Sample Letter for Return to Work After Maternity Leave

These templates provide a range of approaches for individuals communicating their return to work after maternity leave. From formal notifications to friendly updates, the templates cover various tones and levels of detail. They express eagerness to rejoin the team, gratitude for support during maternity leave, and openness to collaborative planning for a seamless return. The … Continue reading “Sample Letter for Return to Work After Maternity Leave”

Joining Report from Maternity Leave

Below are the templates of joining reports after maternity leave by the teacher, employee, or bank employee. Please let us know in the comments if you need new or custom templates for your personal or business needs. Template 1: Joining Report from Maternity Leave (School) [Your Name] [Your Address] [City, State, ZIP Code] [Email Address] … Continue reading “Joining Report from Maternity Leave”

Training Absence Due to Maternity Leave

Employees who are on maternity leave and are unable to attend a training session during their leave, but express their commitment to participating in future training opportunities after returning to work. Template 1:Training Absence Due to Maternity Leave Subject: Notification of Training Absence during Maternity Leave Dear [Training Coordinator’s Name], I hope this email finds … Continue reading “Training Absence Due to Maternity Leave”

Application for Additional or Change of Leave Days -Child Birth

My delivery due date was 17th May for which I had given an application to my school but due to some emergency I was admitted to the hospital earlier and the baby is delivered on 6th May. so I have to give another application to the school for 15 days’ leave. kindly help in writing … Continue reading “Application for Additional or Change of Leave Days -Child Birth”

Leave Application for Baby’s birth

Sample leave application for the birth of a baby, childbirth, baby birth at your home to celebrate and attend the party with other family members to submit in your office, school, college, factory, or company. Dear Sir, I have a newborn baby at my home and I need one day off from work for the … Continue reading “Leave Application for Baby’s birth”

Maternity Leave Extension Letter Sample

Extend maternity leave letter sample from an office, school, principal, manager, or boss for females after the child delivery or pregnancy period. You can use this maternity leave extension letter in the UK, India, Canada, Australia, and other world countries. Maternity Leave Extension on Medical Ground or Prescribed by the Doctor Dear Madam, I am … Continue reading “Maternity Leave Extension Letter Sample”

Maternity Leave Application For School

Want to apply for maternity leave? We provide sample applications for maternity leave or pregnancy leaves in school, college, or university. You can send in email or handwritten applications in the English language. Maternity Leave Application by School Teacher Dear Principal, I want to inform you that I want to go on maternity leave for … Continue reading “Maternity Leave Application For School”

Maternity Leave Application Format for Office

Sample Maternity Leave Application Format for Office after the recommendations by a family doctor or physician. Pregnancy Leave Application Format for childbirth or delivery time period during the job. You can make any change to the below application as per your needs. Application for Maternity Leave from Office Dear Madam, I am Monica working as Sales … Continue reading “Maternity Leave Application Format for Office”