Complaint Letter to Law Enforcement Agency about Electricity Theft

The following are two template letters addressing the issue of electricity theft by local goons and criminals. These letters aim to complain and seek assistance from relevant authorities to crack down on the illegal activities. Electricity theft poses significant financial losses and safety risks, and it is important to take prompt action to address this … Continue reading “Complaint Letter to Law Enforcement Agency about Electricity Theft”

Complaint Letter against Electricity Theft

Write a complain letter to electric department of the robbery of electricity. With the prices of electricity increasing higher everyday this kind of theft is getting more common which is becoming an alarming situation for the citizens. Letter against Electricity Theft Name Address To manager of complaint department of WAPDA! Mr. Mike! I have been … Continue reading “Complaint Letter against Electricity Theft”

Letter for Theft of Material to Manager

Letter to inform about the theft/robbery of material/equipment/items etc. to the manager. Letter for Theft of Material to Manager Dear manager I am writing to you because I have to report a theft. Over the last few days, I have been covering for you. I have been doing the inventory and managing the equipment and … Continue reading “Letter for Theft of Material to Manager”

Complaint Letter to Police Station about Theft 

Letter to police commissioner complaining about theft. How to write complaint letter to police for theft of mobile phone? Complaint letter to police about lost. Police complaint letter format samples. Letter of robbery. Letter for theft report. Theft letter sample. Complaint Letter to Police about Theft of Car To, The Inspector, XYZ Police Station. Sir, … Continue reading “Complaint Letter to Police Station about Theft “