Best Solutions to Compress PDF Documents

Portable Document Format, primarily known as PDF, is the widely used file format due to its universal nature and compatibility with all kinds of devices. Everyone prefers to create and submit documents in PDF format, from business professionals to students, as it doesn’t disturb the file’s formatting. However, the large size of PDF documents sometimes becomes a significant issue, as it disallows them to share documents through email and social media platforms.

Due to this nuisance, you may desire to compress PDF documents. If yes, then you should continue reading this blog until the end, as we will discuss the best solutions to compress PDF documents. 

So, let’s dive into this discussion without any further delay!

Best Ways to Compress PDF Documents

Reducing the size of PDF documents doesn’t have to be a problem anymore due to the availability of multiple solutions. The best ways you can utilize to execute this task involve the following:

Use an Online PDF Compressor

An online PDF compressor comes to the top of the list. You use a PDF compression tool to compress PDF files online without hassle. Since it’s a web-based utility, you won’t need to download any software program or browser extension to reduce PDF size. It’s pretty easy to use an online PDF compressor, as it just asks you to submit the PDF file and obtain the compressed document in no time. 

In addition, most of the tools are accessible for free. In fact, some of them even allow you to compress as many PDF documents as you want without paying a penny. You can find many options when you search for tools that can help you compress PDF documents. However, it’s essential to rely on a tool that allows you to compress PDFs while ensuring the privacy of your data.

Install a PDF Compression App

As an Android or iOS user, you may desire to find an application for your smartphone instead of accessing an online tool. If yes, then you can install a PDF compression app from the Play Store or App Store.

Although the PDF compression apps are free to download, they may involve in-app purchases. If you can afford to pay for using a PDF compressor application, then you can utilize this method. After downloading the app on your smartphone, you can simply submit the PDF document you wish to compress. As a result, the app will display a compressed PDF file that you can fetch to your smartphone’s default download space. 

Moreover, some PDF compressor apps may even allow you to create an account and keep track of the files you have compressed through it.

Remove Unnecessary Elements from your PDF Document

Your PDF document may contain certain elements that are unnecessarily increasing its size. PDFs can store all kinds of media, including text, images, videos, and audio files. However, they all sum up to increase the file size of PDF documents, which can create issues for you in storing and sharing them. One of the best ways to compress the size of PDF documents is by eliminating unnecessary elements they contain. If you have time to manage things, you can also go for the option of compressing the size of images in your PDF file. For instance, if your PDF contains 3 images of 5 MB each, you can compress them to reduce their size to 1 MB. As a result, you will be able to reduce around 12 MB of your PDF file.

Reduce Size with MS Word

The last method in this list of best solutions to compress PDF documents is using MS Word. At first, you might think that PDFs cannot be accessed through Microsoft Word. Undoubtedly, you are right, but to use MS Word to get a compressed PDF size, you first need to convert your PDF document to Doc. For this reason, you can take assistance from the online PDF to Word converter. 

Once you have converted your PDF file to a Word document, open it in MS Word. As you access the document, click the file and hit the ‘Save As’ option. The ‘Save As’ dialogue box will open on your screen from where you need to change the document type from Word to PDF. After selecting PDF, the “Minimize Size” option will appear below it, which you must choose. Click the ‘Save’ button to save your PDF as a compressed file. 

Final Words

Compressing PDF files doesn’t have to be a problem for anyone due to the availability of different compression methods available for our assistance. We recommend you to use an online PDF compressor, as it’s quick, convenient, and works flawlessly to compress your PDF documents.

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