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Thanks Letter for Financial Help for Medical Treatment

Sample Thank You Letter for Financial Help for Medical Treatment. Thank you letter for support and help. Words of thanks and appreciation for support. Thank you letter for appreciation. Thank You Letter for Medical benefits Dear medical company, I am writing to you because I would like to thank you for providing me with the […]

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Application for Financial Help for Medical Treatment

Sample application for financial help for medical treatment. Financial help for medical treatment letter sample. Letter for medical assistance. Sample letter requesting financial assistance for medical. Sample letter for financial assistance for medical treatment. Request letter for medical treatment. Application for Financial Help for Medical Treatment for rural areas To,The PM, Chicago, Respected sir, With all my due respect, […]

Salary Increments and Benefits

Advance Loan Letter to Manager for My Son Medical Treatment

Sample application letter for loan for the medical treatment, surgery, medicines, hospital fees, doctor fees etc. Advance Salary Loan Letter to Manager for Medical Treatment To, The manager Dear Sir, With due reverence, it is stated that my son has fallen seriously ill and I need money for his treatment. As for now I do […]

Leave Applications

Leave Application for Mother’s Treatment

Sample leave application to go for mother’s treatment, surgery or look after from office at home for some days or on long leave. Write Leave Application for Mother Treatment To Mr. Jason Smith CEO, Teeran Ltd. Birmingham, UK Sir, with full regret I have to inform you that my mother has been diagnosed with cancer. […]

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Leave Application for Father Illness

Sample Leave Application for Father Illness due to headache, migraine, temperature, fever, sugar, blood pressure, or any other disease to take your father to the doctor for his medical checkup and treatment. Leave Application for Fathers Checkup Dear Sir, I (Your Name) am writing to request one day’s leave for my father’s checkup. He is […]

General Applications

Advance Money for Wife’s Treatment from Company

A letter from company employee to the manager requesting him to pay some money out of the pay in advance so that he may be able to pay for her wife’s cancer treatment. Advance Money for Wife’s Treatment from Company, employer, factory submitted by employee, teacher, staff member due to pregnancy, cancer treatment, illness, kidney problems […]

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Leave Application for Wife Treatment

A leave application for wife medical treatment by an employee to the manager asking him to grant casual leave for the wife abroad treatment. Leave Application for Wife Medical Treatment for office to be submitted by the company’s employees in the office. Leave for the wife’s operation or surgery in the hospital, and you want to […]