Sample Letter to Claim Car Insurance

Want to claim your car insurance from an insurance company? Sample appeal letter to claim car insurance for accident, broken, theft, stolen, etc. Also, you can claim insurance if your car is hit for any reason. Please remember to read car insurance terms and conditions before you put insurance claim. For more Insurance Letters, Click … Continue reading “Sample Letter to Claim Car Insurance”

Letter to a Friend Explaining to Him the Importance of the Internet in Our Lives

One of our visitors asked us to write a letter to a friend explaining to him the importance of the Internet in our lives. Please let us know in the comments if you need any type of templates for your personal, office, or business needs. Template 1: Casual and Personal [Your Name] [Your Address] [City, … Continue reading “Letter to a Friend Explaining to Him the Importance of the Internet in Our Lives”

Tackling Corruption and Bribery: A Call to Action for a Fairer Society

Query from a Visitor: what is corruption and bribery and can you write a letter that has the two address, how the widespread is a problem and mention the occupations affected and effects of corruption to the individual and society. solutions for putting an end to it. This letter addresses the pressing issue of corruption … Continue reading “Tackling Corruption and Bribery: A Call to Action for a Fairer Society”

Application For Disconnection of Electricity Supply

This letter can be used by a commercial user of electricity, or domestic user of electricity who want their connection of electricity to be dissolved for few months, or a year, or more due to plentiful reasons. However, you are required to modify the sample according to your needs. An application For Temporary Disconnection of … Continue reading “Application For Disconnection of Electricity Supply”

Apology Letter for not Picking up the Call

Sample of apology letter to friend for not picking up his call earlier due to being busy, and now inviting him to hangout some other time. Apology Letter for Not Calling Back Dear Mr. Anderson, I would like to formally apologize for missing your call the other day, and not calling back. I was caught … Continue reading “Apology Letter for not Picking up the Call”

Letter to Grandparents about Education

Format of letter to your grandparents, and telling them about your education routine, and how it is shaping up your life. Letter to Grandparents Regarding Value Based Education To my dearest grandparents, I am writing to you because I would like to inform you of how my education is going, and on what I have … Continue reading “Letter to Grandparents about Education”

Letter to Father Asking Him When He Will Return From Out Station

Format of letter to father, and asking him about when he will come to home as everyone is missing him terribly, and it has been a long time since anyone last talked to him. Letter to Father Asking About his Whereabouts  Dear Father, I hope you are doing well, and everyone at home is good … Continue reading “Letter to Father Asking Him When He Will Return From Out Station”

Request Letter for Copy of Documents

Format of application to send to an administration of company, and aask them to send to copy of documents that you will need in the further procedure. Request Letter for Copy of Documents The Registrar, University of Mumbai. Dear Sir,  I want copies of Admission letters  Allow me to address you on the subject matter … Continue reading “Request Letter for Copy of Documents”

Sample Letter for Acknowledging Delivery of Goods, or Services

Want to send an acknowledgment of order delivery? Letter to thanks seller who responded to complaints and sent the right products following the customer’s objection on the previous things. Letter of Acknowledgement After Order Received/Shipment Received Dear Sir, I want to acknowledge and thank you for the timely delivery of (mention the product). I am … Continue reading “Sample Letter for Acknowledging Delivery of Goods, or Services”

Letter of Introduction from a Company to an Employee for Visa

Format of letter of introduction of an employee for work visa which will give the basic details about the worker. Letter of Introduction as an Employee for Visa To, The Visa Officer. Dear concerning officer, I, the HR Manager, am writing this letter to you on behalf of XYZ firm. Our employee has come to … Continue reading “Letter of Introduction from a Company to an Employee for Visa”

Letter to Father for Gift

Sample format of a personal letter to send to your father, mother, brother, and asking them to send you a special gift as your birthday is approaching . Letter to Father for Laptop Gift Dear Dad, I hope you are doing well in health, and enjoying your trip. I am good too, and mom is … Continue reading “Letter to Father for Gift”

Letter Reminding What Was Discussed

Sample format of letter reminding someone what was discussed in the previous meetings , what things did you agree upon, what was the points you took into consideration, and what was your actual plan. Reminding Letter What Was Discussed To, The CEO, XYZ Firm. Dear Sir, I just joined your firm a month ago, you … Continue reading “Letter Reminding What Was Discussed”

Ultimatum Letter to Employee

Want to write an ultimatum or warning letter for employees? We are giving you sample ultimatum email, letter, and application templates to warn your employee and staff of the company. Sample letter to give an ultimatum to an employee who has not come on time, is misbehaving, procrastination at work, or any other issue by … Continue reading “Ultimatum Letter to Employee”

Request Letter To Father Asking Permission to Join Rock Climbing Group

Format of request letter to father asking him permission to join the rock climbing group. As it is recently introduced in your university, and this seems like an exciting extracurricular activity to you plus all your friends will join it. Write a letter to your father seeking permission to join a rock climbing club. To my … Continue reading “Request Letter To Father Asking Permission to Join Rock Climbing Group”

Letter to Brother About Mother’s illness

Format of personal letter to your brother, and telling him about the personal tragedy that has knocked on you door. Your mother is going through such a personal turmoil she has been diagnosed with a severe illness, and now she wants to see her son one last time as her days are numbered. Write a … Continue reading “Letter to Brother About Mother’s illness”

Letter To Friend About Future Plans

Examples of sample letter to friend telling him what you intend on doing after clearing a board examination, and how the profession you will further choose can shape up your future career. Further you can also discus your future plans to get suggestions. Personal Letter To Friend Dear Majeed, I hope you are doing great … Continue reading “Letter To Friend About Future Plans”

Write a Letter to Your Friend How You Celebrate Diwali in English

Example of Letters to a Friend Enlightening her with the Cultural Festival of India, and telling him/her how grand the celebration was. Many people want to know that how Diwali is being celebrated. Some want to join, or sometimes want to invite. For all the above purposes, we need to explain how a Diwali event … Continue reading “Write a Letter to Your Friend How You Celebrate Diwali in English”

Write a Letter to Your Friend about City Life

Write a letter to your friend giving him/ her an idea of life in your city. Letter to Friend about Life in the City Name Address Dear friend, Hello. How are you? Hope you find this letter in good health; I received your last letter a couple weeks back in which you were showing a … Continue reading “Write a Letter to Your Friend about City Life”