Notice Regarding Change of College Timing


Draft a circular letter to be circulated among your staff, and students regarding the change in timing of college due to winter season.

College Timing Change Notice

To all staff, students, and parents,

I am writing to you because I would like to inform you all regarding the change of timing of college due to the winter season. Since the winter season is here it means that the sun, or natural light of the world will disappear sooner, and night will come sooner. So due to this the timings of college have changed. Instead of coming in at nine AM you will come in at eight AM, and instead of finishing at you normal times for whatever course you are on you will all finish an hour earlier in the afternoon.

This will give you all enough daylight to get back to home safely. I hope that this works out better for you all, and I look forward to seeing you all bright, and early Monday morning eight o’clock.

Yours sincerely,

College Principle

Notice Regarding Change of College Timing

 Dear Parents,

Due to immense requests from parents, and students we are changing the timetable. Due to the winter fog many students are not able to reach the school on time. Many students come from far areas, and the slow driving makes them late. Please note the change in the college timetable below. From now on, college will begin from 9 am instead of 8 am due to the fog in the morning. However, please pick your children up from school at 2 30 pm. For Friday the timings conducted will be 9 am till 12 30 pm. Students from Year 12 will have extra classes on Saturday as well, and the timetable for that will be provided soon. Please pick up your children accordingly, and note the new timetable down so it does not create any hassle for you, or your child. The same timetable will be followed until further notification. Thank you for your co operation. For further inquiries you may contact the admin office.


Best Regards,


Notification of Retirement to Employee


Confirmation of retirement letter to employee. Retirement letter to employee thank you. Retirement letter to coworkers. Sample retirement letter for government employee. Retirement letter samples for someone retiring.

Notification of Retirement to Employee

Dear Mr. Louis Golf,

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss you notification of retirement. As you have reached the retirement age this is your formal notification letter to retire. I would also like to say that during the thirty years that you have been working for us that we have never had someone like you who has worked so hard, and for so long as well. You have made a good reputation inside this company, and you will have that for as long as this company is running you will be remembered in the history of this company.

I hope that you will enjoy your free time with your wife, kids, and grand-kids. Make more, and more memories with them while you have the time, and don’t forget you are a great person.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Wally Harold

Notification of Retirement

Respected Sales Manager,

You have given your productive years to the company with full devotion, and maximum output, and you have always followed the rules of company without questioning them for personal gains. Now it is the time that the company should shake hands with you with full respect, and grant you the retirement. No doubt your presence would be missed but as a matter of age retirement is inevitable now.



Letter to Inform Change of Management


Sample letter to inform the clients about change of management due to promotions, resignations, or sale of business.

Sample Letter to Inform Change of Management

Mr. Stuard Broad,

Assistant Director ‘Public Purchases’,

A block, Street No. 3, Office No. 111 in White plaza, Austin

Mr. Stuard Broad,

I hope you will be enjoying good health, and working well. I remember our previous pleasant conversation regarding no complaints on your side about our delivery of products by our company. You have been such a valuable client to us. Now, it is time to let you know that our company has gone through annual process of promotions. Therefore, from now onwards Mr. Winston Max will be Manager Human Resources as my replacement. I have been promoted to next hierarchy in my office.

I would like to let you know about our new manager Human Resources, Mr. Winston Max, who is well qualified for the post, and also has excellent managerial skills. Infact, he has shown exceptional capabilities as a responsible professional as my assistant manager here. Keeping in view history of our relationship, and communication I can confidently say that he will efficiently manage all the deals between your organization, and our company.

For further queries, you can communicate through our official email address.


Best Regards,

Mr. Abe Weather

Sample Letter to Inform Change of Management

Office Closed Notifications to Clients


Sample notice to clients of the office closed during the annual day, festival, games, holidays, vacations, emergency, or any other reason.

Office Closed Notice to Clients, and Employees

Subject: Notice for Office Closing due to Covid 19

Dear Clients, or Employees,

This is to inform all the clients/employees that the company offices/branches will remain closed till further notice for clients/employees due to Covid-19 LockDown imposed by the government. Thanking, and looking for your cooperation.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Office Closure Notice to Clients

Dear Clients,

It is to be notified that our company offices will remain closed from 8th June to 12 June (Date) due to Eid ul Fitr holidays. During this period company would conduct no business dealings in any of our offices. Therefore you are informed to conduct your business transaction before this closure period. The official work of the company will resume on 13th June (Date) as usual.

Chief Executive

DG Group of Companies

Office Closed Notifications to Clients

Office Closed Notifications to Clients

To whom it may concern,

In the best interest of all the concerned stakeholders, our head office in Chicago shall remain closed for three days, i.e., 19th to 21st June, for annual maintenance, and renovation. All the relevant parties are advised to schedule their appointments of any sort accordingly as staff will be absent on these days. The office shall be working again as before from 22nd June. We apologize for any inconvenience it may cause, and we are grateful for your cooperation.

With best Regards
Company Secretary
Alpine Polymers

Temporary Business Closure Notice

To all the employees,

Dear Employees,

This is to inform you that our transport business will be temporarily closed for almost 6 months from 1st January (Date). However, I cannot tell you the exact time period as it might last longer than this.

This is because the CEO will not be available due to personal reasons, and can’t leave the company without anyone looking after it. I am sorry to all of you who do not have any alternative income source. Still, fortunately, the CEO has decided to give us an extra salary of a month, which will definitely make things a little bit easier. When the company reopens the business, all of you will be hired back, but we understand if anyone does not want to rejoin.

For any queries, or clarification, feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor

Manager High Tech Communication

Email Notification for Annual Leave


Sample Email Notification for Annual Leave to staff members, managers, director, CEO of company, school etc, or your personal contacts of business.

Notification for Annual Leave

Dear Colleague,

I will be on Annual Leaves from Dec 22, till Jan 08, (Date). I will have limited access to phone & emails during this period. Please contact the following personnels incase of immediate assistance.

Overall Back up for Back Office : Junaid Khawaja

Back up for DTAC Project: Ali

Activations Unit Business Sales & Mass: Waheed

Webchat, Emails & CSIR: Amin



Ahmad Jawad

Sample Leave Notification Letter in Auto Email Reply

Dear All,

I will be on Eid holidays from 3rd till 11th Oct, during this period I will have limited access to my emails. I will reply to your emails on my return to office on 12th Oct.



Bernd Rubel

Email Notification for Annual Leave

Sample Holiday Notification Letter Format for Office


Sample Holiday Notification format for issuing office holiday notice to employees. Annual leave notice sample format for offices, schools, colleges, and universities, hospitals etc. Below letter will help you to issue holiday notifications for all kind of occasions.

Holiday Notification Order for Office

Ref: 74g5

Office Order for Holiday Notification

SemiOffice Group DHA, and Gulberg Lahore offices will remain closed on Thursday 3rd January (Date) on account of “New Year Celebration Ceremony” at Johar Event Complex.
Signatory Authority

Maj. Atif Sultan

Manager Administration

Public Holiday Notification Letter

A holiday notice from the company vice president to the employees informing them of the holiday coming ahead

Dear employees,

It is to inform you on the behalf of Senior Vice president British Oil Company that there has been a holiday announced in the company on 25th of December (Date) to 28th of December (Date). The holiday is from the government under the act AS401 on the eve of Holy Christmas.

It is to hereby inform all the employees that the firm shall remain closed throughout entire span of time mentioned above. The firm will reopen from 28th of December (Date) under normal working time. I wish you, and your family all the best on this great eve of joy. May God’s blessings be upon us.

Farewell to all the employees.

Senior Vice President
British Oil Company

Sample Holiday Notification Letter Format for Office

Sample Office Order For Leave in office, factory, or production units, and mills Free Download. Sample Office order for announcing vocations, or official holidays for staff, and employees.

Annual Leave Notice Order for Office

Subject: Eid ul Azha Holidays

Administration staff of Zainab Corp will be on holidays from Tuesday 15 October to 19th October (Date) (Inclusive) on account of Eid-ul-Azha.

Designated Staff Production units, and Security will however attend to their duties according to schedule.

A happy Eid to all the members of Staff.


Office Order For Leave Free Download

New Email Address Change Notification Letter


Sample notification for change of email address to your contacts of the previous email. Simple copy the message, read it once and send it to all of your contacts. You can set auto-reply by posting this message in your email account for email senders.

Notification of Change of Email Address

Dear Sir,

This is to notify you that our business email has changed for all types of communication. Therefore, I request you to please update our new email in your contact list.

New Email:

I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Sample Email Change Notification

Hey everyone,
I’ve just gone Google and am the proud owner of a shiny new Gmail address: [email here]  for personal use, and [email here] for official purposes. Please use this address to email me from now on, and get in touch whenever you want.

Minahil Qasim

Email Change Notification Letter

Dear Friends,
I’ve just created a new email of Yahoo address: [email here]  for personal use, and [email here] for official purposes. I request all the friends to use this email for any further correspondence. Furthermore, I also changed the email settings of the old account, and all the emails from now onward will be forwarded to my new email address. But you will receive a reply from my new email address.


New Email Address Change Notification Letter

 Dear Manager,

I have recently changed my email address as I could not access the previous one due to security issues. I tried to recover it, but all the efforts went in vain. As I work in the Public Relations department, most of my work is done through emails.

My new email address is (mention new email here), and I would like you to kindly change it as soon as possible to not miss out on more emails. Also, as I lost my account on 2nd February, I request you to kindly resend me the emails sent after this time to my new email address to catch up with the missed work.

I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards;

Ali Haider

Public Relations