How to Invite CEO for Speech on Stage

Sample words and sentences to invite the company CEO to speak English to a ceremony, event, trainees, or conference. There are concise words, and good when you are inviting the CEO after another important speech.

Sample How to Invite CEO 1

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the [organization] and introduce you to our CEO, Mr. James. I would now invite [Mr. James] to give there, please. Thank you very much.

or use below simple sentence

I will take this opportunity to invite Mr. James to address us.

Inviting President for Speech

I would now like to call upon Mr. Ahmad, Vice President and Director of Finance, to brief the financial aspects of different projects run by this society.
Please put your hands together for Mr. Ahmad.

Inviting Principal for Speech in Farewell Party

Our journey now comes to an end, and we have all had the time of our lives. We’ve built undying forever-lasting friendships. We’ve learned about books and have learned more about ourselves and how to be better individuals. These three years have purely changed me; they’ve made me a better person. Now, I’d like to call Ms. Namrah Naveed to share with us her experience and tell us what impact this session had.

Invite CEO for Speech

Mr. Armaghan John, CEO Inglot

Dear sir,

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to invite you to our departments’ New Year party.  We will be saying goodbye to one of our employees as he is getting retired. So we shall be really grateful if you will join us.

Sir, as you are a role model for all of us and have been a great strength of the company, I request you to deliver a speech for us. It would be our pleasure to listen to your precious words, and it will motivate us to be good employees. We will also be having a corporate dinner by the end.

We are looking forward to your presence.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Mark Andrew, Manager Inglot

Everyone has their own style to invite someone on the stage. But they must have preparations before the time of invitation. You can write down what to speak. You can carry a written paper with invitation words and the name of the CEO or other personality with the designation.

How to Invite CEO for Speech

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