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Sample Appointment Letter For Job in Word for Micro-finance Officer. Appointment letter format for temporary employees.

Appointment Letter Format for Employee

Robert & Co.
Mr. David Warner
North Street Los Angeles

Dear Mr. Warner

It is a great pleasure for me to inform you that you have been selected by the governing board of the company for the post of HR Manager. We wish you best of luck with this new job.

You are directed to report in the north wing of the company to Mr. Carlos who will be your trainer on September 12th (Date) sharp at 9:00 am.

I once again congratulate you for your achievement. I hope you will enjoy your experience in our company.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact us on this number 67474823478 in case of any quires.


Joy Root
HR Executive

Job Appointment Letter

Ms. Hammna Bibi
Gulberg III,
Contact No.

Dear Ms. Hammna,

With reference to your application for employment, and subsequent interview, we are pleased to offer you employment with The First Bank Limited as Micro-finance Officer with effect from December 15, (Date) subject to receiving satisfactory references from two persons not related to you, clearance, and reference from previous employers, and acceptable medical examination reports. Your organizational grade will be BG III.


Your employment will be governed by the rules applicable to the staff of the Bank, and as amended from time to time.


You will export to Branch Manager, or any other person designated by him.


The offer is conditional upon your being prepared to work, and to travel, or stay in any part of Pakistan, or abroad as the Bank may require. Your services may be seconded by the Bank, or any other organization, or entity as the Bank may think fit from time to time.

Your first posting shall be at New Lahore Branch.


Your monthly gross salary will be Rs. 25,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand Only). This incorporates all statutory wage adjustments applicable to your compensation. Breakdown of your gross salary will be provided later on.

Facilities such as leave, gratuity, and provident fund will be provided to you from the date of confirmation, in line with the Bank’s policies, with may be revised from time to time.


You will be eligible for medical benefits in line with the Bank’s policy.


You will be on a probationary period of three (3) months. During probation, you will be required to undergo job training. Your appointment will be confirmed on satisfactory completion of the training, and probationary period.


Your services during the probation period will be terminable at one week’s notice. On confirmation of your services, termination notice will be of One(1) month from either side, or pay one month Gross Salary in lieu of the notice period.


Your remuneration will be reviewed in accordance with the Bank’s policy, and will be based on the evaluation of your performance.


Taxes on your salary will be deducted in accordance with Pakistan Tax Law each month. Filing of personal tax returns will be your responsibility.


You shall not disclose, or divulge except to persons having authority to require such disclosures under the law, any confidential information with respect to the Bank, and also matters related to the customers of the Bank.

The obligation of confidentiality shall survive the expiration, or the termination of this agreement. You have agreed not to do anything, which would prejudice the interest of the Bank. The terms of this offer are confidential, and form the basis of a contract between you, and the Bank.

An additional copy of the letter is enclosed. If you accept this offer of employment on the conditions outlined above, please sign the duplicate copy in confirmation, and return to us immediately.

All of us at The First Bank Limited look forward to a mutually rewarding association with you.

Sincerely yours,

M. Hamza
Acting Head, HR & Training

I have read the foregoing letter, and I accept the offer on the conditions outlined above.

Appointment Letter For Job in Word Free Download
Appointment Letter For Job in Word Free Download

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