Thanking Letter for Great Hospitality

Write a letter to your cousin expressing your gratitude for their hospitality, and invite your cousin at your residence. Thanks for hospitality quotes. Letter to friend thanking for hospitality.

Write a Thank You Note for Hospitality and Kindness

Dear Cousin,

I am just writing to you to thank you for your hospitality that you showed to me, and my family last weekend. My kids really got along with yours so I think that we will have to keep them all in contact. My wife is also grateful for what you did for us she would like you, and your family to come to our home next week when you are able to come for dinner, and spent the day with us we will show you around to all out famous places. You don’t need to worry about where you can stay we have a big house you are more than welcome to stay with us. Thanks again for your hospitality

many thanks

your cousin

Thank You Letter for Great Hospitality

Dear Michael,

I hope you are doing great in health, I am good too. I am writing this letter to you so that I can tell you about feelings and thank you for your amazing hospitality. I know we met after ages due some family problems but seriously after so many years we are still good friend, and best cousins in whole family. The whole time I spent with you was wonderful.

The way you took care of me was great, and the food was fantastic. I want you to come to California so that you can spend some more time with me, and the clashes between our families come to an end.

Waiting for your reply

Take care.
See you!


Letter to Friends Thanking for Hospitality

Dearest Christine, and Aunt Angelina,

How are you lovely ladies?  I miss you guys a lot. Though it’s a month almost that I have now shifted to  my own apartment, and its quiet well furnished , airy, and well lighted but I really can’t forget my stay with you people for a couple of days. The couple of days were like a year to me. Now when I am sitting alone, and cherishing those memorable days, simply I am smiling, and enjoying those moments.

I must say openly I miss you guys a lot. I can’t forget the taste of Aunt’s baking Cupcakes, Pasta, and Molten lava cake! Molten lava cake served with Vanilla ice cream, simply my mouth is watery right now.

Your Dad’s Study is amazing. He has really got good collection of books. I will definitely consult him, and seek his kind permission to use his valuable collection for my projects. Hopefully he will allow me.

Hey Christine, buddy sharing you room with me, late night gossips, and pranking around, and peeping in neighborhood especially your neighbor, he is seriously so entertaining.  Don’t you laugh; I really am saying he is Entertaining!!!!  Shopping that we did was breath taking, isn’t it girl!! I admire you choice, and the way you bargained, remember. Oh yes! And how could I forget the long walks with Fluffy, such a faithful creature.

Christine, and Aunty Angelina, a big thank you to you people for letting me stay with you. The time I spent with you is happy memory. A heartily thank you for all the comforts I received form you people.

I am sending a bunch of red roses, and your favorite Chocolates, and some small gifts for all of you accept them as token of my love.  Aunty I need your loads of prayers. Also, before I forget, you are all invited to pay a visit, and stay with me in my new apartment. I would like to show you the beautiful surroundings, and nature at its extreme beauty.

Your visit will be awaited. Thank you once again beauties!

Yours Affectionately,


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