Application for Financial Help for Medical Treatment

This letter can be sent to the chief minister, NGO, hospital any authority asking for medical licence. You may change the sample according to your needs, and you may change the disease that you are suffering.

Application to Chief Minister for financial help for Medical treatment

To the CM Punjab,



Respected sir,

First of all I appreciate you for the work you have been doing for middle class as well as poor citizens in your tenure. I feel very pleased that I voted a wise party like yours who have truly devoted themselves in serving this country.

Sir, the main purpose of writing this letter is to make you aware of situation this citizen is facing from last 2 weeks. My wife has been diagnosed with Breast cancer. I took her to different well known hospitals of the city. The cancer is in initial stage. Doctors have told that after surgery she will be alright, and will have higher chance of survival. However, if cancer is not treated at initial stage, it will be life threatening, and I have 4 kids. One is only 1 year old, and the rest of them are also in initial stages of the life.  The least amount told by them for her surgery is twenty-five lac. This is a huge amount for a man like me who works day, and night just to make our family needs meet both ends.

Sir, I request you to grant us a financial help so I can get her treated in time before it’s too late. I know that an honest, and kind hearted man who is always there to help the poor will never reject my application. You can call me to tell me your response within this week at (phone number). I have attached my all documentations, and bank statements

Indeed God help those who help others. You are the only key to hope for us right now. I am confident that you will not disappoint us.

Thank you for your anticipation.




Application to NGO for Financial Help for Medical treatment





Mr. Roger Marks



Subject: Charity letter for liver transplant

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this letter with great hope. My small kids who is 4 years old has been diagnosed with blood disorder, and it is the last stage disease, and there is no other way out except liver transplant. The doctor said that the transplant has to be done in 3 weeks otherwise, the wont be able to help him. He is our only child. After God, our hope is you

I have heart about your Foundation from the doctors of the Cure Medical Centre. I am writing this in extreme need of financial help. I have tried all possible ways to arrange the money required for her surgery but the amount is beyond my reach. I am a below middle class servant, and I hardly meet the needs of my family, and arranging around 80 lacs is impossible. I was even thinking to sell my kidney but even that will not cost this much.

Your foundation is my only ray of hope. Only your kind support can save my child. Her condition is getting worse day by day. I have enclosed her medical report, and the estimated amount stated by the hospital with this letter. Please study it, and contact me as soon as possible. Your prompt, and positive support is anticipated. Please help me!

Best regards



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