Application for lost New Zealand Passport

Sample application to inform about the loss of your passport with visa stamps. Application letter about lost passport, and to get temporary passport, and visa documents for urgent travel.

Application for lost New Zealand Passport

The Embassy,
New Zealand.

Respected appointed officer,
It is stated that I am a national of New Zealand, and came to Africa on vacations with my wife. We planned on going back this week but upon my surprise I found out that I had lost my original passport along with my New Zealand return stamp visas.
I am now stuck in a different country for I don’t know how long for. I request the authority to kindly review my application as fast as possible, and issue me a new passport. I hope that you will prioritize my situation, and start working on it soon.

Thanking you,

Lost New Zealand Passport in Spain

Dear New Zealand passport officer,

I am writing to you because I would like to apply for a new passport as I have lost my first one. During my trip back from Spain I got back home, and started to unpack when I noticed that my passport was missing. I have given copies to the airport, and everywhere that I went to even the taxi firm I used to get from the airport to my home.

You will find in the envelope all the supporting documents that you need for the application. I hope that you can help me get a new passport soon as I have planned a trip in the next month.

Yours sincerely,

Miss. Lola Beiber

Application for Irish Passport

Sample application letter to apply for passport, renewal of passport, passport of child with enquiry.

Application for Irish Passport

The Embassy of Ireland
Blue Enclave Islamabad.

SUBJECT: Request for an Irish Passport

Dear Sir/madam,

My name is Peter John, resident of Model Town Lahore. I have been working in Dublin, Ireland for 10 years, and I have got married there during my stay. I, and my Irish wife decided to live in Dublin, Ireland for the rest of life.  I want to apply for an Irish passport. I have attached marriage certificate, work permit, copy of other useful documents with this application.

Kindly do a favor, and approve my application for Irish passport. I shall be thankful to you for your kindness.

Yours faithfully,

Peter John

Application for Irish Passport

The International Embassy of Ireland

Respected appointed officer,
It is stated that I am an Irish by birth, and keep all my bank funds here in the Ireland as well. Since I completed my degree in journalism, the company I work for has been planning to send me to various parts of the world just for the sake of journalism. But I don’t have a passport right now, and have never had one. I request you to kindly process my passport as soon as you can.

I am attaching my birth certificate along with this letter as well.

Thanking you,

Request Letter to the Regional Passport Officer

Sample Request Letter to the Regional Passport Officer. Letter to passport office for passport request. Sample letter to passport officer for urgent passport. Request letter for passport release. Request letter to release/ renew/ return passport  etc.

Request Letter to the Regional Passport Officer

The Manager Operations,
Regional Passport Office, Glasgow.
May 17,

Dear Sir,

A request letter to the regional passport office that to resend my passport because of my absence in that address

It has come to my notice that your good office had sent my passport to my home address but it could not be delivered to me by virtue of my absence on that specific day. As I did have to go outside the city to complete some important tasks, and resolve domestic issues, that’s why I was not present at home when the passport was sent to me.

In brief, I could not receive the passport therefore you are requested to please resend it on the address mentioned below so that I could receive it, and apply for further visa processing in impending days.

Should you need any further information, feel free to call me on my cell number, or contact through email.

I shall be very thankful to this act of kindness.


House No. 00, Street 00, London

Request Letter to Release Passport

The passport officer, New York

Request letter to the regional passport office that to reissue my passport, and deliver it to my new address

Respected sir,

This letter has been written to inform you that by mistake the address I submitted for my passport was a bit incorrect, and it was sent to the wrong address instead of reaching to me. I have resubmitted the application for address correction.

I request you to make the corrections, and send my passport as I need it on urgent basis for my business tour. I shall be really thankful to you. Thanks


Mr. Jimmy Shawn

Request Letter Format for Urgent Passport

Sample application letter requesting an urgent passport for a visa, admission, medical treatment, etc. Application letter to the passport office for issuing the passport urgently.

Letter Requesting an Urgent Passport for Traveling Abroad

Dear Sir,

I want an urgent passport to travel abroad on a study visa. I applied for (degree name) a few weeks back, and luckily I got admission to a very prestigious university. Now I have to reach the (university/college/school) before the commencement of classes on (date). I have only twenty-five days to travel, and before that, I also need to visit the embassy for a visa stamp.

Keeping given the above circumstances, I need your help to get my passport urgently. I will provide any document, or information required to issue the urgent passport. Thanking you,

Your Name

Sample Request Letter Urgent Passport for Admission Abroad

Passport Office,

Dear Sir,

Due to some problems related to my admission abroad, I will have to apply early for the admission process. Secondly, they also require a passport for application purposes. But the problem is that my passport is not ready yet. I want to request you to please grant me the passport urgently not to hinder my admission process. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,

June Pinto

Passport Renewal Passport Request Letter Sample

Dear Sir,

I applied for the renewal of my urgent passport on (date). Almost ten days are over now, but I couldn’t receive it yet. I contacted the given numbers, and sent email queries, but I am still waiting to receive the passport, even if it was supposed to deliver within five days.

I need to travel for business purposes, and need your kind support to get my passport as I already have booked an air ticket, and made hotel reservations. In case of any further delay, I may face huge losses.

I request you to please check, and resolve the matter immediately. I can provide any information that you may require for renewal. Looking for your cooperation.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name, Passport Number

Application Letter Format for Urgent Passport

To, Passport Office,
Dallas, Texas, USA

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I have to apply for a foreign scholarship which required a valid passport. The normal time period for the processing of my passport will not meet my requirement, and I won’t apply for the scholarship. I am requesting you to please speed up the process of my passport application as you have an urgent passport plan available. I am willing to pay the extra fees for it as per the urgent passport proceeding fees.

I hope to get my passport within the given time period of urgency. I would be very grateful to you.

Thank you!

Peter Johnson

Request Letter for Urgent Passport After Admission to a Foreign University

The director

Dear Sir,

With due reverence, it is stated that I need an urgent passport. I am to inform you that I am an M.Phil student, and I applied for a scholarship to a foreign university. My application has been approved, and I am invited.

However, they have asked me to submit my documents within a limited time. A passport is included in the required document, which I don’t currently have. It is, therefore, requested that a passport be granted to me on an urgent basis so that I can continue my studies.

A copy of the invitation letter along with a request for documents has been attached to this letter. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.



Example Request Letter for Urgent Release of Passport From Company

Dear Manager,

I want to inform you that my wife isn’t well, and admitted to a local hospital in my hometown. I request you to release my passport so I can get there to look after my wife as she is in severe condition.

I will return within fifteen days, and in case of any emergency, I will inform you immediately. I hope you will understand my situation. Looking for your kind cooperation.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name, Designation, Department

Letter Requesting an Urgent Passport for Traveling Abroad

Application for the Renewal of Passport

Sample application for renewal of passport on urgent basis for visa processing. Some countries may require application with solid reason for renewal of passports. So you can use the below sample to apply for renewal of passport, and visa.

Application for Renewal of USA Passport

Interior Minister of Las Angeles,
State of Las Angeles, United State.

Subject: Application for the Renewal of Passport.

Dear Sir,

I am writing you to inform you that I am the resident of Las Angeles since last 10 Years. I was going apply for Canadian Visa but came to know that my passport has expired since last 3 months. It’s a little urgent for me apply for the visa so it is my humble request that you please renew passport so that I can easily apply for the visa. Immediate response will be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Barclay Kennedy,
Passport no: 578585678

Application for Renewal of Passport on Expiry

The Director,
Passport Department,
Wales, United Kingdom

Dear Sir,

It is submitted that applicant is a citizen of United Kingdom, and having his national identity card, and passport with him. The Expiry-date of his passport is coming soon, and he needs to visit abroad after a few months.

Therefore, you are requested to please renew the passport of the applicant so that he could apply for visa to visit abroad.

An early action in this regard shall be highly praised.

Anton Chekhov


Manager Registrations
National Database Authority,
Town Hall, Washington.

Dear Sir,

It is respectfully stated that I, Shawn NIC No. XCS34526, passport no. AZ3476, is the resident of  Town Hall, Washington. I want to request you to kindly renew my expired passport of above mentioned number.

I want this application to be processed on urgent basis as I need to travel abroad next week. The required documents, and the application processing fees submission receipt for the renewal is attached. I shall be very thankful to you as it would be a kind favor to me.

Yours Sincerely,


Application for the Renewal of Passport

The admin officer, Passport office, US

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you about my passport that has been expired last week. As I am a business man, and I usually go for work tours for this I need my passport to be renewal on urgent basis.

I hope that you understand my concern, and will process my application as soon as possible. Please find attached documents, and previous passport copy. I shall be really grateful for a quick response. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Mr. John Holmes