Authority Letter to Collect ATM Card

Do you want to write an Authorization letter? My wife collects my ATM card from the bank instead of me. Authorization letter to bank to collect ATM pin number. Authorization letter to hand over ATM card. Authorization letter to collect credit cards from a bank. Authorization letter to collect net banking password

Authorization Letter to Get ATM Card

Dear Bank Manager,

I am writing this for my wife in case she is questioned when she arrives to collect my bank card. Unfortunately, I will not be able to come and collect my back card so I am sending my wife to collect it instead of me. This is the authorization letter that she will need as proof I have dated it and signed it. Thank you very much.

Kind Regards,

Your Name

Authorization Letter to Handover ATM Card

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to you so that I can inform you about my problem. Sir last Saturday I applied for ATM card, and you have issued me the date 25th of March for collection. Unfortunately, I am not available today, so my wife will collect it from the Bank. So please allow her to collect it instead of me. As I have to go to some important meeting.  It would be a huge favor for me.



Ajmal khan

Authority Letter to Collect ATM Card

The Branch Manager,
DDD Area Branch,
NN Bank,
Oklahoma, USA

Dear Sir/Madam,
My bank account number is xx-xxxx-xxxx, and I have applied for an ATM card. Bank officials informed me that my new ATM card will reach your branch in 15 days. Unfortunately, I will be in California during those days for some business meetings.
I nominate my personal assistant to collect ATM Card from your branch. His particulars are as follows:

Name: Peter Jackson
National ID:
Contact No:

For any queries, you can contact me anytime at my cell number xxxx-xxxxxxxx, or email xxxx@xxxx.xxxx.

Best Regards,

Business Owner

Authority Letter to Collect ATM Card

 To the Bank of Punjab,

Last week I opened my new bank account and was told that my ATM Card will arrive in 2 weeks. Due to an urgent family problem, I have to go to Canada, and probably won’t be back for a month. As I have to address this issue as soon as possible, I can’t delay my departure. I requested this MasterCard as my niece has to make payment for her university which is international. Her deadlines are also near so she can’t wait for me to come back, and collect my atm card. I know it is not in your policy to hand over the card to someone else other than the account bearer but I would like to hand over my authority to my niece who is over 18 years old to collect the ATM card. She will come to the bank on the day when my ATM card will arrive from Head Office. I hope there would be no objections, or difficulties while I am away.

Best Regards;

Mehmood Awan




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