Leave Application for Wife Treatment

Want to write a leave application for the treatment of your wife? A leave application for wife’s medical treatment by an employee to the Manager asks him to grant casual leave for the wife abroad treatment. We are providing various types of applications at semioffice. Leave Application for Wife Medical Treatment for office to be … Continue reading “Leave Application for Wife Treatment”

Leave Application for Checkup after Operation

Sample Leave Application for medical checkup after the operation or surgery of any part of your body or any other person. Leave application format for hospital checkups or medical check-up by the student or teacher in school, college, office, or factory. Leave Application for Doctor Checkup The Head Master, School of Arts, England Dear Sir, … Continue reading “Leave Application for Checkup after Operation”

Leave Application for Recovering of Hepatitis

Sample leave application due to medical problems like hepatitis a, hepatitis b, hepatitis c, and other similar diseases. Leave Application Due to Hepatitis Dear sir, It is stated that I am working in your good office as an Executive Officer for the last three years. Recently I have had coughing and stomach problems regularly. I … Continue reading “Leave Application for Recovering of Hepatitis”

Leave Application for Bed Rest for Office School

Sample leave application for best rest after doctor’s prescription during pregnancy, maternity, childbirth, and delivery time from school or office. Leave Application for Bed Rest To Manager/Office Dear Sir, I was undergoing treatment of (mention the problem/disease) and now I feel very weak. The doctor advised me to bed rest for 15 days. I request … Continue reading “Leave Application for Bed Rest for Office School”

Sick Leave Application for Students

Want to write a sick leave for school? We are giving you sample applications for sick leave for students in school due to sickness, flu, temperature, cough, throat infection, headache due to injury, or any other sickness issues, etc. Sick Leave Application for School Dear Teacher, I want to inform you that I cannot come … Continue reading “Sick Leave Application for Students”

Maternity Leave Extension Letter Sample

Extend maternity leave letter sample from an office, school, principal, manager, or boss for females after the child delivery or pregnancy period. You can use this maternity leave extension letter in the UK, India, Canada, Australia, and other world countries. Maternity Leave Extension on Medical Ground or Prescribed by the Doctor Dear Madam, I am … Continue reading “Maternity Leave Extension Letter Sample”

Leave Application for Appointment with Doctor

Want to visit the doctor? Sample leave application due to appointment with the doctor for Medical Checkup of your skin, teeth, surgery recovery, Conjunctivitis treatment of eyes, throat, swelling, allergy, etc. Available for your help to write or choose the best for you. Email Subject: Leave Application for Doctor’s Appointment Dear [Recipient’s Name], I am … Continue reading “Leave Application for Appointment with Doctor”

Paid Sick Leave Application Format

Sample Paid Sick Leave Application Format to send in your office during or after the sickness to get paid for the leaves you avail because of company policy or natural disease. Request Letter for Sick Leave to be Paid The PrincipalAmerican Lyceum School,Alabama SUBJECT: PAID SICK LEAVE APPLICATION FORMAT Dear Sir, Most respectfully, it is … Continue reading “Paid Sick Leave Application Format”

Leave Application for Medical Checkup to Principal

Sample Leave Application for Medical Checkup to Principal of school, college, academy, institute, or any other educational place. Leave application format for school teachers & Students to the principal for medical examination of yourself, family member, parents, mother, father, or any other closed friend or relation. Whatsapp Message for Medical Checkup to Principal Dear Principal, I … Continue reading “Leave Application for Medical Checkup to Principal”

Sick Leave Application Due to Accident for Office

Sample medical leave application for a car accident, motorbike, or road accident for an office, factory, company, or any other workplace as an employee, or a teacher. Leave Application Due to Injury Subject: Sick Leave Request – Accident Recovery Dear [Supervisor/Manager’s Name], Due to an accident on [date], I’m injured and need time off to heal. … Continue reading “Sick Leave Application Due to Accident for Office”

Submitting Application for Absentees from School

Sample application for leave of absents to submit in school parents or teachers after uninformed absents. Leave Application for Absents by Parents Respectfully stated that my son, Ahmad Ali, is a student in class 3, section D at your school. He had been absent from school last week; the reason was that he was suffering … Continue reading “Submitting Application for Absentees from School”

Half Day Leave Application for School

Sample leave application for half-day in school for teacher, student for medical checkup, or appointment at the doctor. Format of half-day leave application for teachers, and students from school, college, university, academy, tuition center. Email, Whatsapp, SMS for Half-day Leave Application by Teacher/STudent/Staff of School Dear Principal, I want half-day leave for today, as I … Continue reading “Half Day Leave Application for School”

Medical Leave Application for School Students

Sample leave application for medical from school by students. You can mention any medical reason. In this application, we are mentioning sickness. Happy Anniversary to the Love of My Life, Wife, Friend fever application for school leave for students. Medical Leave Application for School Students Beaconhouse School System, Pennsylvania, United States Dear Sir/Madam, I want … Continue reading “Medical Leave Application for School Students”