Urgent Passport Issuance Request

Here are five templates for a letter requesting an urgent issuance of a passport: Template 1: Urgent Passport Issuance Request for Travel [Your Name] [Your Address] [City, State ZIP Code] [Date] [Embassy/Consulate Address] [City, State ZIP Code] Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing this letter to request an urgent issuance of my passport as I need … Continue reading “Urgent Passport Issuance Request”

Request Letter for Urgent Release of Passport from Company

Want to request for release of your passport from your company or employer? Please find below the letters you can use to ask for your passport and other travel documents for traveling. Request Letter for Release of Passport from Company Dear Sir, I want to get home as soon as possible because of an emergency … Continue reading “Request Letter for Urgent Release of Passport from Company”

Application to Consulate General for Passport Reissue for Study Permit Extension

Want to request early passport issuance? We are giving you sample applications with multiple reasons for passport issuance. Original Query by our Visitor: Application to the consulate general of India for Passport Reissue but earlier than one year for a study permit extension. In this application, we will request the office to speed up the … Continue reading “Application to Consulate General for Passport Reissue for Study Permit Extension”

Application for lost New Zealand Passport

Sample application to inform about the loss of your passport with visa stamps. Application letter about lost passport, and to get temporary passport, and visa documents for urgent travel. Application for lost New Zealand Passport To, The Embassy, New Zealand. Respected appointed officer, It is stated that I am a national of New Zealand, and … Continue reading “Application for lost New Zealand Passport”

Application for Irish Passport

Sample application letter to apply for passport, renewal of passport, passport of child with enquiry. Application for Irish Passport To, The Embassy of Ireland Blue Enclave Islamabad. SUBJECT: Request for an Irish Passport Dear Sir/madam, My name is Peter John, resident of Model Town Lahore. I have been working in Dublin, Ireland for 10 years, … Continue reading “Application for Irish Passport”

Request Letter to the Regional Passport Officer

Sample Request Letter to the Regional Passport Officer. Letter to passport office for passport request. Sample letter to passport officer for urgent passport. Request letter for passport release. Request letter to release/ renew/ return passport  etc. Request Letter to the Regional Passport Officer The Manager Operations, Regional Passport Office, Glasgow. May 17, Dear Sir, A request letter … Continue reading “Request Letter to the Regional Passport Officer”

Request Letter Format for Urgent Passport

Sample application letter requesting an urgent passport for a visa, admission, medical treatment, etc. Application letter to the passport office for issuing the passport urgently. Letter to Passport Office for Delay in Delivery of Your Passport Dear Sir, I applied for an urgent passport, but it is not delivered yet in fifteen days. So I … Continue reading “Request Letter Format for Urgent Passport”

Application for the Renewal of Passport

Sample application for renewal of passport on urgent basis for visa processing. Some countries may require application with solid reason for renewal of passports. So you can use the below sample to apply for renewal of passport, and visa. Application for Renewal of USA Passport To, Secretary, Interior Minister of Las Angeles, State of Las … Continue reading “Application for the Renewal of Passport”