Application for lost New Zealand Passport

Sample application to inform about the loss of your passport with visa stamps. Application letter about lost passport, and to get temporary passport, and visa documents for urgent travel.

Application for lost New Zealand Passport

The Embassy,
New Zealand.

Respected appointed officer,
It is stated that I am a national of New Zealand, and came to Africa on vacations with my wife. We planned on going back this week but upon my surprise I found out that I had lost my original passport along with my New Zealand return stamp visas.
I am now stuck in a different country for I don’t know how long for. I request the authority to kindly review my application as fast as possible, and issue me a new passport. I hope that you will prioritize my situation, and start working on it soon.

Thanking you,

Lost New Zealand Passport in Spain

Dear New Zealand passport officer,

I am writing to you because I would like to apply for a new passport as I have lost my first one. During my trip back from Spain I got back home, and started to unpack when I noticed that my passport was missing. I have given copies to the airport, and everywhere that I went to even the taxi firm I used to get from the airport to my home.

You will find in the envelope all the supporting documents that you need for the application. I hope that you can help me get a new passport soon as I have planned a trip in the next month.

Yours sincerely,

Miss. Lola Beiber

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