Warning Letter to Teacher for Misconduct with Student, Fellow Teacher or Principal

Sample warning letter to teacher about misconduct/absences/regular late arrival to class. These letters can be used by school administration against any teacher who is regularly being late despite the verbal warning/ any teacher who is discriminating among students/any teacher who is absent on a regular basis.

Warning Letter from Administration to Teacher for Regularly being Late to Class

School’s Name,

School’s Address,

Recipient’s Name,

Recipient’s Post,

Subject: Warning letter for Regularly being late to classes.


It is to inform you that I, sender’s name, have been notified about your irresponsible and neglectful attitude toward your duties as a teacher. This is a warning letter that your salary will be reduced unless you follow the rules and stop further misconduct.

Teachers are seen as role models by the students ,but unfortunately you have been nothing ,but a bad influence for them. Your overall performance have been quite low as you are late in most of your homeroom classes. You are also marked late for majority of your evening classes as well. Despite being late, you always leave your classes early. This is a waste of time of the students who come to school to learn. Many students also listed in the evaluation that your attitude is class is very non serious.

Your supervisor has informed me that he has warned you numerous times but you have not taken his warnings seriously and continued with your reckless behavior. The administration of the school warns you that this behavior will not be tolerated. We expect you to rectify your behavior as soon as you can.

Hoping for you to understand the situation.

With Regards,

Sender’s Name,

Sender’s Post,


Warning Letter from Administration to Teacher for Regularly being Late to Class

School’s Name,

School’s Address,

Recipient’s Name,

Recipient’s Post,

Subject: Warning letter for Misconduct in Classes (mentioned in evaluation forms).


It is quite a disappointment that your performance as a teacher has been lacking lately.

We had our anonymous teacher’s evaluation last week. Unfortunately, it was observed that almost every student from your class were unhappy with your behavior in the class. It was frequently mentioned that you use your phone on a regular basis during lecture. It was also brought to our notice that you have sworn a couple of times at students.

Your behaviors is certainly questionable and is highly unprofessional. Such misconduct is against our school policies and agreements that you have agreed to abide by.

Moreover, a couple of students have also mentioned that they are being discriminated based upon on their appearances, ethnicity, gender, race and family background. I am shocked by this and our school supports and accepts diversity.

Hoping for you to understand the situation.

With Regards,

Sender’s Name,

Sender’s Post,


Warning Letter from Administration to Teacher for Regular Absences.

School’s Name,

School’s Address,

Recipient’s Name,

Recipient’s Post,

Subject: Warning letter for Regular Absences.


It is to inform you the the administration has been noticing your regular absences and wants to warn you regarding your neglectful behavior.

You have been hired a month ago and already you have missed more than half of your classes. Your current class also does not appreciate your teaching style at all. They have had a meeting with the principal about this and have listed many problems regarding you that we would like to discuss.

Also you have now filed a request for a leave for a full week in the coming month. This is really effecting the senior students as this is they only have a few months to complete their syllabus.

The Principal and the Coordinator want to have a meeting with you. We want to warn you regarding your unacceptable ways of teaching.

Hoping for you to understand the situation and improve your attitude towards the students that you are teaching.

With Regards,

Sender’s Name,

Sender’s Post,



Application for English Teacher Job Position

Sample of job application letter for employment as English teacher position in school, college or academy etc.

Email Job Application for English Teacher

Modern School,
Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi, India

Respected Director,

I am submitting my cover letter with resume including my all professional and educational details and also explain my achievements. I am interested to teach English subject in your school. I will be seeking an appointment for interview.

Thanking you,

Application Letter for a Teaching job of English Teacher

The City High School

Respected Chancellor,
I am Albert and I am writing this letter to apply for the post of the English teacher. Recently I came to know that you are in need of an English teacher. I have been teaching English in various schools for approximately 10 years now and I have a very good reputation among students as well.

I am perfect candidate for this job as I have a relevant degree in the required field. I assure you that I will serve your institution with the best I can. I can also handle the debating contest in the school as I have a diploma in Linguistics. I am very positive that you will consider me for this post.

My resume and recommendation letter from previous institutes are attached with the application.

Application number#12345

Teaching Job Application as Mother of Students

Sample job application to apply for job in school as mother of the student. If you are well educated and mother of a student you can apply for job and you can get waiver in fees of your child. Even you get earning from the school of your child.

Job Application Letter as Mother of Student

The City School,
Little Angels’ School
Patan 44700, Nepal

Respected Management,

This is to inform you that I, Aysha Yasir, mother of Sufyan Bin Yasir have been associated with your system for about ten years now. I have been the student of The City School and the first batch that passed out was of mine

Then I worked as a teacher and then for about four years I worked as an English and Math teacher. Though I also worked as NCC teacher and taught SSt as well but I am keen to make my students learn more about Math and English.

I am PGCC (Post graduate certificate training) trained as well. Now my wards are in your organisation and they are in class three and KG respectively.I am hunting for a good suitable position in your branch and hope that I meet your standard.

Hoping for a favorable response.

Aysha Yasir

Application for the Post of a Science Teacher

Sample job application for employment as a science teacher to apply in schools, colleges etc for science subjects.

Job Application Letter for Science Teacher in High School

The Principal,
British Grammar School, Scotland.

Dear Sir,
I wish to apply for the job of teacher of Mathematics at your institution. As far as I am concerned, I have been graduated from Oxford University with distinction in Mathematics. After then, I completed my specialization in applied mathematics from London School of Mathematics.I have more than ten years of teaching experience to the students of O & A levels.

In mathematics, my fields of interest are Trigonometry, Integration, and Applied Mathematics etc. I always teach the students with full devotion and at their level of understanding. I assure you of the best results by the students in exams after teaching them in one session.

In brief, you are earnestly requested to please consider me suitable candidate for the job of science teacher and give one chance to show my potential and skills. My complete curriculum vita is attached herewith. Hoping for a positive response from your side.

Thanking you.
Jimmy Gown

Job Application for Science Teacher with Experience

To The Principal
Delhi Public School
Delhi, India

Respected Principal,
I am Salma Hayat applying for the post of science teacher in your school in response to your ad in the newspaper. I have done MSc in Physics from UET with 3.9 CGPA and have excellent communication skills to transfer my knowledge to the students as I already have some practical experience as a Physics Teacher and Mathematics Teacher in an international school.

Furthermore I have done B.Ed and M.Ed to meet all the required teaching strategies. I was very good in presentations during my studies and I believe that I can prove myself a best teacher for physics and mathematics and excel with quality stuff in students.

Looking for your response to appear in the interview. Please find my resume attached.

Salma Hayat

Cover Letter for Accounting Teaching Position

Sample job application letter to apply for the post of accounts teacher in school, college or university as lecturer etc.

Job Application for Accounts Teacher

Respected Principal
London College of Accountancy
Leeds, UK

Respected Principal,
I am Smith, applying for the post of accounts teacher in your school of commerce in response to your vacancy announcement on your college website. After reading the job description and specification I assure you that I am the most suitable candidate for this post because of my educational background and professional teaching experience at Royal College of London. My all educational and experience certificates are attached for your review and to support my application.

I believe that after analyzing my documents you will be happy to call me for the interview. In short my passion for excellency in teaching always take me to new horizons of teaching methods to help the growing talent in accountancy colleges.

I am also sending you a copy of my book named “learning accountancy” as a reference to my real-time achievement. Looking for an interview call and i will be happy to work with in your college.
Thanking you,


Job Application for Chemistry Teacher

Sample cover letter to apply for the post of chemistry teacher in school, college or academy etc for English medium education system or O/A Levels etc.

Cover Letter for Chemistry Teacher

Dubai British School
Dubai, UAE

Dear Principal,
I am Ayesha Sam recently graduated from PU and just completed a degree of MSc Chemistry. During a visit of your school website I read about a vacant position for Chemistry Teacher in your prestigious school for O-Levels. As per your requirements I believe that I am the most appropriate candidate you are looking for. I am fluent in English Language and have strong knowledge of chemistry with clear concepts.

I also have six months teaching experience in leading school of our city and I am good in teaching, problem solving, answering questions, class management and controlling the students. For more information about my expertise please review my attached resume. Looking for a chance of interview and to describe the best of my expertise in a practical situation.

Ayesha Sam

Teaching Job Application for Teacher of Chemistry with Experience

The HR department, convent girls’ high school,

Respected sir,
With all due respected I would like to inform you that I wanted to apply in your prestigious institute as a chemistry teacher. I have come to know that you are hiring new staff for your Lahore branch. I have read all your requirements and made sure that I fulfill all of them. My details are as bellow.

  1. Masters in chemistry
  2. M.phill in chemistry (on going)
  3. Work experience 7 years

As I have read that you need an experienced teacher in relevant  field, I would like to tell you that I have seven years of teaching experience in a very notable school. I have attached all the required documents you have asked for along with this application.

I shall be really thankful if you consider my application and give me a chance to serve your institution, looking forward for a positive response. Thanks.

Yours sincerely,
Amina Asad

Sample Letter By Parents To Principal Demanding Free Education

Format of sample letter to principal by parents of students demanding fee waiver for deserving students as the fees is getting really high making it impossible for these children to get quality education.

Sample Letter Application For Tuition Fee Waiver Of Deserving Students


The principal, Learning circle School

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to bring it to your knowledge that I am a widow and I have 4 children. I am facing financial crises. We are living at grass root level. I want my kids to study and to become something and stand firmly in the society and for that the basic unit is good education. I am not in a position to afford the tuition fee of my son and for that I would like to request you to grant him free education. He is an intelligent boy and wants to study. He always gets good grades, he deserve to study higher. Please cooperate with us. We all shall be thankful to you.

I am looking forward to your response.


Mrs. James Brad

Sample Letter by Parents to Principal Demanding Free Education

Respected Principal,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter on behalf of all the parents to demand for free education.

Education is not a privilege but a basic right and everyone has a right to free and good quality education. A lot of parents sacrifice a lot to make sure their child gets a fine education. I know of many cases in which parents sell their assets so they can fund their child’s education which is not an easy task. The heavy tuition fee of schools puts an intense burden on the parent’s shoulders which needs to be lifted. Along with the heavy tuition fee, parents have to pay for books, supplies and other expenses as well which is troublesome. It is our request to look into this issue and inculcate free education within your system.

I hope you will recognize our situation and fulfill our demand.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Letter by Parents to Principal Requesting Free Education

Request for free education,

Name of the Institution.

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

Your institute is one of the prestigious institutes in the city, my daughter is studying in your institution from past seven years, and she is currently in grade Six. She is a very active student both in studies as well as extra-circular activities. From her 3rd grade she has been constantly scoring position in her class.

My daughter is very keen to learn and she is very excited to start her new session but unfortunately we are not able to tell her that she might have to leave her school, it will break her heart as well as her hopes to work hard. As she has always been a pride for her teachers and her school I want to make a plea to reduce her fee and award her with a full scholarship. She is an outstanding student of her class and I assure you that she will maintain her position and prove herself worthy for free education. We want her to continue her studies in this institute but due to our financial crises I am forced to write this application in a hope that my request will be entertained.

Anxiously waiting for positive response, we shall be very grateful to you.


Name of Parent.