Sick Leave Application Due to Accident


Sample medical leave application for car accident, motorbike, road accident for office, school, college, factory, company, or any other workplace as an employee, student, or a teacher.

Medical Leave Letter Due to Accident for Email/WhatsApp etc

Dear Sir or Madam,

I want to inform you that I faced an accident while coming to the office in the morning, and got some injuries. After the first aid at the hospital now I am feeling well. Therefore, I need some rest to get out of the fear of the dreadful scenes I faced. Therefore, I request two days’ leave on medical grounds for today and tomorrow (Date). I hope you will oblige my request.

Sincerely Yours,

(Your Name)

Sick Leave Application Due to Accident of Car

The Managing Director,

Subject: Medical Leave due to Accident

Dear Sir,

Please be informed that while arriving for office today, I met an accident with a car. I fell from the bike and met several injuries. Due to severe body aches, I won’t come to the office for three days. Kindly grant me leave from (Date). I shall remain grateful to you for this kind favor.


Umar Shahzad.

HR Manager

Sick Leave Application Due to Road Accident

Dear Sir/Madam.

It is stated that I was driving from the college/ office to my home yesterday. Suddenly a man wildly driving struck into my car, leaving me injured on my legs and head. Rescuers took me to the hospital, and after some treatment, the doctor advised me to rest for at least four days at home. I know work is important, but I would need a leave of four days as the doctor advised me to rest. I will get well soon and join the office. So please grant me leave for four days. I will be grateful.

Yours honestly,

Mr. Umer Farooq

Sick Leave Letter Due to Accident with Car

Dear respected sir,

I regretfully stated that I had an accident last night while returning to my home from the market. It has been swift and unintentional that for a moment, I lost my consciousness after I got hit by the car. I was going through a u-turn, and a fast-coming car hit me as the driver did not see me coming. I have encountered a lot of injuries, and I cannot move off the bed even. Keeping in view my condition, I cannot come to the office for 15 days to the minimum suggested by the physician. The doctor examined me thoroughly, and he suggested bed rest for 15 days. So I cannot continue my services for the company for 15 days. I will be continuing my work as soon as I get back to moving condition.

I hope you understand this matter, and accepting my leave will not be difficult for you. I am attaching with my application my x-rays and prescription prescribed by the doctor. I will be eternally grateful to you for this kindness and cooperation.

Thanking you and assuring you my best professional services at all times.

With best regards,

Medical Leave Application Letter After Road Accident

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I, Abdul Wahid, have been a Senior Accounts Manager in your esteemed organization. I want to pay your attention to a very unpleasant incident I experienced last night.

Yesterday night, I was going back to my home. I was at normal speed & everything was safe & sound. Then, suddenly, a car appeared in the opposite direction. The driver was driving in the wrong lane. I tried to control my motorbike to save myself. But unfortunately, the side of the car hit my leg. Although car speed was slow, I fell.

Some people took me to the hospital & luckily, I had no fracture; only internal injuries were found. Therefore, I request you to please grant me leave for 2 days as the doctor has advised me to take complete bed rest for at least two days to recover the swelling in my leg.


Abdul Wahid

2 thoughts on “Sick Leave Application Due to Accident

  1. Dear,
    I want to submit a medical leave application for six (6) months more, in my department where i employee. My tibia bone of right leg was broken on 4th DEC 2018 due to i was slip on a ramp. Now i am on complete bed rest till 3rd march of 2019.
    As per doctor written advise that, I will not complete fit for operational duties after 3rd march 2019. Therefore can you help me to wright a application.

  2. To,
    The Director,
    Homecare Textiles,
    SITE, Karachi.

    Subject: Accident Leave Application

    Dear Sir,
    Reference of the subject matter I would like to inform you that I have an accident on 10th Jan 2019. I fell from the bike and met several injuries. Due to the severe body aches, I won’t be able to come to office for two days 11th & 12th Jan 2019.
    Kindly exempt my leave from 11th Jan to 12th Jan 2019. I shall remain grateful to you for this kind favor.


    Muhammad Shamim Ansari
    Out Door Rider

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