Convert Residential to Commercial Property

Sample of Application Letter of Conversion from Residential Building to Commercial. Letter inquiring procedure to convert residential into commercial property.

Convert Residential Property to Commercial

Municipal officer,

New Delhi, India.

Dear Sir,

I am hereby writing this letter to request for conversion of my building from residential to commercial. That is because it is no longer commuted for residential purposes, and it is rented out to different companies for commercial use only. It is therefore informed to you about this happening.

As required by local laws, I have to apply for conversion of building to your office whenever such activity takes place.

Please grant me a certificate for the conversion as well as your approval. Feel free to contact me, or visit me for inspection of the building.



Convert Residential to Commercial Property

To: City of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, United States

I would like to make a request to convert my residence in Oakland Hills to a commercial property. I am a licensed psychologist, and I will be working, and treating patients from my home. I believe working from my home is the best choice for me, and it is the most fitting environment for my patients.

I am willing to pay all necessary fees, and fill any documents that may be required to convert my residence to a commercial property.

I await your reply,

Dr. Steven Louis
Oakland Hills, Pittsburgh, United States

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