Personal Statement for Admission to Business School

This kind of personal statement can be used for college, university and school applications. You can modify the statement according to your needs and circumstances. But please make sure that universities stamp statements taken from internet as plagiarized material. This is just to give you an idea now how to write the statement. This is one of the ideal formats of personal statements.

Sample Personal Statement for Admission to Business School

Being born and raised in the similarly fast moving (and yet, geographically distant from Lahore) city of Karachi, I had heard heaps about the might and the illustriousness that (mention your university name), as an institute, is embellished with for over a decade now. When I think of (mention your university name) , the supreme aspect of it that fuels my desire to immerse myself in this prestigious learning environment is the larger than life learning resources that (mention your university name) is equipped with. To be associated with (mention your university name) would not just be the ultimate realization of my most sought after desire but would also be the concrete, binding force which will align my competencies with those required by the professional career I intend to pursue. To address the most crucial question as to why do I prioritize (mention your university name) for an undergraduate degree over numerous other universities in Pakistan, the answer is fairly simple. As an institute, (mention your university name) doesn’t only cater to the theoretical aspects of a subject, but also enhances one’s critical thinking capabilities. It teaches you the intricate details of the science of analyzing, making rational judgements, and drafting reasonable conclusions. They say a smooth sea never makes a skilled sailor. As an individual, I yearn for challenges. I believe, (mention your university name) will provide me with a multi-dimensional educational environment which will set out challenges for me, enabling me to step out of my comfort zone, shun away my fears and frights, and to aim for zeniths I did not know existed. Why not go abroad? People often tend to undermine what the education system of our country is capable of. Yes, there are flaws but with institutes like (mention your university name) , I am sure there is not going to be a single prospect of my degree that (mention your university name) would not be able to cater to. (mention your university name) is, I believe, well equipped with all the human and nonhuman attributes that any foreign university can only aim for. Pakistan at the moment faces a dearth of expertise in a lot of fields and I believe that the only possible fix to it could be attained through education and for that we need to reinstate our trust in our institutes and in our system. The country would obviously not progress if we abandon the institutes and fly away. After giving a lot of thought to this, I have opted to pursue an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Finance or Economics. The prime reason why I have prioritized Accounting and Finance over other fields is because I believe that Finance has the capability to revolutionize things ranging from something as small-scale as a company to the whole country. As long as money is the driving force, accountants will be leading the rest of the world. It’s an undeniable fact that accountants and finance professionals have to be ahead of times and stay abreast of the changes materializing across the globe but it’s unlikely that the profession will go obsolete any time soon. In addition to this, an Accountant has a spot fixed for himself in almost every firm, every field, industry or sector. Furthermore, Accounting & Finance is the only field which complements other subject areas well, particularly those which fall under the large bracket of business. Second best option that I consider most suitable for myself after ACF is Economics and Math. There is no aspect of our everyday life which is not influenced by economics at large. From how much money I have at my disposal to purchase what I want to how much interest I have to pay the bank when I borrow money-everything revolves around the economic skeleton of the country. I chose to study Mathematics as I enjoy how it has the capability to convey logic in numbers and variables. I love how numbers can speak so much and hold so much value which even words fail to exhibit at times. Its brilliant how math as a subject doesn’t only need concentration, but logical reasoning, common sense, a sense of rationality, and open-mindedness unlike the theory oriented courses which usually aim for rote learning. Moreover, this combination will enable me to transcend into a variety of challenging areas ranging from playing with the most complex numbers to analyzing the impact of technologies. As a student, I would rank myself with a 9/10 when it comes to meeting deadlines. My ability to work well in a team has been demonstrated in a number of group projects and the fact that I made it as the House Captain of the Student Council at my school. Not only did I develop my communication and skills, I also learnt how to negotiate and juggle tasks. At school I actively took part in the student council and organized a charity event, where we set up a lot of fun activities for the students. This was an accomplishment considering such events were unusual in my school. We raised a large sum of money which was donated to various charitable organizations. For these events to be successful, I needed to be able to communicate well with the students and ask for their opinions and preferences. This helped me improve my communication skills which will be essential for any career that I wish to embark upon. I have penned down my long term career and academic goals in black and white, and am therefore fully motivated and prepared for this degree.


Letter For Sale of Machinery

Following letter can be used as a sample by people who are trying to ale their electric goods.

Sample Letter To Sale Electric Goods


Mr. Alex Burke

Respected sir,

With all my due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that I am going to Australia on permanent basis. As I told you that I have some Mechanical Machinery which is I am willing to sale out as it is of no use now for me.  The Machines are in good condition and are working properly. I have all original documents of purchase with me. Please find attached pictures of the machines and if you are satisfied then please quote the amount so we can make a deal. I am looking forward to your response. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Shawn Mike

Letter for Sale of Machinery

To: Mr. Mendez
PEI City, Prince Edward Island, Canada

I hope this letter receives you in good health. I am writing this letter to inform you that I have some construction machinery which I am willing to sale out as my recent medical injury has deemed me unfit for work. So, it is of no use now for me.

The machines are in great condition and are working properly. Please find attached pictures of the machines, and if you are interested then please get back to me at my number or my email which I shall attach below.

Thank you,
Ryan Hogarth
PEI City, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Request Letter to Boss for Laptop Repair

Sample format of requesting your boss to to either provide you with a new laptop or ask the IT people to repair it.

Request Letter to Boss for Laptop Repair

Respected sir,

I sent this letter to request you for the repairing of my laptop. Yesterday, when I was finishing the task which was allocated to me by you, my laptop stopped working out of nowhere. I took it to the IT department to see what is wrong with that, however, they could not figure out the issue. I have completed the task by borrowing the laptop of a colleague but it is very inconvenient to borrow someone else’s laptop as it disturbs their work too. I asked the logistic head if there is any spare laptop but he told there was none so I request you to please send my laptop for repairing as soon as possible so I do not have to through the hassle of borrowing it.

I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards,

Ali Noor


 Request Letter to Boss for Laptop Repair

To: Mark Stevenson – Indigo Inc.
Dekalb, Illinois, United States

I hope this letter receives you in good health. I am writing this letter to inform you about my laptop. I have been working this job at Indigo as a public finance economist for almost four years now, and as you know I need to use my laptop on a daily basis for this job. I believe that my laptop has finally given out; it is very old, slow, and sometimes doesn’t turn on. I request that my laptop be repaired so that my work here at Indigo is not impacted further.

Thank you,
Jacob Wilde
Dekalb, Illinois, United States

One Hour Leave Application Request Letter

Sample application for one hour leave from office to meet the guests, or to make some arrangement for the guests. One hour leave due to urgency, emergency, accident or going to hospital or home etc.

One Hour Leave Application During Office Time

Dear Sir,
My parents are coming back from London at 11Am after 3 years at airport and I want to meet them and want to make some arrangements for their welcome. I request you to please allow me one hour leave from 10:40 to 11:40am. I will be thankful to you.

Warm Regards,

Irfan Ahmed

One Hour Leave Application from Office

Respected Sir,

I am Hamza Abbassi, seeking an urgent leave of only one hour from office. Today I forgot to give keys of my home to the nearby shopkeeper. I bring the keys with me in office. Now my wife and kids are waiting outside of the house for keys. I request you to please allow me for one hour to go home to provide them the house keys. It will not take more than 50 minutes for going home and coming back to office. Thank you in advance.

Sincerely Yours,

Hamza Abbasi

One Hour Leave Letter to Pay Bills

The Manager Sales Accounts,
Herbal Drinks Corporation

Respected Sir,

It is to update you that I, Sami Khan have been working in sales accounts department as assistant sales accounts manager.

The landline connection of my house has been temporarily blocked by private telephone company. I have contacted them several times for complain, but all in vain. For this, I would need to go to its office to follow up the problem. The office closes at 4 pm.

So I request you to please grant me a short leave for one hour so that I can go & restore my telephone line, as my family face difficulty to have contact through phone.


Sami Khan

Application for English Teacher Job Position

Sample of job application letter for employment as English teacher position in school, college or academy etc.

Email Job Application for English Teacher

Modern School,
Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi, India

Respected Director,

I am submitting my cover letter with resume including my all professional and educational details and also explain my achievements. I am interested to teach English subject in your school. I will be seeking an appointment for interview.

Thanking you,

Application Letter for a Teaching job of English Teacher

The City High School

Respected Chancellor,
I am Albert and I am writing this letter to apply for the post of the English teacher. Recently I came to know that you are in need of an English teacher. I have been teaching English in various schools for approximately 10 years now and I have a very good reputation among students as well.

I am perfect candidate for this job as I have a relevant degree in the required field. I assure you that I will serve your institution with the best I can. I can also handle the debating contest in the school as I have a diploma in Linguistics. I am very positive that you will consider me for this post.

My resume and recommendation letter from previous institutes are attached with the application.

Application number#12345

Sample Cover Letter for Psychology Teaching Position

Sample job application letter for employment as psychology teacher in school, college or university.

Application for Lecturing Psychology Subject

Dear Sir,
I came across your ad that stated you want to hire a part time lecturer of Psychology. I want to apply for this position. I have done my Masters from University of Bradford in Psychology. I have a vast experience of teaching and practicing Psychology in the most reputed institutes.

Currently, I am teaching at the University of Sheffield in the morning shift. I get free by the afternoon so I want to take up the part time position at your institute. I hope you will consider me among the best applicants. Please find my attached resume.


Cover Letter Application for the Post of Psychologist Teacher

Respected Madam,
I have done BS honors in applied psychology from London College. I had six month internship in Sir Gangaram hospital  as a trainee. My experience in the field of psychology, where I would like to mention London school as a teacher, had not only polished me, but also made me capable to stand and act independently in human psychology.

I have seen an available vacancy for a teacher’s job in your institute which will initially start from a 3 months training period. I believe I have a lot to offer to this institute; hard work, dedication and sincerity are just a few of them. I hope my application will receive a favorable reply from your end.

Yours faithfully,

Cover Letter For A Psychology Teacher Position


The honorable Director
Subject: Job application
Dear Madam,
I would like to apply for a suitable position in your well esteemed institute. I hold a degree with Honors in Human Psychology from UK. I have worked as an administrator for Nians Ltd., a telecommunication company, Being part of this company I not only gained office administrative skills, but also developed Customer dealing tactics. With a base of honors degree, I hold an experience as a counselor for prisoners at HM prison in Derby.

Human Psychology is my passion, which has driven me to acquire a degree In the key discipline. I want to progress in this field and grow to a Level where I can make a significant difference to the lives of people In need.

I have heard about a vacant position at your Institute, in which 3 months initial training Is offered and will lead to a psychology job. It will be a great honor for me to be a part of  the institute I believe there will be a lot to learn and will give me a massive room to contribute towards humanity and its well being.

I believe, I have got a great deal to offer where I work; hard work, dedication, loyalty, integrity and willingness to learn at all stages of my career. Looking forward to hear a positive response from your side.
Thank you
Yours Truly
Ayesha Waqar

Teaching Job Application as Mother of Students

Sample job application to apply for job in school as mother of the student. If you are well educated and mother of a student you can apply for job and you can get waiver in fees of your child. Even you get earning from the school of your child.

Job Application Letter as Mother of Student

The City School,
Little Angels’ School
Patan 44700, Nepal

Respected Management,

This is to inform you that I, Aysha Yasir, mother of Sufyan Bin Yasir have been associated with your system for about ten years now. I have been the student of The City School and the first batch that passed out was of mine

Then I worked as a teacher and then for about four years I worked as an English and Math teacher. Though I also worked as NCC teacher and taught SSt as well but I am keen to make my students learn more about Math and English.

I am PGCC (Post graduate certificate training) trained as well. Now my wards are in your organisation and they are in class three and KG respectively.I am hunting for a good suitable position in your branch and hope that I meet your standard.

Hoping for a favorable response.

Aysha Yasir

Application for the Post of Physics Teacher

Sample job application for employment as a physics teacher in school, college or academy etc in English medium schools, colleges like O/A levels classes etc.

Cover Letter for Physics Faculty Position


The Honorable Director,
Respected Madam,

I would like to apply for the position of teacher of physics. The position seems fit to my qualification and interest. I am looking for a career that provides me a challenging environment and allow me to learn new things in order to achieve my goals. I have a B.S honors in Physics from LCWU.

I have previously worked volunteering at The City School for a period of 6 months.I saw your advertisement of an available position of a teacher in your institute. Which will initially start with a 3 month training, then hopefully lead to a teacher’s job.

If I am choosing as a teacher, I will work hard towards achieving the objectives and goals of a school. With the passage of time I will show great improvement.I hope that my application will receive a favorable reply from you.

Your’s faithfully,

Application for the Post of a Science Teacher

Sample job application for employment as a science teacher to apply in schools, colleges etc for science subjects.

Job Application Letter for Science Teacher in High School

The Principal,
British Grammar School, Scotland.

Dear Sir,
I wish to apply for the job of teacher of Mathematics at your institution. As far as I am concerned, I have been graduated from Oxford University with distinction in Mathematics. After then, I completed my specialization in applied mathematics from London School of Mathematics.I have more than ten years of teaching experience to the students of O & A levels.

In mathematics, my fields of interest are Trigonometry, Integration, and Applied Mathematics etc. I always teach the students with full devotion and at their level of understanding. I assure you of the best results by the students in exams after teaching them in one session.

In brief, you are earnestly requested to please consider me suitable candidate for the job of science teacher and give one chance to show my potential and skills. My complete curriculum vita is attached herewith. Hoping for a positive response from your side.

Thanking you.
Jimmy Gown

Job Application for Science Teacher with Experience

To The Principal
Delhi Public School
Delhi, India

Respected Principal,
I am Salma Hayat applying for the post of science teacher in your school in response to your ad in the newspaper. I have done MSc in Physics from UET with 3.9 CGPA and have excellent communication skills to transfer my knowledge to the students as I already have some practical experience as a Physics Teacher and Mathematics Teacher in an international school.

Furthermore I have done B.Ed and M.Ed to meet all the required teaching strategies. I was very good in presentations during my studies and I believe that I can prove myself a best teacher for physics and mathematics and excel with quality stuff in students.

Looking for your response to appear in the interview. Please find my resume attached.

Salma Hayat

Cover Letter for Accounting Teaching Position

Sample job application letter to apply for the post of accounts teacher in school, college or university as lecturer etc.

Job Application for Accounts Teacher

Respected Principal
London College of Accountancy
Leeds, UK

Respected Principal,
I am Smith, applying for the post of accounts teacher in your school of commerce in response to your vacancy announcement on your college website. After reading the job description and specification I assure you that I am the most suitable candidate for this post because of my educational background and professional teaching experience at Royal College of London. My all educational and experience certificates are attached for your review and to support my application.

I believe that after analyzing my documents you will be happy to call me for the interview. In short my passion for excellency in teaching always take me to new horizons of teaching methods to help the growing talent in accountancy colleges.

I am also sending you a copy of my book named “learning accountancy” as a reference to my real-time achievement. Looking for an interview call and i will be happy to work with in your college.
Thanking you,