Advance Money for Wife’s Treatment from Company

A letter from company employee to the manager requesting him to pay some money out of the pay in advance so that he may be able to pay for her wife’s cancer treatment. Advance Money for Wife’s Treatment from Company, employer, factory submitted by employee, teacher, staff member due to pregnancy, cancer treatment, illness, kidney problems

Advance Salary for Wife’s Treatment from Company

Dear Manager,

This letter is to request an advance for the treatment of my wife. My wife is suffering from kidney stones. An amount of (Date)$ is required for her treatment. I request an advance for such treatment that may be deducted from my next salaries. I know that you would consider my application at your top priority.


Nick Golouza

Advance Pay for Wife Treatment

Respected sir,

With due respect I want to say that I am an employee of your company. My wife is suffering from lung cancer of 4th stage. Her chemotherapy is going on now days. As you know it is a very costly treatment. I have spent each, and every penny that I had on her treatment, and now I have got nothing to pay. Sir keeping in view my loyalty, and consistency of work you are requested to give me some money out of my pay as loan in advance so that I may be able to pay for treatment of my wife. Sir I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.

I hope that after keeping in view my above mentioned state you will grant me with the advance payment out of my pay. I shall be very obliged at your such act of kindness. Thanking you in advance.

Yours truly


Advance Salary for Medical Treatment

Caparo Industries,

United Kingdom,

Dear Sir,

I want to say that my wife is suffering from a terminal illness. The only cure devised by the doctor is a surgery for replacing the organ. It is a very expensive surgery, and I am unable to afford it. Please grant me some advance money so that I am able to afford the surgery. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,


Advance Salary for Wife's Treatment from Company
Advance Salary for Wife’s Treatment from Company

How to Write an Application to GM Helping Some Money

The General Manager,

Dear Sir,
Apart from being an employee, and employer you, and me have had a friendly relationship as well. I can’t forget all the times you have helped in one, or another way, and helped me find my way out through the most difficult of situations.

I feel ashamed to ask you for this but there is absolutely no one else I can turn to. I wanted to ask you for a favor which is that I am in need of some money. My wife is having some heart problems lately, and needs to be taken to the doctor as soon as possible. As you know my wife is a diabetic thus considering that I can’t risk anything. Having three children it has been pretty hard for fulfill all of their needs in addition to their school fees.

Kindly lend me some money for my wife’s treatment, and I assure you that I will return you back the debt as soon as I can.
Thanking you,

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