Comparative Statement Format for Purchase

Comparative Statement Meaning: These statements can be used to analyze the products for purchase orders in business. The comparative reports analyze the product price, quality, quantity, and vendor reputation of previous purchases for purchase decisions. These Formats also be used for final approval from the purchase order authorities within the company.

Comparative Statement Format for purchase can be used to place final purchase orders per requirements like required quality, quantity, brand, and price in the company’s procurement department. Two formats are available in excel and word files and are available for free download.

Image view of Comparative Statement Format in Excel and Word

Comparative Statement Format in Excel

You can download the comparative statement in excel or word format and change it as per your requirements. In most cases, you just need to put your company information and basic details according to the requirements.

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You can open these files on your computer in Microsoft excel and Microsoft word. But if you don’t have installed Microsoft office on your computer, you can simply open these files with by Microsoft or google docs by google.

Download Comparative Statement Format in Excel

Download Comparative Statement Format in Word

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