a huge favor, and I will be very grateful to you.

Roll Number # 1234



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