Employment Contract Letter Sample for Teachers, and Professors

Employment Contract Letter Sample for Teachers, and Professors. This is also known as Job Contract Letter, and it can be used for multiple training jobs in schools, and offices. Pre-Selection Appointment Letter with terms, and conditions.

Job Contract Letter Format

Miss Rosey Iqbal
150-B-1, (Address),

Subject: Selection for 3 months training course

Dear Rosey Iqbal,

I am pleased to inform that you have been selected for 3 months training course. The training program will be from 16th November XXXX to 16th February XXXX, Monday to Friday from 8:15 AM to 2:15PM.

During this training the school will not charge for the training, and will pay a stipend of Rs. 10,000 only. During training there will be continuous assessment, and monitoring by observing your punctuality, behavior & discipline, performance & your attitude towards children, and interpersonal relationship, and by oral & written tests. At the end of the training you will be given final test.

This selection is only for training, and not a letter of appointment, or guarantee by any means for any job in school. However after successful training there will be formal selection for appointment according to number of vacancies available at the school.

If you agree to the terms of the training kindly report on 16th November, XXXX at 8:15 AM. Please sign the acceptance of offer for training.

I confirm acceptance of the terms, and conditions of the training course set out above.

Signature of Trainee



Contract Letter for Appointment of Professor

Dear Ms. Kanza Faisal Khan,
Congratulations! you have been appointed as Assistant Professor on contractual basis for 2 years starting from 20th July XXXX. For first three months you will be on probation period, and your performance will be checked time to time. Only in case to good performance you will be able to continue your job after the probation. After the contact expiry the employer can extend your contract period but it highly depends on your performance, employer, and situation of that time. Again we congratulate you, and welcome you to the university on behalf all teaching, and administration staff.

Thanking you,
Manager HR Services

Employment Contract Letter Sample for Teachers, and Professors
Employment Contract Letter Sample for Teachers, and Professors

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