Rejoining the Same Job after Completing Higher Education

Want to write a request to rejoin the job? This letter application can be written by a person who has left a job to complete higher studies and now wants to rejoin the same office. Sample letter for return to work after study leave. You may modify the sample according to your needs. Email Request … Continue reading “Rejoining the Same Job after Completing Higher Education”

Letter of Rejoining The Job in Home Country Instead of a Country Abroad

This letter can be sent to the higher officials, the HR department, or any authoritative person to request for rejoining the same company as the company abroad but in the home country due to certain illness issues. This letter can be sent by an employee, or head of department, or anyone working in that company. … Continue reading “Letter of Rejoining The Job in Home Country Instead of a Country Abroad”

Rejoining Application for Females in a Warehouse

Sample application by a female worker at a warehouse department to rejoin her previous post after resigning due to personal problems /domestic issues / change in residence etc. . This can be used by any worker who is not being given jobs at warehouses, garages, construction working sites etc due to company politics, or gender … Continue reading “Rejoining Application for Females in a Warehouse”

Rejoining Letter format After Marriage Leave

Request Letter To Boss, Principal, Manager In Office, School, or any work place to Ask for Official Rejoining After Marriage. Rejoining Letter After Marriage Leave Respected sir, Hope you are doing fine I’m writing this letter to inform you that my leaves for marriage are completed now, I’m going to rejoin the office from Monday … Continue reading “Rejoining Letter format After Marriage Leave”

Letter of Rejoining the Course

Sample letter to rejoin a course in an institute, college, university, academy etc after once you left it with notice, without notice, or with some other reason. Letter of Rejoining the Course Dear college principle I am writing to you because I would like to rejoin a course. Last week I made the decision to … Continue reading “Letter of Rejoining the Course”

Job Joining Request Letter from Employee

Sample joining request letter format for teacher, employee. Letter to the manager to give joining on the job/duty after you have been hired. Email to Join the New Job Dear Sir, I was hired for the post of (mention the name of the post). I want to inform you that my resignation notice to the … Continue reading “Job Joining Request Letter from Employee”

Letter to Join a Job at a Later Date

Sample letter to join a job on a later date. Before this you were selected in an interview but could not join the job due to some persona, or accidental reasons. Can I join your company at the end of this year…..looking for job. You are writing the letter to rejoin the job but without giving joining … Continue reading “Letter to Join a Job at a Later Date”

Rejoining Job Application as Engineer

Sample rejoining job application letter as engineer, mechanical engineer, chemical engineer, electrical engineer, instrument engineer after once you resigned from the job due to higher studies/education, or any other reason. Letter to Rejoin Job as Engineer To, Mr. Clark, Head HR, HMG International, Dear Sir, I hope you are doing fine. I have been a part … Continue reading “Rejoining Job Application as Engineer”

Joining Report Sample Format

Sample joining report format for employees, new employees, teachers, professors, students, engineers, doctors, etc. Joining reports are compulsory in multinational companies and companies with the larger business networks and surety of employee joining in issuing the salaries, benefits, and getting the work performance reports. Job Joining Confirmation Letter by Employee Respected Management, Thank you for … Continue reading “Joining Report Sample Format”

Letter for Rejoining School/College as a Student

Want to rejoin the school? Sample application letter to the principal, headmaster, or director for rejoining the school or college after you have been expelled from the college due to a shortage of monthly fees by the college administration. A sample letter to the principal for readmission is available below after your admission was canceled. … Continue reading “Letter for Rejoining School/College as a Student”