Application For Degree Issuance Before Convocation


Application For Degree Issuance Before Convocation, or request to receive degree before convocation, or cannot attend the convocation.

Application For Degree Certificate

Finance Director
ARSUN University
Johar Town

Subject: Application for receiving degree before convocation

Dear Sir,

With due respect I am student of MSC, Department of Management Sciences. I am requesting for the reward of degree before convocation as I am having an opportunity to prove mine potential at abroad in England. For this purpose, I would like to receive my degree before convocation. We are a family of seven people in total, we hardly live on the little income of our father.

Looking for your kind favor. I would be obliged.


Department of Management Sciences
ARSUN University

Application For Degree Issuance Before Convocation

Request Letter to Issue Degree Certificate

The Rector,
University of Wales,
Dear Sir,

I wish to apply for the subject matter as I have passed the examination of MSc computer sciences after studying in semester system. I have obtained transcript of all the semesters but could not be awarded with a final consolidated degree certificate which is a requisite document to acquire job in market.

Therefore, you are requested to please issue me professional consolidated degree. A quick action in this regards shall be highly appreciated.

Yours Obediently,

Chinua Achebe.

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