What Happen in Interviews? How to Win an Interview?

The complete story of a fresh graduate till hiring on the first job. Don’t forget to share after reading this story.

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What can be the best strategy to win Interviews? We will also discuss all the interview questions asked during the interviews. My mistakes are discussed in detail at the start.

Interview Techniques with Question, and Answers

This is a story for my real-time interviews. When I was jobless, and a fresh graduate.

Hope you will learn from this article. I am writing my experience that how I won my first interview, and what was strategy I followed. I attended more than 20 interviews but I was a failure to get a job.

My first Interview Story, and My Mistakes

Just completing my MBA I started applying for jobs. At first, I do not receive any interview call for few weeks, and then I receive an interview call from one of the largest IT companies in my country. My interview was successful, and they offered me the job but in the end, they ask me one thing about my further education plan, and I answer them that I am interested in further education. My answer was the reason to lose this opportunity. Because they wanted a person fully committed to the job, not in education. So they feel fear that I will leave their company whenever I get admission for further education. That is why they decided not to hire me. When I came back to my home I wondered that they do not call me for the job even in the next two months. In the first interview, you can understand my mistake. This was the blunder, and after losing this opportunity I did not get a job for the next year.

What Happened in a Year of Interviews, and Job Search

What happened the next year it is very interesting. I received many interview calls, and most of them were simply a joke with my MBA Degree. In many interviews, I feel that they are just kidding with many people others who come for the interview. Even I went for such interviews where only one person was sitting in the room, and there was no space for another person to sit. Some people ask me in an interview to make an investment in their company, and some ask me to pay security against the job. Once I went for an interview on a TV channel, and the person who was conducting interviews didn’t look at me even a single time. But it was all fake, and a joke to me. I was depressed, disappointed, and thinking that opportunities never knock again, and again as I already loosed my first interview.  During this time I also attended many good interviews, and did not get jobs because of salary packages, and type of businesses, and their requirements like convenience etc. Finally, my pocket was empty after a year of struggle, my face was looking depressed, my clothes, and shoes were old, and I was so much tired from interviews.

At this stage, I was not able to send my resume against advertised jobs because of no money. I was not able to apply online because internet surfing was not free. it was very hard for me to eat one-time food in those days. I feel that I will never get any job because of my current position. During the days when there was no money in my pocket, I received an interview call. After receiving the call I thought that this job is not for me as usual. And then I check my pocket there was no fare in my pocket to go for an interview. So I decided not to go for the interview. On the day of the interview, I received a call from that company, and a female was speaking. She asked me where you are. This is the time for your interview. I regret, and ask her to give me some time in the next day, and tell her that I will assure my availability. She spoke the final words, that they called only one person, and that was me. Even they did not want my interview. They just wanted to offer me the job, and she told me the salary package, and said “Now you do not need to come” cut the call. After this, there were tears in my eyes, and I couldn’t do anything, even I didn’t have balance in my cell to call her back for an excuse. The point I want to tell you that never lose any single opportunity if you are needy.

Finally, I was Hired. I won the Interview. It was my Style, and Confidence.

After one year of my unemployment, I was thinking that why I am not getting hired. Are there no jobs in the market, or I am not for those jobs. I find a paper in the playground where I normally waste most of my time just sitting on benches. That paper was about interview techniques. I noted one thing from that paper “must ask questions at the end of interview even if you already know the answer of those questions”.

The same day I receive an interview call, and I decide to go for that interview by having free lifts on the road because there was no money in my pocket. I decided that now I will not allow anyone to joke with me. I reached the waiting room where many males, and females were waiting for their interviews. All were silently sitting. I sit near to a female, and start asking her about the job. She told that she has no idea about that job. I hide my details in reply to her questions because she was a fresh graduate from my university.

In short, finally, I was called for the interview. After reaching the room I observed that all the interviewers were lower qualified than me. They completed interview questions, and ask me that “I can ask if I have any question” the first question I asked, “what are your qualifications” they were shocked, and they ask me in return why I am asking this question. I replied that I want to know what kind of people working here, and what I am going to work with. And ask two other questions about their financial position, and average time of employees spent(employees loyalty) in their company.

My questions were very important for them to make me unique, and were showing my intelligence level. So they offered me a job at the end of the interview, and ask me to join them from the day after tomorrow. And that was the first day of my job. Many other things I want to share but it is not possible in this short article. I will share them in my next articles. I recommend you to do follow interview techniques, and must ask questions at the end of every interview. Even if you already know the answer to your questions.

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