Convert Residential to Commercial Property

Sample of Application Letter of Conversion from Residential Building to Commercial. Letter inquiring procedure to convert residential into commercial property. Convert Residential Property to Commercial To,Municipal officer, New Delhi, India. Dear Sir, I am hereby writing this letter to request for conversion of my building from residential to commercial. That is because it is no longer … Continue reading “Convert Residential to Commercial Property”

Thank You Letter for Free Accommodation

Sample thank you letter for free accommodation in church, mosque, temple, or any other place. Thank You Letter to Pastor for Residing In Church Premises To,Pastor Andrew John, ST. Anthony’s church Dear Father, With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to pay my heartiest regards to you. I am very thankful to … Continue reading “Thank You Letter for Free Accommodation”

Application for Permanent Residence Certificate

How to apply for permanent residence certificate. UK permanent residence card processing time. Permanent residence card uk 10 years. Sample cover letter for permanent residence application. Residential certificate format. An application for Permanent resident certificate The District Officer, National Database System, New Delhi. May 15, Dear Sir, I wish to apply for the subject request on account of eligibility of a job required by a government department … Continue reading “Application for Permanent Residence Certificate”

Application for Company Residence

Want to write an email or letter for allotment of company residence? We are giving you sample applications, letters, and email templates to ask for company residence for yourself and your family. Sample application letter to request residence from the company or in company apartments, company flats, company quarters, etc. Application for Company Residence The … Continue reading “Application for Company Residence”

Application for Allotment of Staff Quarter

Are you looking for allotment of staff quarter? Sample application letter to the manager, supervisor, director, or warden to provide company residence and company quarter for staff members, employees, or laborers. Sample request letter for the family quarter or staff quarter is available below—request letter for staff quarter allotment. Requesting Allotment of Company Quarter for … Continue reading “Application for Allotment of Staff Quarter”

Change of Residential Address Letter Sample

Request letter to inform the bank, billing company, and govt departments for change of your residential address for further communications/letters, and shipments. Change of Residential Address Dear Concerned, This letter is to inform a change in residential address. I had been a resident of fifth bank road but due to the traffic issues I have moved … Continue reading “Change of Residential Address Letter Sample”