Application for Purchase of Computer


Format of sample letter to purchase computer for school computer lab, workplace, office as the previous one have been damaged, and the work needs to be done which is impossible without computers .

Letter for Purchase of Computer

HR Dept.,
Lahore Grammar School,
Head Office, Lahore.

Dear Sir,

Attached is the demand for the purchase of 30 new computers (desktops P-4 , Dell, Intel processor, core duo-2) for the new computer lab, Entitled Sir Charles Babbage Lab, (Lahore Grammar School, G-1 branch). The purchase need to be made well in time because the following moth inauguration of this lab is scheduled by Principal, who’s Chief guest is Respected Mr Shahid Affridi.

Further, more later networking, and lab equipment settlement is pending also. So, kindly sanction the demand made so smooth functioning can take place. Delays will cause resentment to school authorities. Hr Department quickest response is awaited.

With Regards

Mr Mikaal Hasan
I.T. Dept.

Application for Purchase of Computers

 Respected Manager,

A fight which happened, last week, between clerks in the IT Department, resulted in falling of two desks along with computers. Both of the computers were sent to the repairing department but one of them was damaged beyond any repairing.

A letter of warning has been sent out to both clerks, and they have also been fined. Also, the cost of damaged computers will be cut from their salary of this month. However, at the moment there are no spare computers which can be used as an alternative so we need to purchase computers to replace the damaged ones along with some extra ones so that we have an immediate alternative for any damaged computer in the future.

I have attached the data of the number of computers present along with the requirement. In addition to this, another slip is also attached which contains the required amount for the purchase of computers with required software. You may contact me for any further details, or queries. I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards;

Ali Noor

Head of IT Department

23rd September (Date)


Job Application for the Post of Procurement Officer


Sample cover letter for Procurement Officer, Procurement manager, Procurement assistant. Procurement officer cover letter with no experience, or with experience. Sample cover letter for purchasing position. Procurement specialist cover letter sample.

Cover letter for the Post of Procurement Officer

The Manager HR,
London Courier Service

Dear Sir,

In response to your advertisement for the post of procurement officer in your company, the applicant intends to apply for the same. The qualification, and experience of the applicant is quite relevant to the post applied (Curriculum vita is attached herewith).

You are requested to please consider the application of the applicant for the post of procurement officer, and grant him one chance to show his potential for your company.

If you require any further information, please call the applicant any time.

Looking forward to hear from you


Application as either Distribution Manager, or Procurement Officer

The HR Manager,
XYZ Company.

I saw an ad for a job in your firm last week, and I was very excited since I have always wanted to be a part of your firm. Your firm is one of the most leading firms in the IT industry, and has made a name for itself, what’s better for ones career than to be a part of your firm. I would like to put my name for two posts respectively, either a Distribution Manager, or a Procurement Officer.

I have been a part of a few NGO’s, and some vendors where I served as a distribution manager. Being a MBA Certified Student, I hold all the basic, and the advanced knowledge regarding Marketing. I was also declared the person whose vendors got the most profit ratio in the last year. I believe I am quite fit for this job, and can excel at my work. I would like to lift my career to new heights as I work with my full potential, giving my very best under your supervision.

I hope you will consider my job application, and consider me as an asset.

Thank you,

Request Letter to Place an Order


Sample letter to place an order, or purchase order to supplier, contractor etc for office supplies etc.

Purchase Order Letter Sample

Mr. Justin Sharp
Sparkles Ltd.
Birmingham, UK

Sir, this is Mr. Powell Grey from PRS Repairs Co., and I would like to place an order for some of your specific products. We first started using your products 2 years ago, and till today we have not received any complaints from our clients regarding the products that your company manufactures.

Keeping that in mind, we would like to make sure that our relationship keeps getting stronger. I would like to place an order of 10,000 bulbs, and 5000 tube lights. I wish to receive them in 2 weeks’ time. Thank you for your generous behavior.

Yours sincerely,

Powell Grey
CEO, PRS Repairs, and Co.

Request Letter to Place an Order

Dear Miss,

I would like to place an order of dresses. I have been checking a lot of dresses lately on your website, and find it very interesting. My order numbers are: D52 in yellow color in small size, and 9rD6 in blue color in small size.

Kindly let me know the mode of payment of this order.

Hope it will be pleasure shopping from you.

Thank You

Marina Sofia

Sample Letter to Boss for Approval of Purchase


Sample letter for request the new headphones in our company need. This letter I want to send to my manager.

Purchase Approval Request Letter

The Manager Purchase

Call Centre Hub.

Nanjinh, PRC.


Dear Sir,

Most humbly it is requested that I have get my office desk headphones damaged. For the routine functions of correspondence with customers, I need a new pair of headphones as per stated in the subject. I request you the timely setting up of the requested item at my desk so that I can continue working on my tasks.


Jim Chang

Request for Approval of Purchase

The Executive Engineer,

Glasgow Electric Company.

Dear Sir,

Sample Letter to Boss for Approval of Purchase

Kindly refer to the subject as cited above.

It is submitted that company requires following mandatory items for the supply of electricity, and installation of transformers in the vicinity of a newly established housing society.

Item Name              Description              Qty

Electric Wire                         11 KV                   (Date) meters

Joints                                                                   100

Electric Poles                                                       50

It is therefore requested that approval may please be granted for the purchase of above mentioned items to install complete electric system in the said society.

Please advise as necessary.

Sub Divisional Officer

Purchase Approval Request Letter

Letter to Publisher for Ordering Books


Sample letter to publisher for books which are not available in market. Write a letter to the manager of a reputed publication to send you a certain technical book by courier which are not available in local market

Letter to Book Seller for  Ordering Books

The Manager,
Oxford University Press

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my strong interest in buying a book on the subject of ‘handling fire safety equipment’ published by your company. I am studying safety course under board of occupational health, and safety online, and I have neither found any material that refer to the said topic on your website nor in books from the market.

However, I have come to know that one book has been published by your company from the hands of a renowned writer James Joyce having title “Practical Experience of Handling Fire Equipment during the incident”. I need this book desperately for preparing my impending exams.

You are requested to please send me the book “practical experience of handling fire equipment during the incident” by post/ courier service.

I am sending you herewith money-order, and charges for courier service.
I shall be very grateful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours truly,

Marlowe Conrad

Letter to Publisher for Ordering Books

Letter to Publisher for Ordering Books

The Manager,
JB Publications,
Washington DC.

Dear Sir,

It is to request you that I need the whole 8 volumes of Series of Novel “Harry Potter”, and 3 volumes of the series “Percy Jackson”. The total amount for all the volumes, and the expense for shipment have been transferred to your account.

The copy of receipt of transaction is also attached with the letter. You are requested to send these books on my mailing address. I shall be grateful to you for this favor.

Thank you so much.

Yours Sincerely,


Email to Publisher to Order Science Books

Dear publishing house,

I am writing to you because I would like to make an order for a new set of science books. I would like to have the new set of science book that you have so that I can use them in my reference for going to a big science school in America. For me to be accepted into the school I have to have references that shows that I have top of the art equipment, and up to date resources such as science books.

I need these books by the second of March with a recite. I hope that you will send them soon as its only two weeks away, and I have a deadline. I look forward to hearing your response.

Yours sincerely,

Miss. Sonia Bear

Request Letter for Purchase of Equipment, Goods, or Required Material


Want to purchase something? You will learn how to write to purchase equipment, goods, supplies, stationery, and office equipment from the below templates.

Purchase Letter Email to Supplier for Equipment, Goods etc

Dear Sir,

Referring to our discussions, we are in urgent need of the following equipment/goods/.

  • Item Name 1
  • Item Name 2

You are requested to deliver the required items to the following address on priority:

Mention the Address:

I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Request Letter for Purchase of Raw Material to Supplier Directly

Dear Supplier,

I want to write for the delivery of (mention the material name) on per-unit price ($00) as per our discussion. Your payment will be issued after receiving the order. So please arrange an early delivery. I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Regular Liquid Purchasing Letter for Fuel, Chemical, etc

Dear Sir,

We want to purchase (product name like Diesel) for our company regularly. Therefore, I request you to share the costing, discounts, and quantity model for delivery services.

Sincerely Yours,

Your name

Write an Email for Purchasing of a Product, Items or Something to Manager/Boss

Dear Sir,

There is an urgent need for some things/items in our office. The details of which are as follows. (Write your stuff here, you can also specify your item specification here). You are requested to provide all the above items as soon as possible to avoid interruption in our work.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Request Letter for Purchasing of Material on Construction Site

The Executive Engineer

Dear Sir,

I want to bring it to your knowledge that the construction work of the factory is going well, but we are running out of Pipes, Electric Wires, DPs, and Fans. We need all the items urgently to complete the work in the given time frame. The laborers are continuously asking for the quick delivery of short items as their work is also getting slow. Therefore, kindly order as soon as possible.

Sincerely Yours,
Mr. Taqi Khan

Write an Application to Administration for Purchasing of Shoes for Workers

The Administrator,
(Company Name)

Dear Sir,

We have carefully examined the safety shoes of your company and wish to purchase for our seven hundred employees of Mumbai Fire & Rescue Service. You must have known the importance of safety shoes in a fire service that facilitates the rescuers and saves their lives from harmful materials like chemicals, electric cables, and burnt wastes. The safety shoes are provided to the staff once in two years, and staff has to use them in this whole period. Mainly these shoes play a role during the incident of fire cases.

We have strong trust in your company in this context, and we desire to purchase these safety shoes for our employees. You are also requested to send some samples to finalize the order and submit them for further approval from the headquarters.

I am looking for your cooperation.

Your Name
Emergency Officer (Operations)

One chair and table are required in the office. How to write the requisition letter?

Requisition Letter for the Provision of Tables, and Chairs for Offices

The Procurement Manager,

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you regarding an asset requirement for our newly opened branch in Sharjah industrial area. We have been provided all the relevant tools and stationery to start the operation from the day after tomorrow, for which we are highly thankful.

However, we need a medium-sized wooden table and a revolving chair with an arm-rest feature. Kindly provide the requested assets at the earliest to ensure smooth operation right from the first day.

Thanks for your usual support.

Best Regards,
(Your Name)

Request Letter for Purchase of Computers for Upgradations

The Purchase Manager,
Blue Chip Textiles

Dear Sir,

I am writing to inform you that the computers given to the conversion process plant department have ceased working properly because of voltage destabilization yesterday. Due to this, the plant has stopped working and has hindered the conversion process, causing a huge loss for the company. Therefore, kindly approve, and arrange for the purchase of these computers immediately to continue making the finished product. Your prompt action in this regard will be valued highly.

Yours Sincerely,
Your Name

Sample Letter to Return Products, or Ordered Items or Replacement


Want to return or replace the ordered Products? Sample request letter to return the defective products or ordered items to the company, suppliers, clients, or vendors. If it is mentioned in the purchase order, then the defective purchased items can be returned to the supplier. In addition, the buyer can mention in the purchase order that the defective items will be returned, and no cost will be paid as delivery charges or production, material cost, etc.

Sample Letter Requesting Return & Replacement of Goods

Sir. I ordered (Ordered Product Name) a few days ago, but I have received (Wrong Delivery of Product Name). Therefore, which I don’t need, I request you to please replace the (Wrong Delivery of Product Name) Immediately with (Ordered Product Name), and you can take (Wrong Delivery of Product Name) back. I will be thankful to you.
Sincerely Yours,
Your Name

Sample Letter to Return Surplus Items

Dear Sir,

Reference is made to our contract agreement for the supply of maintenance stores required for our factory machines. It is to inform you that We received the stores supplied by you against the above-quoted contract, acknowledged by our firm as per quantity, and quality is required to be returned as some of the machines have been sold out by our company. In this way, the stores delivered by you have become surplus to our requirement. Therefore, you are requested to kindly collect the store in question from our firm warehouse as soon as possible.


Your Name

Letter to Return Defective Products

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you very much for delivering our recent order for 3,000 Printed Shirts as per our purchase order. We always found your service as per required standards, but this order contains defective pieces. Our Quality Control Unit found more than 500 faulty pieces of shirts, and we want an urgent replacement or return of these pieces as per terms and conditions are written on the purchase order. Please process this request, and update me about your decision. Looking for your response.


Your Name

Letter to Return Spare Parts

Dear Shaista,

We bought imported spare parts of Honda Atlas Cars for various Models from (date to date). As per our purchase order terms & conditions, we can return and replace these parts within 45 days after receiving the order and comparing your prices in the open market. However, we found your prices are quite higher with the same quality. Therefore, we request you to please return these spare parts, or revise your sale price for adjustments on a quotation for our management review. We will be thankful to you.


Your name

Sample Letter to Return Products or Ordered

Concerning the invoice copy attached, I am writing this letter to you to let you know that on April 18 (Date), I placed an order for the lot of 100 pieces of eye shadow kit of your brand. We received the order timely. So I must appreciate to you for this. But after I opened it, I found the 78 kits to be broken of four shade colors.

I am sending the order back to you and rejecting the order placed by me due to defective pieces of delivery.

Please let me know within one week whether you will refund my payment or replace the defective pieces of the order. Also, I would like you to know that I intend to file a case against you if my claim is not going to be settled somehow.

Waiting for your timely response.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Return Ordered Products Letter to Supplier

Dear Sir,

We ordered a power filter plant which we had received yesterday. We first thought it would fit in the place we had appointed for such a filter, but the space to keep it is small. Therefore, we are unable to assemble the plant in the required place. As we have not used it or opened its packing, we request a return of the product. We also request the return of the payment we have given to the plant.


Your Name

Comparative Statement Format for Purchase


Comparative Statement Meaning: These statements can be used to analyse the products for purchase orders in business. In the comparative statements we analyze the product price, quality, quantity, and the vendor repute of previous purchases for purchase decisions. These Formats also be used for final approval from the purchase order authorities within the company.

Comparative Statement Format for purchase can be used to place final purchase orders as per requirements like required quality, quantity, brand, and price in the procurement department of the company. Two formats are available in excel, and word file, and available for free download.

Image view of Comparative Statement Format in Excel, and Word

Purchase Order in Excel Format with Auto Calculation


Sample Purchase Order Template in Excel Format with auto Calculation, and terms & Conditions. Just download the attached PO in Excel Format, and choose the required sample by selecting right sheets. 40 different Purchase order formats are included in the file. Purchase order format includes following categories:

Purchase Order Format in Excel

  • Computers, Electronics, Juicer
  • Electrical
  • Ceramics
  • detergents
  • Crockery
  • Refill Products
  • Restaurant
  • Lamps
  • Hotel Supplies
  • Grill
  • Services
  • Consultancy
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Construction, and installation of civil works according to the Bill of Quantity(BOQ), design, drawings,technical
  • Installation
  • Printing
  • Printer Toner
  • Servicing, and Repairing/Replacing of parts
  • Steel Works
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Dispenser
  • Change Compressor & Filter & Gas
  • Metal
  • Cable Pulling, Termination, Testing & Labeling. With Material
  • Annual Maintenance Contract For Fire Ala-ram
  • Toshiba Camera, LCD’s, Scanner
  • Design, Drafting, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Chemicals
  • Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System for Kitchen
  • Air Curtain Blower supply, and Assembling
  • Racks
  • Grease
  • Electric Pizza Oven
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Motor Bikes, and Vehicles

Purchase Order Format in Excel for Companies

Purchase Order Format in Excel for Companies

Purchase Order in Excel Format with auto Calculation

Purchase Order Format in Word Free Download


Sample purchase order format in word file for companies with auto calculations, and terms, and conditions of payment deadline, and delivery of the order. This format is taken from a multinational corporation. Purchase order in excel is also available.

Purchase Order Letter in Word Format

Mr. Nadeen Alam
Scan Care Communications
Suit #1, 1st Floor,
Amin Building, 7, Royal Park,
Cell: +92-300-41 214 93

Dear Sir,
With reference to your quotation we are pleased to inform you that your quotation for 200 books of 25 pages each for receipt of hides @ Rs. 55 per book, has been approved.

Please deliver the books by 10-10-(Date).
Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Atif Aslam
Vice President

Purchase Order Template

The Maryam Export Corporation

Fa-time Corp
445-D, (Address)

Purchase Order 4505468070Date:                       23.07.(Date)Contact:                 TR Pakistan Office Delivery Date:        Day31.12.(Date)

Please Deliver To:

Maryam Export Corporation

Currency:                    PKR

Terms of payment. :           Due Net 30 days from invoice date



Description Order Qty. Unit to Number

Price Per Unit Campaign Number



Fatima Corp Flyers 23475.000 serve. Units



Total Val. Excl. VAT PKR



-We kindly ask you to print our purchase order number in your invoice.– Please send your original invoice to:The Maryam Export Corporation –Pakistan Branch Gulberg III Lahore, Pakistan Tel:


Purchase Order Format in Word Free Download

Purchase Order format in Word file