Letter to Remove Name from Joint Bank Account

Sample application letter to bank manager requesting the removal of name from a joint bank account, or partnership account. Remove one name in joint bank account for die.

Application Letter to Remove Name from Joint Bank Account

Dear bank manager

I am writing to you because I would like to request that I remove a name from a joint bank account that me, and my wife have. I recently got divorced, and my wife said that I have the account seeing as I was the one to put most of the saving into it we both agreed that it was fair. So please I would like to request that you remove her from the account. I much appreciate it. Many thanks.

Yours sincerely

Mr. Avacots

Letter to Remove Name from Joint Bank Account

The Manager,
Branch: (Address), Lahore.

Dear Sir,

I hereby declare that I have a joint account with my partner, here is the account number. We were running a business for 4 years, and we have a joint account in your bank. My partner decided to run this business alone, and I am not with him anymore. So I want you to remove my name from this account. All detail of the account is attached with this letter. So you may check, and take an action upon it. I am no longer attaching with this business, and account. I want your attention in priority. I hope to hear from you soon regarding this request.

Thank you sir,
Best regards,

Mr. Austin Arthur

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  1. Letter to bank to remove my account from joint account. It’s my dad’s account. But am the major holder. This is a current account. But it changed joint account for my educational loan. Now i finished my loan. So i want to remove my name in this account

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