Employee Encouragement Letter Sample

Employee Encouragement Letter Sample for companies, and HR Departments to appreciate the staff of company, school, or organization because of the achievements, and completion of goals.

Employee Encouragement Letter

Mr. Atiff Domen
Manager Marketing
DHA, Lahore
Subject: Employee Encouragement, and Appreciation

Dear Managers,

I want to gratefully acknowledge, and thank you all for your tremendous contribution in organizing yesterday’s inauguration of Solar Promotion project. Your presence has been a great source of inspiration, and satisfaction. Some of members of Marketing Department very graciously received the Chief Guest.

Thanks once again.


Employee Encouragement Letter Sample
Employee Encouragement Letter Sample

Employee Motivational Letter

Mr. Edward

Sales supervisor

Dear employee,

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that you have been selected as employee of the year by the employee appraisal committee. You have proved yourself a hardworking member of our team, and your leadership skills have helped us in maintaining our position in times of recession, and achieving our yearly target. We have also found you to be very cordial towards your colleagues, and a cherishing factor in the overall work environment.

I once again congratulate you on achieving such milestones, and becoming a great example for others to follow. I hope that you will keep up the good work, and continue adding value to this organization.



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