Strifor’s Verification Process: Everything You Need to Know offers a wide variety of trading options to its customers. You can trade over 60 pairs of crypto-currencies, commodities, CFD stocks and Forex indices on the site. What’s more, traders are attracted to this service because of its advantageous terms:

● Low commissions and spreads.

● Leverage of 1:500 (excluding professional accounts);

● The possibility of keeping money on deposit with returns of up to 18% per year for funds not used in trading.

You will need to pass the verification process in order to become an official Strifor broker client. Read our content to find out why this process is necessary and how it works.

Why do you need confirmation?

According to KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines, identification is a fundamental need for every broker. The purpose of the check is to safeguard the interests of the broker and its customers at the same time, since it:

·         Offers you the opportunity to verify that you are working with a legitimate adult authorized to do business. 

·         Encourages greater customer protection from trading platforms’ unjust practices. If a trader makes a claim against a broker without verification, no international authority will take it into consideration. This is also the reason why in order to trade for real money on Strifor broker, an individual must first have their identification verified;

·         Aids in the fight against money laundering, corruption, and other illicit financial activities.

How can I verify my identity at Strifor Broker?

For this reason, after registering on the platform, visit your personal account on the website and do the following actions:

·         Go to Profile – Personal data in the Settings section and click the Verify button.

·         Complete the enclosed form with the necessary data. Your name, birthdate, and phone number will be required. It is not necessary to provide the city in which you resides.

·         You need to upload a scan or photo of your ID card.

Like other brokers, Strifor also requires documents proving the customer’s address, the following choices are appropriate:

● A bank statement with the name and address of the new Strifor Broker customer;

● An invoice for the provision of utilities is accepted but it is necessary to have the customer’s name and address.

According to Strifor customer reviews, the broker responds to identity verification requests within one day.

The corresponding message is displayed on the user’s personal account if it has not been verified, and the Verify button is accompanied by an explanation. The most frequent cause is that customers have submitted an out-of-date proof of residence.

Is verification required immediately after registration?

The Strifor broker is renowned for the attention it pays to its customers. That’s why traders can use the services almost entirely without verification. The only exception is when real money is traded.

Customers can, however, create a demo account to test all the platform’s features and the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. You can experiment with different trading methods with a trial account without having to worry about losing your real money.

What’s more, verification is not subject to any time restrictions imposed by the broker. Once verified, customers will have access to all the platform’s features at all times.

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