Leave Request Due to Train Reservation

Here are templates of leave requests due to reservation. Please let us know in the comments if you need a new or custom template for your needs. Template 1: Short Leave Request Due to Train Reservation (Email) Subject: Leave Request – Train Reservation Dear [Principal’s Name], I hope this email finds you well. I am … Continue reading “Leave Request Due to Train Reservation”

Sample Letter for Ticket Reservation and Refund

A ticket reservation and refund letter is a written request to a travel agent or airline company for either reserving a flight ticket or seeking a refund for a canceled or unused ticket. These letters include all relevant details such as travel dates, flight routes, preferred airlines, payment information, and any special requests or circumstances. … Continue reading “Sample Letter for Ticket Reservation and Refund”

Letter from Hotel to Confirm Reservation

Want to write a booking confirmation letter from the hotel? Please find below sample formats of letters to customers, clients, and guests who have booked rooms in your hotel to ask if they still intend to stay in the hotel if they do they need to sign a slip accepting all terms and conditions. Booking … Continue reading “Letter from Hotel to Confirm Reservation”

Sample Letter of Cancellation of Reservation

Sample letter to cancel the reservation you previously made with hotel for personal, family, company, ceo, business etc. Cancellation Letter of Reservation in Hotel Dear royal hotel, I am writing to you because I have a reservation for five people at your hotel restaurant. I would like to cancel please due to some member of … Continue reading “Sample Letter of Cancellation of Reservation”

Sample Letter for Flight Reservation & Ticket Booking

Sample letter for reservation of flight ticket and a seat on a specific date and time, or according to airline schedule. You can buy an airline ticket for yourself, your employees, manager, company executives, CEO, etc. Requesting an Air Ticket Booking to Traveling Company Dear (Name), I want to travel to (city name, example is … Continue reading “Sample Letter for Flight Reservation & Ticket Booking”

Sample Letter for Booking Confirmation

Sample letter to inform the client that your booking is confirmed in hotel. Letter from hotel management to the client for the confirmation of the booking of hall for he has applied earlier. Sample Letter for Booking Confirmation from Hotel, Restaurant, Casino, Guest House. Booking Confirmation Letter from Hotel Dear customer, This is Manager of Holiday … Continue reading “Sample Letter for Booking Confirmation”