Letter To Your Uncle Thanking Him For Lovely Birthday Gift

Sample letter to your uncle for thanking him for sending you a gift on your birthday (laptop, watch, Cash, etc) from local, or abroad. Sending a thanks letter to your uncle after receiving the gift will also ensure your next gift.

You can buy a good gift to give back. Gifts make relationships stronger.

Letter to Your Uncle for Thanking Him for Gift

Dear Uncle,

How are you? I am fine, and hale, and hearty. I hope that you will also be fine. Dear uncle, yesterday I received your gift which you sent me on my birthday. When I received the package, my heart was pounding with joy. I opened it, and I screamed with joy to see that it was a branded watch. It was the same watch which I once asked you for. I had no idea that you will keep that thing in mind, and would not forget it. I want to let you know that I have very much liked that watch, and everyone at home has also praised it for its beauty.

Dear uncle, I again thank you for such a lovely gift. Pay my regards at home, and love to the children. I will come to visit you soon.

Your nephew

Letter To Thanks the Uncle Birthday Gift

Hello Uncle,

I am sure you would be as good as always. First of all thanks for the lovely gift you sent me on my birthday. I was feeling a big need to buy a new laptop but I was unable to purchase it due to insufficient funds. I had been saving money for the laptop but last month there was a book exhibition in which I found a good book on the literature on which all of the funds were invested. I was disappointed about my sacrifice but as you know how much I am fond of reading good books, but now I think I made a good decision. Thanks again for the new laptop. I would take good care of it. I would also send you the book I bought after I have completed reading it.



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  1. Complete it

    Dear uncle,
    Thank you so much for…….. and for gifting me such a lovely………. I think it is………..
    I love it because………………….
    I will use my bicycle to………
    Please visit us………….. Thanks again……….
    Give my love and regards to………..

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