Thank You Letter for Gift

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Thank You Letter for Birthday Gift

Ali Irtaqa
New Samnabad,

Dear brother,

It’s a matter of great privilege to be the brother of you with a beautiful sense of humor, and a caring attitude. You have always remained in touch with me in a very authentic manner. Your way of dealing with me, or the courtesy that you endured upon me in a very diligent manner can never be forget.

You have always been a keen eye on my birthdays especially on 10th of November on which you gave me a wonderful gift of a book. I have no words to say you a thankful word. But I would like to thanks you once again for this precious, and unforgettable gift that you bestowed me from the core of your heart.

Yours sincerely,

Hassan Sheraz

Thank You Letter for Mobile Gift

Dear Grandfather,

Hope you are in good health. I am so excited to write to you that I got your gift today morning. It was so great, and i loved it so much. I thought you didn’t remember my birthday but your gift made my day. Thank you so much for such great gift. I always wanted an IPhone. It will help me in my studies for research in hand as well as in extra circular activities to learn more, and more.

Thank you for such charming gift.

Love, Your Grand daughter


Thank You Letter for  Bracelet Gift


Dear friend!
Hello. How are you?

Hope you find this in good health.

I have been meaning to write you for quite a while now. First of all I want to thanks for the bracelet you sent me. It was very beautiful, and I am surprise to see that you still remember that blue is my favorite color. You mentioned in your note that was attached with the box that this is a friendship bracelet, and you have bought one for yourself too in the red color. I remember the time when we used to match everything that we bought.

I remember you used to buy things always in a quantity of two, and in two different shades one as your favorite, and one as mine. Now I am planning with my husband to come, and visit England in the following summers. So meeting is definitely my priority number one. I will look forward to meeting you, and spending time with you.



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