Wishes for New Born Baby Girl

Sample wishes, and congratulations on the birth of new born baby girl. When you want to congratulate someone from family, or any colleague who has just been blessed with a baby girl then this is the perfect letter for you.

How do You Wish your Brother for his New Baby Girl

Dear Brother,

I am fine, and I hope you, and your family is fine too, everyone is doing well over here. I just came to know about the birth of your new baby girl just now, and in excitement I decided to write you a letter. Many heartiest congratulations to you, and your wife on the birth of your new baby girl.

Brother, Indeed daughters are a blessing from God, and it is our duty to keep them safe, I am sure that she would be as beautiful as your family is, and you will keep her happy. I can’t wait to see the baby, and I assure you that I will come to you as soon as possible.

Pay my regards to your wife, and congratulate her from my side. I am happy to see that you are growing.
Waiting keenly to hear back from you

With love, and affection,
your brother,

Wishes for New Born Baby Girl

Dear Anna,

How are you? I hope you are doing well. I heard about the good news, and I am so excited! Congratulations to you, and your family! Yesterday, my sister called, and told me that you had a baby girl. Have you named her yet? I am so sorry I have not been able to visit yet, but I will visit very soon. I cannot wait to see the lovely girl, and you of course! I hope that this new addition in your family brings much peace, and joy. I wish your daughter much love, and happiness, and with great successes along the way. One day she will grow up to be a strong, and beautiful woman, just like her mother.  Convey my greetings to your husband as well, and much love to the baby.

Take care of yourself! If there is anything you need, please do let me know without any hesitation. I will visit you soon!

Best Regards,

Fatima Amir

Wishes for a New Born Baby Girl

Daughters are the biggest blessings of Creator, the day when you first held your baby in your hands, and saw your own reflection in her eyes, felt her breath for the first time, and held those little toes in your hands, this would be the best day of your life, I wish you the best future of your baby girl as you have got your own little princess your soul will reside in her from now on, I wish may your baby gets all the happiness in abundance, and may she always shine like a brightest star on the sky, may she grow up to be the most beautiful, and amazing woman of this world, MANY  Congratulations of having the most precious gift of a daughter, may your life get filled with endless joys.

With Love,

Name of Sender.

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