Sample Job Rejoining offer letter for Employee, Teacher Etc

Letter to a recent employee offering him to rejoin the Company, or firm based on some new terms, and conditions, and increments in the salary, and other benefits. Sample of best Job rejoining offer letter to teacher, principal, director, or headmaster etc. Letter to Director for Rejoin the Job in College Dear Sir, Our college … Continue reading “Sample Job Rejoining offer letter for Employee, Teacher Etc”

Apology Letter to My Boss for Rejoining

Want to write an apology letter to rejoin the job after you are sacked or resigned from the company, office, or factory? You will also learn how to apologize to the boss or manager and write a rejoining request letter to the boss from the below letter. Sample application for regret of a mistake for … Continue reading “Apology Letter to My Boss for Rejoining”

Application For Re-Engagement As A Volunteer Teacher

Sample application letter to continue your volunteer work, community work, or internship. You can also use this letter to rejoin as a volunteer, community, and intern. Application for Re-Engagement as a Volunteer Teacher ToMr. David HarrisPrincipalOaks High SchoolTexas, USA Sir, this is Laurent Martins, and I wish to apply as a volunteer teacher at your … Continue reading “Application For Re-Engagement As A Volunteer Teacher”

Application for Rejoining as a Teacher in School

Want to request to rejoin your job? Sample application letter for rejoining the teaching job in school after resigning from the teacher job due to domestic issues, long leave, health issues, pregnancy, maternity, or any other reason like this. Application for Rejoining The Job After Resignation as Teacher Dear Principal, A few months ago I resigned … Continue reading “Application for Rejoining as a Teacher in School”

Rejoining Letter After Resignation From Company

Want to write a request letter for rejoining the job? Sample rejoining letter after resignation from the company, job, or employment due to any domestic, or other reason. You can change the letter as per your requirements. How to Request for Rejoin Company Again (Email Format for Any Level of job) Dear Sir, A few … Continue reading “Rejoining Letter After Resignation From Company”

Rejoining Letter After Maternity Leave Sample

Want to request to rejoin the job after maternity leave? We are providing you sample letters to rejoin the job. In addition, you will learn how to write a joining letter format after maternity leave to office, school, factory, job, or company. Rejoining Application by Teacher after Maternity Leave Dear Sir, I took maternity leave … Continue reading “Rejoining Letter After Maternity Leave Sample”

Rejoining Letter After Study Leave

Want to write a request letter to join the previous job after completing studies? We are giving you sample letters applications to apply for rejoining the job at the completion of study leave from office, factory, school, college, etc. Sample application letter for requesting to rejoin the college as a student. Rejoining Letter after Study … Continue reading “Rejoining Letter After Study Leave”

Application for Rejoining College, or University as Professor/Lecturer

Sample Application for Rejoining the College, University, or School after long leave, or vocations by professor, assistant professor, lecturer, principal, headmaster, senior teacher etc. Application Letter to Rejoin Job as Professor in College The Principal, Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore. Subject: Request for reemployment after medical treatment Dear Ma’am, With due respect, it is stated that … Continue reading “Application for Rejoining College, or University as Professor/Lecturer”